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Adronis - The Anunnaki

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1Adronis - The Anunnaki Empty Adronis - The Anunnaki в Ср Май 09 2018, 11:40


Редактор "ПкИ"

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, speaks on his perspective relating to the Anunnaki and the creators of humanity and their galactic history.

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2Adronis - The Anunnaki Empty на русском Джонсон в Ср Май 09 2018, 20:02


Гораздо более интересно видео от голубых авиан

текст на английском:
hello everybody welcome to new earth
teachings webcast I'm very happy to have
everybody here on live with me tonight
so it's been about a couple weeks since
I did the last new earth teachings
webcasts I'm happy to be back this is
going to be the last new earth teachings
webcast for the 2017 year so after that
I'm gonna be taking a little bit of a
break and then we'll be resuming
probably between early to mid January
around that time I'll definitely be
putting updates on Facebook when the
resume date will be but I've just been
basically working a lot more with nature
this is actually kind of the golden time
for myself is I'm just starting to get
into the flow of the cold weather and
I'm just basically immersing myself into
that cold weather and developing the 2mo
technique a lot more as a matter of fact
there's going to be an online event
called to mow that I'm going to be doing
here in January the event should be up
sometime this week on my web site new
earth teachings calm and so it's gonna
be a live interactive event where I'll
basically be outside in my backyard
again around the time of January where
it's nice and cold and doing my entire
event outside basically and just like a
tank top and shorts this is also going
to help to mention the TV show that I
did just last spring on Vice TV it's
going to be called mr. tachyon and I did
an episode there demonstrating the 2mo
technique I can't really talk too much
about it because it's still it's still
some things I have to keep kind of
hush-hush but I was able to demonstrate
the 2mo technique on Vice TV and so that
should be coming outs I think prior
around January or so once I know more
about when in that air date for the TV
show is going to be coming out I'll be
posting it on Facebook and then you guys
can check it out but this is primarily
the again the fun time of the year
as I'm just going to get really immersed
into the cold and just have fun in the
extreme conditions
it's gonna be a lot of just a really
exciting time you're justyou're with the
elements you're with nature and you're
immersing yourself in it and this is
what I've been doing a lot more recently
is just involving myself more than
Eicher I'm not really too concerned
about the melodramas of the world it's
just being able to enjoy nature have fun
completely unwind and step away from the
internet world to step away from the
office step away from the computer and
just immerse yourself in nature doing
Qigong and just meditating and just
having a blast being outside that's how
you truly live cannot truly live with
this silly thing right this is fine
maybe once in a while but you know of
course I still do my sessions and I'll
do my events and stuff like that but
usually with a lot more of my linear
time it's going to meditation it's going
to outside it's going to nature and
basically just developing a new
quote-unquote dietary system which is
hungry when you got a hunger terian or
something like that basically just
eating when you're hungry right so
that's again something that I'm doing
and it's actually bringing about some
really good positive results so far but
anyways we're going to go ahead and get
into the broadcast tonight so we're
gonna have some Q&A here in a little
firstly the first thing we're gonna do
tonight is I'm going to be doing an
empathic interfacing with the blue
avians so I was able to talk to the blue
avians a few nights ago when I was doing
meditation in the pyramid and I just got
a little bit of a basic understanding
from them and just kind of had like an
empathic communication and so this will
be my first public revealing of
connecting with Sun our raw and see our
raw and basically to see what
information can be shared from the blue
in this particular type of connection it
is very similar to what I did with never
Titus all of those months ago again he's
I had a conversation with him not too
long ago everything is going good he
just basically wanted to share the
message that he wanted to share through
me and we've done that and so right now
we're just kind of like mellow chatting
and that's about it so basically that
that message has been shared and again
you can find out more about that on my
youtube channel
looking into empathic interfacing with
never Titus
so basically empathic interfacing is a
little more different than channeling
for those who are just witnessing this
for the very first time empathic
interfacing is just being able to
connect with your heart space is being
either able to tether your energy to the
contact to the consciousness that has
reached out to you and that's basically
all I'm doing with Sun are raw and CR
raw those are the two names of the male
and the female that represents the blue
avians so it is very similar to what
Corey Goode has shared relating to the
blue avians the only difference I've
noticed with these particular blue
avians is that their eyes are purely
black they don't have any kind of
distinguishable pupils or anything of
that nature it's pure black eyes but
they're there's kind of a blue feathers
it feels like there's a little bit more
blue feathers than again what was
interpreted in the artists conception
with the blue avians so again these feel
like kind of a different type of blue
