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After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences

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After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences



After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences International-UFO-Congress-DEW-Attack-Victim-CRAIG.R.LANG_

International UFO Congress “microwave sickness” Victim CRAIG.R.LANG

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – After 3 deaths and scores of serious hospitalizations among attendees and some speakers at the February 14-18, 2018 International UFO Congress due to a reported symptomology apparently similar to mass “microwave sickness” or DEW directed-energy or microwave weapons attacks, serious public health concerns have been raised concerning possible similar mass “microwave sickness” or DEW attacks occurring at forthcoming June 2018 Contact in the Desert (CITD) and Vancouver, BC Architects of the New Paradigm (ANP)“ET Disclosure” Conferences.

Future 2018 “Extraterrestrial Disclosure” Events?
Conference organizers of similar ET/UFO conferences planned for later in 2018 in the USA have contacted NewsInsideOut.com to inquire, as well, whether the events they are organizing may be the target of apparent mass “microwave sickness” and DEW directed-energy weapons attacks from as yet undetermined sources.
In response to NewsInsideOut.com’s report, International UFO Congress’s Alejandro Rojas stated, “This story is completely FALSE! Unfortunately, Craig Lang did pass away from a bacterial infection, not radiation. There were some people with colds and a speaker recovering from a flu, but nothing out of the ordinary for a bad cold and flu season.” Yet Alejandro Rojas dismissal does not account for the finding in Capt. Jerry Flynn’s 283 Report on “microwave sickness” and DEW directed-energy weapons that the fatal symptoms Craig Lang exhibited are precisely those attributed to attacks by Microwave and DEW weapons. 



As NewsInsideOut.com has previously reported, a statistically significant pattern has emerged during 2016-18 in the United States of America of witness-documented deaths, bodily injuries and serious hospitalizations for cancer and other illnesses, as well as mood swings involving suicidal ideation and deep depression among attendees and certain speakers at public Conferences on “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”, as well as consumers of products offered byGaia.com, a Boulder, CO-based company dedicated to promoting “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”.[1]

A. Initial documentation of DEW attacks at 2016-17 ET/UFO Conferences in USA

– Readers can access here: Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate with DEW directed energy weapons, causing blindness & paralysis By Alfred Lambremont Webre


As documented in a 226-page Expert Report to the BC Public Utilities Commission by Capt. Jerry Flynn, a former Canadian Armed Forces officer with 22 years experience in Electronic Warfare, there is probably scientific cause to believe these deaths, bodily injuries and serious hospitalizations, are being caused by the use of directed energy weapons [DEW] targeted at the ET/UFO Conference attendees and consumers of Gaia.com products.[2]
After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences BC-STUDY-DEW-cause-nosebleeds-depression-nausea-etc.

BC STUDY-DEW cause nosebleeds, depression, nausea, etc.

B. HEALTH EFFECTS OF IRRADIATION WITH DEW & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES – Readers can download Capt Jerry Flyn’s 226-page Expert Report to the BC Public Utilities Commission. Capt. Jerry Flynn is a former Canadian Armed Forces officer with 22 years experience in Electronic Warfare – EcologyNews.com


Part I
This Article is a Formal Request to The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library of Ashland, OR to cancel June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC event on grounds the event presents an international hazard to public safety

The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library of Ashland, OR, 2321 Ashland Street, Ashland OR, Tel +1-541-552-9119, corporate sponsors of the June 30, 2018 ET/UFO event in Vancouver, BC under its affiliated logo organization ANP “Architects of the New Paradigm”, have been formally requested by NewsInsideOut.com to cancel its planned June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC “ET/UFO event” on public safety grounds in view of the danger to the public from an established pattern of DEW directed energy weapons-attributable deaths and serious hospitalizations among spectators that have accompanied other events in the United States at which the same Gaia.com-connected speakers have appeared.

NewsInsideOut.com has sent emails to the offices of Architects for a New Paradigm (ANP) Conference organizer Jordan Pease as well as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, Christine Stewart, who synchronistically is the niece of one of the speakers scheduled for the June 30 Vancouver, BC ANP Conference, Daniel Sheehan, Esq.

