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[ENG] Установили ли серые и рептилоиды тайную базу на Марсе?

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Filed in Articles by Michelle Walling by MichelleWalling on May 8, 2015
I have been contacted by a man (we will call him Fred for now) that wishes to explain some galactic history about Earth and Mars. This will include the various Starseeds, Lightworkers, Native Americans, as well as the entire human race on Earth. A part of Fred’s information to me encompasses who is currently occupying Mars as well as the prior destruction of Mars, and the impact that later had on Earth.

The reason Fred’s information got my attention was that his timing in contacting me was directly in alignment with other information I was receiving about Mars. I received the information from both sources the exact same day and time. Not only that, but it corresponded with Gregg Prescott’s article about Buzz Aldren’s marketing campaign where he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Get Your Ass To Mars”, questioning if the Reptilians and their Grey cohorts were jumping ship. HERE is that article link.

I also have confirmation from a very good friend of mine whose eight year old son has recollection of Mars and recognizes me as having a prior lifetime an acquaintance. After a some contemplation I feel like this child’s prior lifetime involved coming to Earth and I was here to welcome him. So I know Mars is a huge deal right now and I am going to be finding out more very soon.
[ENG] Установили ли серые и рептилоиды тайную базу на Марсе? Earth-and-mars2
Finally, I have two places on my body where three moles line up that look like Orion’s Belt. One is on the top of my thigh- all three moles are of a red color, I guess so that I would see them. The other place is on my left cheek- three moles that line up in the same configuration as the pyramids, which are in alignment with Orion’s belt. However I made an astonishing discovery the day before I received the Mars info. If you are on Mars looking at Earth, the two stars in alignment with Mars make the pattern of what Orion’s Belt looks like. Although the above image has been reported to be fake, it is very strange that it corresponds with my moles. It may be a coincidence (ha ha) but I am just listing the clues as a part of the documentation of my journey here on Earth.

Right now what I have been told by Fred is that 50 million years ago, an attempt was made on Earth for a shot at ascension. This process was destroyed by a group who opposed the ascension. Apparently back then a group of Reptilians and Greys requested to inhabit Mars and said that they were tired of the galactic wars and wanted to support the ascension of humanity on Earth. They were allowed to establish colonies on Mars and after 50 years of existing with them without incident, the delegates from Earth invited the Reptilians and Greys to Earth for a reception and party.

Contingency plans were made in case things went awry. As the fleet of ships arrived from Mars, they fired a newly developed (possibly took fifty years to complete) disruptor weapon that destabilized the Earth’s core that started the destruction of Earth. The contingency plan Earth had was a fleet of starships parked outside of Mars, and the commander of the delegates from Earth were given the order to destroy Mars. This was done through nuclear warfare.

A respected physicist and author, John Brandenberg, has claimed that intelligent life once flourished on Mars – but was annihilated by a nuclear attack so intense it left the planet cold and lifeless. Here is an excerpt from THIS article:
“Brandenberg said that many of the nuclear isotopes in Mars’s atmosphere ‘resemble those from hydrogen bombs on Earth’ and hypotheses in a new book, ‘Death on Mars’, that a humanoid race once lived there but was wiped out.
‘This Martian civilization apparently perished due to a planet-wide catastrophe of unknown origin,’ he writes, citing craters visible on the surface near the Curiosity Rover. ‘Was it a massive nuclear attack?’ Many physicists believe that an event such as an asteroid strike may have robbed Mars of its magnetic field, and thus its atmosphere, in the distant past – but Brandenberg believes that the planet may have been killed by another civilization or even a rogue artificial intelligence.”

The interesting thing about this scientific evidence is that it is used as fear propaganda, warning humanity that the same thing could happen to Earth, which is a twist of the truth.

Now it has come my attention that the Reptilians and Greys may have established another colony on Mars. It seems through Buzz Aldren’s campaign that they are calling their crew back to Mars to regroup, and perhaps to try to further cause destruction to Earth. Part of Fred’s information to me confirms this theory.

The destruction of Earth will not be allowed to happen, as Earth is highly prized in the Universe as a galactic ascension machine as well as an intended haven. This is the second attempt at ascension for humans and we will be successful, as we have already done this in no-time. There are many other Star Elders working together with the humans of Earth to awaken them and to help guide them to making the decision to move out of this reality into a new way of living where everyone will have everything they require to live and be able to co-exist with many other star races of humans that have incarnated at this time in peace, love, and compassion.

I feel like the Reptilians, Greys, and their overlords know this and are attempting to go out with a bang. No nuclear wars will be allowed to happen so it is interesting to watch the threats but in the end nothing ends up happening. It must be very frustrating and confusing for those who have pledged their soul and energy to the overlords who have promised that they will inherit the Earth. So many people are awakening now that it must be very frightening to these people and they probably feel trapped into a corner. I imagine only the highest level of elitists will be able to evacuate to Mars. They may leave a clone of themselves to follow the old orders of FEMA camps etc., but I do not feel that any of that will come to fruition either. I think it is more of a distraction to keep the lower echelons from knowing they are jumping ship.

Call it a wild imagination story or call it synchronicity that has given me clues; you make up your own mind. I will be in contact with Fred about this and much more, and hope to have him on The Cosmic Awakening Show soon. I also have more information coming on THIS upcoming show on Monday, May 11 that will confirm more about Mars and taking in the refugees from the destruction of Mars, and the possibility that everything on Earth went downhill from there.

A short interview on Dr. Brandenburg’s hypothesis of Mars:

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