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АЛАЕ С ПЛЕЯД: Развитие Сознания Света и Любви (Видео Английские субтитры)

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Part 22 - PLEIADIAN ALAJE - Developing a Consciousness of Light and Love - Engl Sub



Luka 19 часов назад
Thank you Alaje for another lovely video. My heart is filling with Cosmic Love and Light. Adonaj


777ALAJE 18 часов назад
Very good Luka - This is how it should be - Cosmic Love in the heart. I hope the Love Energy in my video will help everybody on this planet to feel Cosmic Love in the heart like we have on higher dimensions and create a loving awareness. This is what this planet needs the most. With this cosmic love energy, all the other problems on earth can be healed step by step. On the Light Dimensions of the Pleiades, we have extremely powerfull Heart-Love, that comes from the connection with the Cosmic Consiousness (God). That is why on the Pleiades everybody is living in peace and love - so much that earth humans can not imagine, because they have never felt it. It would be too powerfull for earth humans to take this energy entirely plenary. It brakes our heart to see all the negative demonic energies and hate on earth. Most earth humans are living against the flow, against the source, against love, that is why this planet has problems and suffering. All benevolent star-nations in this galaxy, are waiting to see any real global spiritual development on this planet, were the majority would be friendly and loving without demonic hate, agression and fanatism. They are waiting since over 12000 years and they still have patience..... because they have cosmic Love in the Heart and Consiousness. We who have incarnated here by free will, we have to endure and withstand inside this pool of negative energies, with the memory of powerful love from higher dimensions. Can you imagine how hard this is? This needs a lot of energy. But we do it anyway, because we are serving the Light, the source, the Cosmic Central Consiousness, the energy called God.---- Light and Love ------ ALAJE

Источник: https://www.youtube.com/user/777ALAJE/discussion

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