avian in that way but again I'm just
going to be doing some empathic
interfacing and if you guys do have some
questions for the blue avians
I'll see exactly what can be done in
answering questions with them but
they're just gonna firstly come through
and just share anything that they want
to share and then we'll be getting into
Q&A after that I'm going to be talking
about the topic relating to a
perspective on disclosure we're starting
to see this a little bit now through
media and so I'll be giving some
feedback on that of course and then of
course we'll get into general Q&A after
that okay so with general Q&A I'll
basically be connecting off with the
blue avians
so it can either be Q&A with myself or
with adronis after that okay so I'm just
gonna go ahead and take a moment it'll
probably take a few moments just for me
to connect with the blue avians
and then we'll connect and see what they
have to say then we'll do some blue
avian Q&A okay here we go guys
hope you enjoy
okay I'm sensing that the blue avians
are here both Sun are raw and sea are
raw they are basically offering
greetings now basically when you connect
with Sun or raw it's that you kind of
just like hold your hand out like this
right and he's going to basically take
your finger and just kind of run it
around the hand and that's giving an
indication of almost kind of like a
secret code word in that way that you
know it's kind of him but um that's
that's something that he may give if
anybody else wants to connect with him
and they're not too sure if it's Sun or
raw then just ask him here's my hand
right and then just drawing it so if I
was basically holding up like this kind
of like that okay that's kind of like
his own little secret handshake in a way
certain blue avians have like secret
codes in that way but Sonora may be able
to communicate with others I don't know
but that's just basically what he has
shared with me in that way
basically the feeling is that they are
going to become a lot more prominent on
the earth plane they are going to be
reaching out to more people there is
very strong noticeable I guess you could
say almost that's the byte word to say
it's very very pungent connections with
extraterrestrial disclosure that is
going to be happening here very soon
there's going to be a lot more revealing
there's gonna be a lot more people with
answers it's not about looking in
through the government to feel that the
answers are going to come but they will
be stimulating topics and this is what's
going to lead into a higher degree of
disclosure all together there is some
solar activity that's taking place but
again nothing that is representing a
combination of the quote unquote the
event that again is just all part of
different sequences that are coming
together and that again Sun are raw is
basically stating that when we make
contact with you it will be in the dream
pretty much right I don't feel it's
gonna come anyway
and again it's not so much about
channeling them they really don't like
to work with the idea of channeling it's
more again like empathic interfacing
right so you're basically just feeling
your heart being touched you're feeling
your heart being connected and Sun are
raw again is just letting you know
that's how they connect with you it's
all through heart it's all through
feeling it's very similar to how I
connect with adronis
in that way is just again through
empathic channeling communication but of
course it is true channeling this is
through empathic interfacing or again
like a type of mediumship altogether
they exist within well it's it's almost
kind of like difficult to explain it's a
space that they exist it's not really
the idea of a spaceship it's not the
idea of them some sort of spacecraft
they exist within some type of domain
some type of realm and it does consist
within that of the sixth density Sun are
raw and C are raw represent that of six
density blue avian beings and so they
exist in this kind of realm it's kind of
like they would take you into their own
astral realm or again having kind of
like the meetings of the mind they
connect together and they are taking you
into this astral realm and basically
it's it's kind of like a very safe
contained area with whatever they reveal
is not being leaked it's kind of like
having secure connections together in
that way
I'm just asking Sun are wrong exactly
what is his nature in being here at this
time he is working together with his
brethren in that way working together
with his fellow people and slowly
introducing new concepts seeding them
into the collective consciousness and so
it's almost like looking at these small
rays that are penetrating the atmosphere
and that they are connecting with
specific people that hold a certain
genetic code within their own DNA so you
basically have to be have a certain
genetic code or basically I would say a
certain genetic code has to awaken
within yourself at a particular point
for you to connect with them
and that they have gone back millions of
years well within to our past and they
have worked together with the seed in
bringing their own genomes so to speak
together with humanity and so they have
been part of the great experiments that
have happened here a great deal of time
ago and they were here even before that
time to wear before men itself came upon
the planet and so they have worked very
very thoroughly with our kind throughout
millions and millions of years that
there have been again a lot of
depictions of the aspects of avian gods
a Egyptian culture Sumerian culture all
of this again relates to the aspect of
the blue avians and at the time I wasn't
too sure about that
but of course this is what when Sun Ra
is is sharing is that they have been
able to connect with your ancient people
on earth and they were telling about the
lineages to where Earth came from this
