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Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know

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Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is another speaker star XVII International Congress of UFOlogy conducted by the CIO ( UFO Reporting Center ) in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina . Global Alchemist , Mythologist Cosmic and great-granddaughter : Besides Dwight David Eisenhower is president of the US Decisive role played UN , in extraterrestrial themes. She is in deep Mission paragraph REVEAL Our True Related Energies of Love and Wisdom " Magdalena " and " Gaia Sophia " Origins , and works to free the Military Industrial Complex , Systems Archontic and False Power Structures . These forces connect many points that are entering our consciousness , Now More Than Ever since our solar system at this time aligns with the galactic plane .

New Shambala not be a place but people.

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