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Atlantis Nazi Hermetica Connection (Secrets of Antarctica, Atlantis, and Ancient Teachings) Dr. Farrell Interview and Jeremiah Brennan

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In this outstanding interview, Dr. Farrell speculates about how the Hermetica and other ancient texts may have helped the Nazis, and other Western researchers, with identifying Antarctica as having the "basic requirements" to be Atlantis. Why the Nazis, and recently Western high profile officials, are visiting Antarctica (due to something or someone discovered there). How ancient texts, including Plato's Timaeus and Critias, may have multiple layers of allegorical meaning, i.e. symbolizing both Atlantis and Maldek's destruction. How elites, whom may have survived the destruction of both Maldek and Atlantis, have possibly been seeding mythology and other ideas over millennia on Earth to advance our civilization to its current technological sophistication. Highly recommended! 

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