is why when you look at the Egyptian
hieroglyphs Sumerian hieroglyphs etc
that you start to see many of these
particular beings and they all represent
the star relatives they represent star
ancestry star family and that they have
come here at this time as a return of
the guardians return of the Masters
return of the star family and so there
will be a lot more contacts coming
forward it does feel like there has been
a great amount of progress taking place
within the galactic community within the
super Federation's there are other
civilizations that are going to be
introducing themselves soon many of them
will be very much human-like to
ourselves they will have somewhat very
similar genetics to ourselves and they
will exist or they are existing within a
lot of the neighborhood stars close to
our star in that way so basically
looking into beings that could be from
Kreuger beings that could be from Wolf
359 a lot of our own local star system
and there are beings that exist within
these stars and have basically
quote-unquote cloaked their planets and
it's again for many reasons it's not
just for Humanity
non familiarity with them but they are
also cloaking their planets basically
when they are saying that their cloaking
they're putting up a veil to make it
feel like it's an uninhabitable planet
and so it's kind of like it's a very
interesting way about how they do this
it's actually a different dimension that
is veiled over their planet the closest
approximation I could give in regards to
analogy is that there have been people
that have gone on board spaceships that
may only be about 20 feet 30 feet long
they go inside the spacecraft and it's
now about 20 times its size well that's
about the same thing that they do with
planets planets that basically wish to
be undiscovered and undisturbed we'll
put together a dimensional holographic
veil and they will actually imprint this
particular veil that will become
conducive just to our physical plane so
when you actually go on the planet
itself its existing as that particular
quote-unquote desolate world but when
they want to make contact with you the
aspect of the landscape will shift
because you're shifting so they're
shifting your energy into another
particular domain and then you'll be
able to see their own planet and that's
primarily what a lot of these
civilizations may do they may find the
idea of worlds that may not be able to
inhabit life and letting them know that
that's not the case many of the worlds
that you see many of them inhabit life
it just may not be life to the way you
know it I'm asking Sun are wrong about
the Goldilocks principle and is that
something that is actually okay you
saying it's not about the Goldilocks
principle that again is just part of the
physics aspect there are abilities to
where certain planets where you don't
think could actually receive
quote-unquote the warmth from the Sun
actually do receive enough warmth in
that way that is based upon simple
physics basis calculation where they
feel that you must always be in the
Goldilocks zone for certain planets to
survive that's not true again many of
them have many different forms of I
guess solar rays
some of them also may have certain
technologies that exist within the
planet as well - that is actually
warming the planet right and that the
aspect of their own star works together
in the effect of its own gravitation
from basically from what he's saying he
says don't always put so much faith in
the Goldilocks zone it's not always the
case it may seem like it is but it's not
so much the case in that way so that's
basically what he's saying but basically
from what's being stated here is that
many of these particular cloaked planets
will start to introduce other
civilizations that will be part of these
super Federation's that will be coming
in and again specific contacts will be
coming through so it will look like
people who are almost Native American it
will look like people who are
Mediterranean or Latino it will
represent other particular beings who
may also be Nordic and again so there
are many other human races that are now
opening up their channels so to speak
and now being able to make contact with
other civilizations I'm also gonna ask
Sun or raw about the aspect of harvest
and again there have been mixed stories
about the degrees of percentages and of
course the Drona's has given his own
perspective about this and I'm just
curious about Sun or Ross perspective it
is more important to focus upon what it
is that you truly understand by letting
go of what you don't prefer an Agora of
course when that happens you'll find
yourself in the reality that you prefer
it may not be in a state of clarity to
what you may be familiar with when it
comes to your surroundings of people but
all it really involves is that it's a
matter of switching and transferring
bodies there is already a fourth density
body as you know it is when you are able
to accumulate the appropriate frequency
of what that body is that you will
therefore occupy that body through the
consciousness shift that you are
experiencing and so this is very similar
to what adronis has stated as well - is
that don't worry so much about the
aspects of percentages because everybody
will wind up exactly where
need to be some will be in third density
some will be in fourth density but it's
just about being compliant with the
vibration that you feel you can align to
as it relates to a specific body so for
those who are graduates of fourth
density have been able to do a lot of
inner work they've been able to work
with a lot of heavy emotional situations
they've been able to bring a lot of love
and compassion and forgiveness to
themselves and by doing so they make
themselves feel lighter and of course
sinara is even mentioning yes go out in