Daniel Sheehan is Counsel to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which another APN Speaker, Stephen Bassett and this reporter originally founded as a concept. The distinguished lawyer Mr. Sheehan is also the former General Counsel to the Jesuits USA as well as General Counsel to the Institute for Cooperation In Space (ICIS) at the time that Dr. Carol Rosin was its founder and Director and this reporter was its International Director.

NewsInsideOut.com requests an Arbitration in the form of a Live WEBINAR on Facebook with APN Event organizer Jordan Pease, Counsel Daniel Sheehan and his niece  Christine Stewart, Secretary to RVML.org.

A distinguished American online journalist “M” of You Are Free TV has agreed to participate in the online Arbitration to see if there are ways of cancelling the scheduled June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC event, or perhaps transforming that event into a format such as an online Conference rather than a physical conference, so that the event is more secure from attacks on attendees and speakers.

As in the cases of the JFK assassination and 9/11, both false flags in which the Interdimensional factional warfare within the US government organized the false flag operation, it was citizen lawyers and tribunals that led the investigations in both areas. As a distinguished lawyer and mediator, Daniel Sheehan, JD and Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre JD MEd, who also is only of the only lawyers to earn a 1996 Harvard Public Health School Certificate for Community Health Center Physicians as Deputy Administrator of the Brownsville Community Health Center, Lower Rio Grande, Texas,  could agree to chair online Investigations and Tribunals in this area.

Gaia.com-connected speakers at the planned June 30, 2018 Vancouver BC event include George Noory, Tom Danheiser, and Richard Dolan, each of whom reportedly are under production contracts for television programs or television segments with Gaia.com, the Boulder, CO corporation whose customers have suffered DEW-related injuries reported in this news article.

In fact, NewsInsideOut.com has learned that two persons in Vancouver, BC, Canada suffered apparent DEW-related injuries while attending a prior ET/UFO conference at which Gaia.com-contractee speaker Richard Dolan was a speaker.

As to the previous Canadian DEW attack, Vancouver, BC ET/UFO Conference attendee named “P.” [to protect their identity] states, “When my daughter and I went to a symposium in Vancouver a few years ago… (with speakers Carmen Boultier, Michael Tellinger, and Richard Dolanthe next day we had nose bleeds in the morning…..” [Emphasis added]

Capt. Jerry Flynn’s 226-page report confirms that HEALTH EFFECTS OF IRRADIATION WITH DEW & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES, ET/UFO conference attendee and daughter anomalous nosebleeds are among the symptoms of DEW attacks.[3]

Are you a target of these new weapons?
SEE ALSO: Are you a target of these new [DEW directed-energy] weapons?
Targeted Individuals Canada
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of Canadian Constitution that protects its citizens from human rights violations.  https://targetedindividualscanada.com/2010/06/26/direct-energy-weapons/
One observer commented after being notified of the March 13, 2013 RVML.org announcement of its planned June 30, 2018 ET/UFO event in Vancouver[4],[5]
I had to look three times at that [Event] poster because the same event title is presented in America a month or two earlier with healthy honest people headed for the new paradigm[6]. Did the previous owner sell the event to them? Nothing can change that much in frequency with the same title!!! I was aghast when I saw that line-up, seriously compared to the other event. Glad you mentioned it. Yeah that’s going to be a very scary event to attend.
The observer continued, “Did you hear what happened at the international UFO Congress last month [February 2018]?[7] Every other person had terrible flu-like symptoms, many people went to the hospital, three people died.”[Emphasis added]

