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Редактор "ПкИ"

Lost in Space and Time
Опубликовано: 17 мар. 2016 г.

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Laura's Mission Statement.

Restoring the Balance of Humanity and Nature

Through embracing the divinity of the Earth and surrendering to the will of nature, the heart of truth and unconditional love can be found. If we dissolve the barriers that separate us from each other and the source, and activate our higher minds in the work we do to create change, our actions will create ascension and shift us into a magical, enlightened and liberated existence.

-- Laura Magdalene

Noting the constant struggle by Tony in the world today to be a change agent Laura Eisenhower grabs his attention she sets the record straight about her work and who she is, not shying away from the questions that matter Laura is a beacon of light in a dark world and reveals some interesting information on President Eisenhower who had to deal with the world of the unknown.

ps. Я ставлю скорость воспроизведения 0,75. Так легче воспринимать анатолийскую речь.
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