nature start playing in nature more
spend nights spend days in nature let go
of your artificial society the more you
let go of your artificial society and
come back to what is truly important by
being one with nature you are no longer
concerned about the artificial means to
what these systems represent let it all
just start to play with nature again
earth provides you with everything that
you require when you decide to integrate
yourself harmoniously within nature when
you basically interact with this system
it has no particular form of ethics
relating to your own state of sense of
it is a zoo has the best way he can put
it it is a zoo it is an artificial tea
and it is basically created to make you
feel miserable to create suffering
within your life that's how it works
it's the aspect of scarcity where
scarcity creates the best consumer and
that's what you become as long as you
are aligned to an artificial system that
represents your modern world let it go
let it die basically from what he's
saying and it's not saying in the idea
of destruction as and blow it up or
anything like that but it's basically
saying let it die as this old paradigm
of yourself that is therefore
transitioning away right so this is kind
of like what Sun are raw and sea are raw
are kind of sharing together is that
when you connect with nature and you
basically have this feeling of abundance
all around you you connect with the
trees you connect with the forest you
connect with the animals you connect
with all life you are now as an animal
yourself but it does not relate to that
of savagery it relates to that of
serenity you now become a part of the
natural cycle you now start existing in
love with all that represents yourself
every day feels like a joyous adventure
every day is a moment because you're
spending so much time working with
yourself you're spending so much time
working with nature around you you're
spending so much time just being
timeless and that is the true reality
you will never find serenity in your
modern system so why give it power that
is a very important thing for you to
realize let it go let it die so what
we're going to discover in fourth
density and again in the aspect of
transitional time is that many people
will turn back to nature it will be very
much to how the Native Americans have
lived where they live off the lens where
people will continue to provide for the
lens they will be able to grow food they
will be able to work in equilibrium with
the environment they will take care of
the animals they will take care of the
planets and the vegetation and you will
now start to form communities and it may
feel quote-unquote rogue at first
because it is a very different life it
is nothing like your convenience and
convenience is the grandest state of
illusion let go of that state of over
convenience of convenience in yourself
too much where you do not know how to
interact with nature you're now an alien
to nature and that is what it is to be
an alien it is to basically estranged
yourself from your natural mother which
represents Mother Earth which represents
whenever you are stranged and do not
know the ways of nature you're an alien
and again that's primarily how it works
it's not so much in the idea that many
different civilizations existing on
other worlds are strange to nature to
many that is a foreign concept they
could never imagine themselves being
apart from their loving mother planet
and so they will help to educate those
who have chosen the path of extremism as
it relates to technology and technology
is just an artificial world it's no more
different than a type of virus you don't
really need it it's not to say that you
cannot have certain forms of technology
that can work together with the earth
that can assist you in certain ways but
the earth already provides for you it
already has everything that you need
should you utilize the aspect of
technology do not see it as a
dependability that you cannot live
without technology is to be of the alien
concept it's to connect with the earth
again it's to go barefoot it's to walk
upon the grass it's to walk upon the
soil it's to walk upon the rocks it's to
walk through the water to go for a swim
to take in all of the sights and sounds
smells and tastes and just feel
everything around you because this is
your natural body so basically from what
the blue avians are saying here is
really integrate with nature this is
what the ancients did and this is why
they have been able to prosper at those
times as such a loving society it was
through the introduction to technology
that made everything go awry that made
everything feel like it was out of sorts
because other beings were coming to this
planet and they were using all of these
technological gizmos they were using
technology and that is what created the
large stain as it represents
polarization the feeling that I need to
be superior because I have to control
what this planet
rather than letting the planet guide me
what you're experiencing on your world
right now is man's attempt to control
nature by having all these cities by
having all this technology by basically
enforcing all of these things upon its
people it is a plague and so the more
that you start to advance past that
modern society image of technology and
you start to come back into your natural
livelihood of nature and it all starts
just by stepping outside and going out
into nature and playing with everything
that's around you play with the force
play with the trees hug the trees smile
as you exist in this forest as you
become part of nature again this is what
fourth density will truly understand so
there will be certain areas on your
planet that will still be technological
again technology does not have to be
quote unquote completely gotten rid of
as long as it works together and