Part 2
Overwhelming pattern of deadly directed energy weapons attacks at “ET/UFO” events in the USA now threatens Canadian Olympic city: Vancouver, BC
NewsInsideOut.com had previously reported that one directed energy weapon DEW-targeted ET/UFO Conference attendee in the USA testified, “Eight other people contacted me who were also hit [by DEW directed energy weapons] with the same symptoms.  So I know this is happening! I am the only one who did not go to the hospital, due to my lack of faith in the medical fraud industry today. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent [by the eight DEW-targeted individuals] with doctors, and they could not find anything [allopathically medically] ‘wrong’ with any of these people.
“The reports [of targeting by DEW] are from attendees at the following [UFO-ET Conferences/Events in 2016-2017]:

  • Contact in the Desert[2];
  • ECETI Ranch in Washington State[3];
  • 5D event in Los Angeles, CA[4];
  • Conscious Life Expo in LA[5];

“A male volunteer [targeted by DEW directed energy weapons] at Contact in the Desert couldn’t walk two days after the event in 2017. He spent four days in the hospital and tens of thousands of dollars on testing. They couldn’t tell him anything at the Palm Springs hospital as ‘the cause.’ Two other ladies and a well-known speaker to us all spent time and tons of cash in a hospital due to getting hit at a UFO event last year,” a DEW-targeted individual revealed.”[8]

March 2018: Official First-Hand Reports of Directed Energy Weapon Attacks on Innocent People at Recent UFO Events in the USA

Fresh first-hand eyewitness testimonies from victims of directed-energy weapons (DEW) at recent ET/UFO Conferences held in the USA have now been assembled and are published below in the public interest.
These new eyewitness DEW victim statements confirm the overwhelming pattern of deadly directed energy weapons attacks at “ET/UFO” events in the USA in 2016-18.
The new eye-witness DEW victim statements, which include DEW victim statements from DEW attacks at recent ET/UFO Conferences held in Canada [Calgary AB & Vancouver BC], thus providing reasonable public safety grounds for the cancellation of a planned June 30, 2018 that now threatens the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Canada’s Olympic city: Vancouver, BC

Reasonable public safety concerns raised about the plausibility of directed energy weapons [DEW] attacks at a scheduled June 30, 2018 “ET/UFO Disclosure” event in Vancouver, BC are now made even more urgent, as a pattern of victim witness-documented DEW-deaths, serious hospitalizations, depressions & suicides developed at related USA “ET/UFO” events in 2016-18 is now public.
A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon system that inflicts damage at a target by emission of highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams. Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armoured vehicles or mounted optical devices.[9]

Part 3
Canada & USA ET/UFO Conferences: Eye-witness DEW directed energy Victim Reports
After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences BC-STUDY-DEW-cause-nosebleeds-depression-nausea-etc.

BC STUDY-DEW cause nosebleeds, depression, nausea, etc.

After 3 deaths at International UFO Congress in February 2018, “microwave sickness” and DEW concerns raised about June 2018 Contact in the Desert and Vancouver, BC “ET Disclosure” Conferences DEW-cause-cancer-serious-illness

BC STUDY: DEW cause cancer & serious illness

Victim’s Statements on DEW Attacks at ET/UFO Conferences in Canada
Vancouver, BC Canada event – Victim’s Name: P.
“When my daughter and I went to a symposium in Vancouver a few years ago… (with speakers Carmen Boultier, Michael Tellinger & Richard Dolan) the next day we had nose bleeds in the morning…..”
Calgary AB Canada event – Victim’s Name: T.
“During a meeting at the conference I did not feel well and had a hard time thinking properly. A week later I almost died and I felt as though some attack on my body had been made. At the time direct Energy weapons [DEW] were not on my radar, although I was aware of harmful frequencies and radiation. I went through hell for two years.  Have been taking CBD and THC oils for over a year now to deal with the nerve pain and just recently started taking C-60. Things are improving.”
Victim statements: DEW attacks at Contact in the Desert Conference [CITD] 2016 and 2017[10]
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: “J.”
“I was at CITD in May to assist with the Tibetan Sound bowl healing ceremony Saturday night on the main stage.  I started feeling more pain in my lower back than I’ve ever experienced before and almost had to stop ringing the bowls as I was in so much pain. Now I know why….”
CITD 2017 Victim Name: S.
“I literally thought I was living on a cloud at CITD until a few days after returning home. I fell down hard! Can the symptoms be delayed? I have been trying to clear dark entities/energies from myself since CITD. I hate to say this to anyone but I was suicidal for months! I still am having a hard time grounding and battle with depression more than usual.  I was so “lifted” at CITD! WTH?”
CITD 2017 Victim Name: J.

“Something happened to me at Contact In The Desert last year – 2016.  I was fine for the Fri/Sat/Sunday.  I was staying in the RV area in my RV and I left about 6pm on Sunday, as I was pretty exhausted. About 4am, I woke up and started experiencing these ‘things’ moving down and around my back and down my legs. Slow and it felt about the size of a small avocado. They stopped, and I went to the airport to finish my work. On my way back I could not sit on the seat of my car. Needles and pins and shooting pains in the seat of my pants. Happened for two traffic lights and then it let up. Got back to the condo and I started feeling a pain going down my right arm. I though I was having a heart attack so I walked over to Eisenhower Hospital. Only one other person in the ER. I filled out my paperwork and then I started to pass out.  They put me in an office chair and rolled me into the examination room. I could not get up to get in the chair or onto the hospital gurney.
“They ran every test they could have – several of them twice with a more intensive protocols. They let me walk out of the hospital on Thursday, early evening. The four-day total was more than $80,000 and they found nothing wrong! EKGs, MRI, Nuclear stress test. All negative. They even got me up at 11pm to do tests. Only indicator not normal was elevated pulse and blood pressure.

“I am in my 60’s, in good health, college grad, professional job, and have had this welt-like thing on my side for years. When I got up that Monday morning – after the rolling avocado incident, I could see in the mirror that there were two marks right above this welt – much like a serious bug bite. Of course, I wondered ‘implant’ but who knows. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you and I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time.
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: C.

“My mom and I were at CITD 2017.  My mom was there and had a heart attack on May 31st.  When I saw so many get sick after CITD, I had to wonder if she had been hit by something?  Is there a way to know you are being zapped? My mom is 95 and I have healed her though food therapy.  She is better but she doesn’t have her energy back yet.  Do you think it was possible?

“There’s no way I can be sure, but I did wonder if something like this triggered it. I felt very uneasy during the singing bowl presentation. I actually closed my eyes during some of the video. Something felt ‘off’ to me. The people at CITD were amazing, really lovely this year but many many people I connected with didn’t come or said they wouldn’t be back. One of the paid lectures I went to, the speaker was wooden, zombie like, and had some young people give most of his talk. It was a complete wash out in my opinion.”
CITD 2017 Victim Name: G. 