complement with the planet and as long
as it represents that of a tool for you
but not something that's taking over
your life that has created such a heavy
dependency that you can simply not even
live without it that is an enslavement
and that is an alien like feature so
this is primarily what the blue avians
are seeing but again going back into the
topic of other civilizations there are
many different local star systems of
civilizations that are coming here now
that are part of these super
Federation's that will start making
appropriate contacts again much of the
Inner Earth races are also doing the
same there's just an all-out assistance
call right now because you are getting
closer to the shift so again they're not
able to give specific dates because even
there are certain things that we cannot
fully predict as it relates to timelines
it can happen in many different
opportunistic times but it will be
coming very soon and as stated watch the
Sun see how the Sun reacts notice the
coronal mass ejections notice the solar
flares that are taking place upon your
planet this is all part of this
phanie that will begin that triggers the
event when the event comes when that
solar flash hits it is very unlikely
that any of your current technology will
survive it's very unlikely that any of
your electrical systems will survive
basically stating that much of your own
electric electrical systems
technological systems satellites will
fry and you may very well be out of
power for a couple of weeks a couple of
months maybe even up to a year depends
where you are in the world but something
is going to basically get sizzled as it
relates to the technological aspect
altogether okay so this is something
important as well too is that
integrating yourself back into nature
and realizing that you are allowing
yourself to live through the elements
naturally you won't be concerned about
this when you start living back together
in the way of the indigenous this is
what's recommended so within these next
approximate few years of time get
integrated with nature start spending
some time out in nature start feeling
what it is like without having
electricity without having technology
with you and start playing together with
the indigenous areas you don't have to
it's up to you but that would certainly
be a great recommendation okay so this
is primarily again the message that the
the blue avians want to share all
together with all of us okay so that's
kind of their general message so I will
just see if there is any questions that
anybody has and if you guys do want to
share any questions just feel free to
write it here on the chat Erik asks is
Brad in a channeled state his eyes are
closed but as doesn't sound like he's
channeling no I'm not in a channeling
state I basically closed my eyes because
it allows me to Center and to focus and
to connect with Sun or raw and see our
raw energy and again the way that they
transmit is very similar to how a Jonas
does but again it's not them coming into
a synchronization that relates to
channeling it's more of a
synchronization that is more like a
mediumship and
again it comes to an empathic awareness
so it's more like a mediumship from what
I'm doing here then a type of channeling
which again I call empathic interfacing
and basically I just again close my eyes
to keep myself centered to keep myself
aligned and to focus on what is being
shared empathically so that's the best
way I can put it so let's go down list
here okay okay here's one from Kelly joy
Freeman she asks what the solar events
effect our plants no not in the form
that would cause any kind of particular
harm there will certainly be shifts upon
the planet there may also be the
possibility of darkness exceeding
perhaps more than just a day long
again it is uncertain about how that may
happen it is not entirely certain that
the Sun will go black and that this
would be what you would refer to as the
prophecy of three days of darkness
it is uncertain at this time if it does
happen then it is important for you to
it's basically what you're saying just
settle it's important for you to all
settle be in your space just be with the
flow to where the earth guides you
listen to your body listen to the true
mind the true heart you'll be exactly
where you need to be worth to those who
listen now you'll notice that again if
that does take place if there are
multiple days of darkness that do take
place the animals will still function
again it may feel like it's out of the
of course because you have so much night
time but it will not affect the the
lifespan of nature in any particular way
it'll be almost like a hibernation
period in that way think within the idea
like an eclipse as if an eclipse a solar
eclipse was meant to exist for several
days at a time
nature in that sense is not being harmed
but it certainly is a migration of
hibernation in that way and so there can
be a hibernation effect that takes place
but when this does happen and if this
does happen for several days at a time
just stay with nature let nature guide
you follow together with what nature
shares and this is the most important
thing when you're with nature
when you're with your heart when you're
with your being when you're staying calm
and you're settling yourself down
that's what's gonna lead you into
prosperity right so it's not 100%
guaranteed right now if it may relate to
the idea of a three days of darkness or
perhaps even more that's still unknown
in this way and again it's not just the
blue avians even adronis hasn't been
able to give full 100% answers as it
relates to this simply because we're
just not sure you know this is something
that is uniquely happening for the first
time in Earth's history as it relates
this kind of induced aspect of evolution
of shifting from one dimension into
another no other planet has gone through
it in this way and so there's certain
things that cannot be shared at this
time because other events need to play
out first and once other events play out
first then there can be bits more of
clarity that can come through okay so
thank you again Kelly for your questions
now your question I should say yes Kulik
Beck says hi Cory said that the Alliance
is for partial disclosure yeah I'm gonna
be talking about that shortly so I'll
talk about the partial disclosure aspect
because that is primarily what's
happening right now what can we do to
bring full disclosure in well again I'll
talk more about that but to sum it up
real quick inform people educate right
Nick asks do we have genetic links to
the blue avians yes on our raw that do
we have genetic links to the blue avians
mm-hmm what's going like this yep but
there's only a certain amount of people
that will have a certain genetic code so
to speak
fired ignited that will allow them to
have communications with the blue avians
so the blue avians would be one
these particular co-creators of humanity
in that way again they could represent
that of what you would know as the
guardian race now basically this is what
Sonora is saying as well too is that
they are human okay they are what you
would refer to as a distant evolutionary
descendant that began to mix their own
genetics with what you would refer to as
this avian appearance but they are very
much human they're very much from our
distant future and they are eventually
what we are going to become we will
start being able to mix together with
different you could say different
aspects of our own genome to where you
can appear avian to where you can appear
somewhat like the satans or the greys
somewhat reptilian as well - it's all
contained within our own genetics it's
basically just an evolutionary path that
happens we could even say just hundreds
of thousands of years down the road in
that way and that they align themselves
into this particular appearance that
they have before us but they are very
much human in that way so they represent
this deep distant future as it were
evolutionary descendant of ourselves so
they are human it's very interesting and
that that's kind of like the big thing
is that there are many different beings
that have evolved from the great depths
linearly speaking from our future and
that they have come very deeply linear
speaking into our past and that they
have seeded this world with a new
refined and renewed aspect of genetic
material right so basically the past is
the future the future is the past it's
very much like what never Titus was
saying as well - is that money of much
of his people came here from the great
distant future to come into the great
distant past and being able to see this
world right because there is it was
almost like a blank slate things
starting all over again so that humanity
would not spiral out of control because
of humanity does spiral out of control
and we are able to become an
intergalactic race right and we start
space we would take over the whole
galaxy right with that particular type
of mentality and there would be tyranny
everywhere right and that's again why
they have come back and to basically
clean the slate renew everything and
start off on a foot to where humanity
returns back into its authentic self
right so that's primarily again part of
why they're here
okay guys where I take about three more
questions for the blue avians and then
we're going to move on to the next topic
Stacy asks well humanity be assisted
prior to or during the solar event it
seems like the majority of the
population will be experiencing a lot of
fear from this you're right they will
you can't control that right and that's
and again from what Sun our raw is
saying is that yes this is unavoidable
we understand that many of you want to
reach out and bring people up to take
them up into the platforms that you wish
to stay on but that is not the way it is
you have to respect other people to
where they are you can educate you can
inform but it is up to them to realize
exactly what is their path so this is
where we have said that there will be
those that will occupy appropriate
bodies based upon the compliance of
energies that they are in at that moment
to where everything shifts right so
that's kind of what he's getting the
impression of here is that humanity is
being assisted right now right it's not
like they're waiting for a certain time
that's why again I'm coming through I'm
channeling there's many other channels
that are channeling there's psychics
there's intuitive's there's black ops
personnel there's whistleblowers right
you have all of these people that are
coming forward and spreading this
message right now this isn't something
that's gonna be happening in the future
it's happening right now
because now is all there is right but
the whole idea is that people are very
much consumed to the idea of this
archaic system of modern society of
modern civilization they don't want to
give it up and because they don't want
to give up they will basically look at
your message at face value and say no I
don't care I don't care I have my big
car I got my big house I got my big
paying job I got my big bank account I'm
happy where I am
okay nothing you can do about that he
needs to stay where he what he
worth what he creates she needs to stay
with what she creates you cannot force
this upon people right so much as we
would love to see everybody come up to
fourth density it's not gonna work that
way right we're just doing what we can
as messengers to share our information
and if people are in resonance with it
that's great you know there are some
people that may not be in resonance with
what I'm sharing here and that's okay
I'm not here to change any of you to me
all of you are great that where you are