“I was hit on the last day at CITD and two days later my hips became paralyzed. I could not walk and was in a wheelchair for the next few days. There was absolutely no reason for this to have happened to me. I was in perfect condition before this happened, and it has taken months to recover.  Something very evil was gong on there.”
CITD 2017 Victim Name: C.
“Wow… James Gilliland came back this year from Contact in the Desert with some scary stories (won’t mention names but dw and cg) about some of the conferences. He may have seen something?
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: T.
“Have not felt right since Contact in the desert. Was never plagued with headaches and now have them often.”
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: J.
“I believe I was hit by the energy weapon at contact in 2016. In 2017 I was much more weary and noticed the quality an energy of the event had severely deteriorated.”
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: T.
“Last year at contact in the desert we were camping. All three days I felt drugged. Since then I have been plagued by energy jolts coming from what I thought were the florescent lights. My heart had pains. My fillings melted out of my teeth. The crown of my head ‘exploded’ three times in one day in three different buildings! Sometimes at night I feel a wave of energy pass over me and I feel like my body is dissipating into thin air and I am afraid to move until the wave goes away. I’ve already moved three times just to escape the torture. Since 4 years ago I started hearing (and feeling) ELF energies. Especially at night. I don’ t sleep well anymore and my heart now has a strange weak rhythm that seems to synchronize with the ELF energies I hear and feel. My family tells me to stop posting news that exposes the cabal but I feel a moral obligation to help humanity wake up to the truth. If there is anyone who can help I’d be really grateful.”
CITD 2017 – Victim Name: K.
“From May 27 – June 3rd, 2017 I ended up being hospitalized for 3 days because I was literally bed-ridden. I am thinking this was the same week as Contact In The Desert.  The next day after going through the regressive hypnosis was when I got so sick. I began shaking uncontrollably off and on with these weird tremors. I had issues with my vision and with being able to focus my eyes. And I had an unquenchable thirst, and then shortly thereafter, was when I lost my ability to walk or even get out of bed. It has taken me all of this time to recover from that. I have more good days that bad, but some days I still need to use a walker to get around, and can’t walk to fast or too far, but doing much better because I’ve been doing lots of natural remedy therapies which raises our vibration so we can get out of the attack mode. I am finding we have to constantly find ways to keep our vibration high in order to prevent future attacks. The doctors have said it’s a mystery illness.”
CITD Victim Name: D.
“I haven’t felt the same since I went to the last contact in the desert. Both my girlfriend and I had to check in. Panic attacks, neuropathies bad and other stuff that we can’t figure out.”
Victim statements: DEW Attacks at the 2018 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo [February 9-11. 2018]
L.A. Con Life Expo 2018 – Victim’s Name: E.
“A friend of mine was drugged with some synthetic hallucinogen that left a very metallic taste in his mouth. I’m going to actually work on him later today to make sure there is no nano tech or nervous system/myofacial AI interference. Him and 3 others were poisoned as far as we know.  It was chocolate “some random guy” was passing out. He said it tasted really good. He says that he feels energetically off like he is having weird connections already and 12 hours later still feels really off.
“Update: Nano tech that was infesting his cerebral spinal fluid and rewriting his neural chemistry/pathways.  Really weird etheric overlays that once removed made him feel immediately better and able to connect into his chi flow again.

“Update 3/`3/18 – He is doing great and hasn’t brought any people to my attention afterwards. We cleaned him out pretty thoroughly and kept an eye out for the next few days to clean out anything that might have been hiding. It was 100% an AI nanotech weaponized hallucinogen.”
Victim Statements on DEW Attacks at In5D event
In5D event – Victim’s Name: K.
“Year before last at in5d [2016], I got terribly sick and ended up in the ER with lung issues and as did Laura Eisenhower.  She ended up in the hospital. I felt that there was a bio weapon and energy weapon.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to one of those events. I just don’t trust any of the technology or vendors.”
Victim Statements on DEW attacks at ECETI.org – Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
ECETI.org event – Victim’s Name: T.
“I was hit with something at ECETI. It made me feel terrible and thought I was having an allergic reaction to something.  Felt in my lungs especially and then got terribly depressed. It scared the shit out of me and wanted nothing more to do with UFO stuff.”
ECETI.org event – Victim’s Name: T.
“You can ask Laura Eisenhower about it, it was at her Birthday weekend. Two other women were also hit not long after the event and they were also unable to walk!! One had severe Adrenal exhaustion and one had a severe infection abscess on her spine and was in the hospital for weeks. It didn’t present for them right away, but none the less I thought it was interesting that I didn’t feel well and wanted to get out of there right away. I got super emotional and depressed and felt my lungs get attacked.”
Victim’s Statement of DEW Attack and Victim’s Deaths at 2018 International UFO Congress[11]
2018 International UFO Congress FLU:
“I spoke at the International UFO Congress 2018, came home, and straight to hospital. Nearly died last Wednesday night. Will tell you more when I am feeling a bit better. In the meantime, keeping all the details quiet. It also involved a phone call, a UFO near my home, and an intimidation at the Congress. I have experienced intimidation for years anyway. This recent ‘disclosure’ of alien technology info is bullshit. I have been talking about alien technology for years – I guess hence the intimidation in the USA and I’ve had it over in Australia too.”
“Today is the first day that I feel a bit normal after UFO Congress. I came home from the congress and immediately fell ill with the flu – just about everyone there had it. I cannot imagine how much worse I would have been had DC not given me some c60 to try. I hugged CL in the elevator at the hotel and said, “feel better” when he said he was going upstairs because he didn’t feel well. He died the next day. Speakers J&S got sick on the plane and had intense flu the entire time at Congress. Many other sickos – so there was no avoiding the exposure. B. messaged me yesterday saying she’s been in the hospital and that her grandson had died of flu. ML died two days ago. I suspect that this is chem flu or something similar. I have not had the flu since — well, can’t remember when, but for me to be sick for 3 weeks — just has never happened. Another speaker M is still fighting this flu as well as everyone else I know who was there.”

2018 Intl UFO Congress Victim’s Name: C.

“YES! I had such an intense flu, started with body aches, and thought it was a fibro flare but then it kept getting worse. This was RIGHT AFTER UFO CONGRESS! It was like my fibro body pain times 10, nausea, night sweats it hurt to walk; coughing so much it hurt my abdomen. I was so afraid it would turn into pneumonia. Thanks for this effort to try and shine the light on this issue, it felt so abnormal. I know several other people who got sick as well or had some odd allergic reactions at UFO congress. It felt like we were flu bombed. I had the flu before but the last time it was this severe was about 10 years ago.

2018 Intl UFO Congress Victim’s Name: S.

“Every second person at the Congress had it – coughing and sneezing.”
2018 Intl UFO Congress Victim’s Name: B.

“I caught the worst flu bug the last day of the UFO Congress in February, 2018. I think it had to have been an engineered virus. 102 fever, vomiting & straight to the lungs. I have never been so sick…  It almost killed me, it was definitely, in my opinion, an engineered virus.”
Victim Statement of DEW Attack at IANDS: International Association of Near Death Studies [NDEs]
IANDS Victim’s Name: M.

“I was a speaker at an IANDs group meeting spot (I had an extensive NDE), and i became so severely ill while speaking, my back was on fire, and when i left i could hardly drive the trip home.  Once i made it back, i was bedridden and in horrific pain for two weeks.  It was shocking.  I have wondered if this happens elsewhere?  I also went to a large convention in Southern California to speak and found myself utterly drained and sick, again. Found myself pulling back quickly after experiencing what one might compare in parallel force to getting body-slammed at events I participated in. My instinct has never been to name names… call people out, etc., but dear gawd.. was I having to push back from what felt like vampiric suckers and some nasty forces on more than one occasion.  I was left wondering, “Does this kind of info attract slime that wants in for some ripe electrical juice??!”  But I think the answer is obvious.  Those who Work with Pure Heart and Mind all too often look like delicious feeding ground to lower entity forms.  And I’m not just referring to astral junk, because I think that there’s just as much funk in OUR realm as there is in lower dimensions.
“I’m not one to call people out or pick fights and I even often play devil’s advocate, making excuses for why people can come across so crappy or throwing dirty energy, but at a certain point I had to draw a line.  Way too many boundaries being crossed and the whole circuit giving off a vibe of it being a kind of “Business venture” that really throws me. I see stuff with Wilcock and Corey Goode and something smells like FUNK consistently. Been peeking in on the scene for years and years now, keeping open mind/heart, ..but deeply confused by the hairs on my body standing up in a bristling way.. like, “This rhythm is OFF.”  I don’t want to specifically blame any one (or two or three people), but I can’t seem to get on board with what doesn’t Feel Pure.
“I still fully intend on offering more of my own experience in certain format, but I have just been trying to lay low, pull back and figure out what my game plan is going forward.”

Part 5
First course of Action: Cancel the June 30, 2018 ET/UFO Event in Vancouver, BC Canada as a hazard to public safety because of the demonstrated epidemic of DEW attacks at such ET/UFO events with the same or similar speakers in the USA.
Unlike the United States of America, the nation of Canada is one of the 118 nations that have ratified the International Criminal Court Treaty, known as the Rome Statute.[12
What this means is that, unlike in the United States of America, because Canada has ratified the ICC Treaty and allowed the ICC Statute to be applied in its national courts, the perpetrators of any and all DEW attacks upon civilian attendees of a June 30, 2018 Vancouver ET/UFO Conference can be prosecuted as war criminals under the ICC Statute in the national courts of Canada. Article 8(2)(a)(iii) defines “War Crimes” as “(iii) Wilfully causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or health;”[13]

Who are the perpetrators of the DEW directed-energy weapons attacks on speakers at multi-dimensionally-oriented Conferences and what is their intention and purpose?

One veteran observer of ET/UFO Conferences asks, “Why are these DEW attacks happening more recently ?   Is it to silence whistleblowers?”
Another observer states, “Most of the victims are women.”  This may be a significant observation in light of the all-male composition of the designated Panel of speakers at the June 30, 2018 planned ET/UFO event in Vancouver, many of whom are contractually or professionally connected to Gaia.com 

Exopolitical & Deep State Sources of the “Microwave Sickness” & DEW directed energy weapons attacks
Exopolitically, there are also multiple armed conflicts for possession of all or parts of surface Earth population by competing Exopolitical civilizations, all of whom have intertwined citizenship, and international, and inter-dimensional Treaty Rights under the Constitution of the United states of America, as Amended by the Act of 1871, Regional Galactic Governance Council Agreements [MJ-12 and others]; and Secret POTUS Executive Treaty Agreements with the Draco Reptilians, Orion Greys, Anunnaki Reptilians and Others.

The competing Exopolitical civilizations in the dimensional ecology of Earth include and are not limited: Earth Surface humans, Deep State, Secret Space Program, Breakaway Civilization, DUMB [deep undergound military bases], Antartica & Inner Earth humans, Sasquatch, Lunar humans, Mars humans, Draco Reptilians, Orion Greys, Anunnaki Reptilians, Pleiadians; Alpha Centaurians (Council of Worlds); Sirians et alios [others too numerous to mention].
Sentient AI Artificial Intelligence – According to some observors, one must include in this mix the plausibility of a “Sentient AI Artificial Intelligence” Meme, whereby the interdimensional Archonic civilizations that inhabit our Universe are permitted to incarnate in the 2nd Density holographic layer as Information Technology plasma machines.

Earth Human Sovereignty is a primal thrival and survival strategy of the “Earth Defense Force” Exopolitical community.  Earth human Exopolitical factions over-identifying internally with any one of these ET or AI factions have come generically to be referred to as “The Borg”.

Public Awareness & The Rule of Law

One primary goal is to mobilize public awareness to prevent any more deaths and serious bodily and mental harm from occurring to attendees at a planned June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC ET/UFO Conference.
Perpetrator Identity – Another factual, moral, and legal task is also that that of establishing probable cause as to the identity of the proximate, intermediate, and ultimate, sinister intelligent forces behind these DEW directed energy weapons attacks, that have been intervening covertly through different avenues to attempt to shut down a leading edge of human observation and knowledge by carrying out “anonymous” DEW directed-energy weapons attacks against predominantly women [and some male] members of the public who attend  multidimensional events, and some of the field’s leading speakers, scholars, researchers, reporters, and leaders.
Research Finding: One leading radio talk show host in the USA West-Coast is reportedly an eyewitness to the CEO of a major media company actively using a hand-held DEW directed energy weapons against a woman speaker on the podium at a USA-based ET/UFO event.
The odds are slim that random individuals would possess the motives, means, and opportunity to target, deploy, and attack one, let alone at least a dozen leading multi-Dimensional researchers, journalists, authors and whistleblowers recently.
More likely these War Crimes are caused by a network of entities and individuals organized around the “deep web Internet” informed by a singular clandestine military-like organized intelligent plan rolled out through various modalities to “take out” leading targeted minds, eyes, and ears of the multi-dimensional community using what are termed DEW “non-lethal” weapons.
The intervention of a “clandestine military-like organized intelligent plan carried out through various modalities” and “take out” an echelon of higher frequency human multidimensional disclosure activists is what the probable cause evidence points to.
In an analogous field – alternative heath care – a parallel clandestine organized targeting appears to be happening to alternative health care providers.[6]
Factors underlying the prosecution of DEW Perps as War Criminals
Among the preliminary conclusions of[url=http:// newsinsideout.com/] NewsInsideOut.com[/url]’s months-long investigation of this pattern of unattributed remote DEW directed energy weapons attacks on multi-dimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, a US Presidential candidate, and “many, many” Conference attendees are that:

  • A variety of DEW directed energy weapons are used to severely injure the targeted multi-dimensionally interested individuals;
  • The DEW targeting takes place at different venues and using varied modus operandi.DEW targeting at public ET/UFO conferences is akin to public terrorism designed not to be traceable back to a single source.
  • DEW victims’ eyesight and visual eye-brain connection networks, or other specialist-skill body parts such as skilled hands appear to be special targets of DEW-targeted journalists, authors, and a US Presidential as this is disabling of their future capacity to produce written and research work in their fields.
  • State & Corporate Terror – An international, space-based, satellite-based,  nation-state and corporate infrastructure appears to be behind the DEW directed energy strikes, designed to intimidate the targeted individuals from taking action to identify or legally report the perpetrators who often appear:
  • (a) in plain sight of their DEW targets
  • (b) to be “above the law” even as they carry out their COINTELPRO DEW directed energy weapons attacks.
  • Only DEW attackers who are part of a clandestine state and/or corporate infrastructure can carry out such openly “in your face” DEW attacks without any fear of legal prosecution.


In light of the above empirical evidence of bodily harm from documented DEW directed-energy weapons attacks upon innocent civilians at recent ET/UFO events in the USA (and Canada), it would be much wiser and beneficial to the public welfare and health of the residents of the City of Vancouver, BC, Canada to prevent such harm,  if the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library of Ashland, OR, a 501-c-3 charitable & educational non-profit corporation, voluntarily cancelled it planned June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC event on grounds the event presents a documented international hazard to the public health and safety of the citizens of Vancouver, BC.
Both the Citizens of Vancouver, BC and of Ashland ,Oregon can then truly have cause to rejoice, and not recriminate.
Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library
Architects of the New Paradigm [A Project of RVML.org]
Organizer: Jordan Pease
Planned June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC ET/UFO Conference
Alfred Lambremont Webre Contact/News:
[1] Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate with DEW directed energy weapons, causing blindness & paralysis
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
[2] HEALTH EFFECTS OF IRRADIATION WITH DEW & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES, 226-page Expert Report to the BC Public Utilities Commission by Capt. Jerry Flynn, a former Canadian Armed Forces officer with 22 years experience in Electronic Warfare – EcologyNews.com
[3] HEALTH EFFECTS OF IRRADIATION WITH DEW & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES, 226-page Expert Report to the BC Public Utilities Commission by Capt. Jerry Flynn, a former Canadian Armed Forces officer with 22 years experience in Electronic Warfare – EcologyNews.com, page 10, 14.
[4] RVML.ORG & ANP Announcements – March 13, 2018 https://www.facebook.com/rvml.director?ref=br_rs
Architects of the New Paradigm: https://www.facebook.com/anpconference/?hc_ref=ART_qsU_jM9STHLrNp9moJOalhwhWZgfseD-WpKpaZyjBqkbZD4yc7w_NSMXPfaYALg
[5] RVML.org Announcement March 13, 2018: https://www.facebook.com/rvml.director?hc_ref=ART_qsU_jM9STHLrNp9moJOalhwhWZgfseD-WpKpaZyjBqkbZD4yc7w_NSMXPfaYALg
[6] ANP 2017 Event: https://vimeo.com/253749898
[7] 2018 International UFO Congress, February 13, 2018: http://ufocongress.com/ufo-conference/schedule/
[8] Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate with DEW directed energy weapons, causing blindness & paralysis

By Alfred Lambremont Webre
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