right right where you are you don't need
to change a thing for me I'm not here to
govern your life I'm not here to control
you I'm not here to take responsibility
for you at all I'm sharing as a guide
many other people are sharing as guides
and mentors you have to make the change
you have to decide if this is something
that's very very important to you then
look within right go out to nature
connect with nature let go of the aspect
of so much of a dominion of feeling that
technology technology and modern society
is basically you know giving you the
iron claw here right you have to make
your own decisions that's you of being a
free will human being okay
we can't change people period we can
only change ourselves we look into the
perspective that works for us and then
everything propagates appropriately
based upon the compliance of that energy
in that moment right that's the
important thing to remember so we're
always getting assistance we're always
being guided but it's being able not to
just do this right I want to hear my
favorite channeler today that okay that
was good now you have to go off to work
and I have to go in this office and the
job that I absolutely hate but at least
I got to hear this today bla bla bla bla
bla that is useless right and this is
what I'd recommend to everybody don't
just tune into this because you want to
hear me blab right
really listen into what's being said
here and doing what you can to say that
if this is something that strikes a
chord with you that's something that may
sound familiar give yourself permission
to explore it right I can't make you do
that nobody else can you have to be the
govern you have to be the governor
of your own reality the sovereign of
your own reality you have to make this
nobody else is going to okay very
important take responsibility into your
own hands
so that's again me being blunt but kind
of like an energy behind me encouraging
that bluntness as well too
okay guys we'll take about two more
questions and we're gonna move on to the
next topic okay let me see if I got any
more questions here okay yeah from
Simone here could you ask them about the
energy surrounding the Big Island of
Hawaii and it's lava flow thank you
it's an uprising from the best way that
can be conveyed it's it's a lifting of
energies it's a lifting of a great
amount of purging it's also been
something that requires a cleansing as
well to that the island of hawai'i again
has had a great amount of distortion
through it through generations and that
when volcanoes like this happen
it's purging it's releasing a lot of
that energy so that this energy can
therefore become transmuted and
therefore Hawaii becomes purified so
primarily when you discover these areas
around the planet that are going through
heavy transformations earth shifts it's
not that it's attempting to instill
terror it's that this needs to be
released right it's like ourselves when
we're doing so energy work you know
we're doing is very strong breaths
it sounds very intense and it may even
sound scary at times but that's us
purging energy that's us working with
emotional states and these emotional
states may be very scary but we're
working with them we're releasing them
right we're sending them back into bliss
that's primarily what's happening with
the earth right now she's going through
these intense shifts she's going through
these major cycle changes and helping to
purify herself because she's getting
everything ready for this jump for this
moving into the next dimension so that's
primarily why it's happening right now
okay how do we know if we have the blue
avian genes from what who look back here
says connect with them just being able
to connect with what you believe the
blue avian energy is now here's the
funny thing I didn't have any intention
with the blue avians I was I thought
they were interesting but I really had
no intention of connecting with them it
wasn't until I had a couple of dreams
when the blue avians start coming in and
they started to want to communicate with
me so they basically knocked on my door
and said Brad hey they want to talk to
you about some stuff like okay great
right and so as I got into as I got into
meditation I started to connect with
them altogether excuse me so the blue
avians primarily will connect with you
right if you want to connect with them
you can there are a lot more difference
than a lot of the other beings out there
they're very very secretive in that way
as it relates to connection it's kind of
like you go through a very heavy
screening process and one of the
screening processes is humility right
they really look for a person who has a
lot of humility skewed against or who
has a lot of humility and just not you
know too carried away with a Messiah
Complex or anything of that nature but
someone who just generally wants to be a
message messenger some someone who can
basically convey to people their
messages that's primarily what they look
for I have had a few other people that
claim that they have also connected with
the blue avians as well too they've had
conversations for them fantastic that's
great if they reach out to you great be
their messenger in that way but you can
always put out a call to them and see if
they connect but it's kind of like
picking up a phone right if we're
picking up a phone we're dialing a
number and saying come on man hurry up
and pick up hurry up and pick up we
can't go to that other end and pick up
the phone right all we're doing is
placing a call because I may get people
that watch this broadcast afterwards
saying Brad how do I connect the blue
egg it's only the blue because I want to
talk to him about something but I'm not
the man to talk to right if you want to
talk to the blue avians you need to go
talk to them right from their source
right you can put out a call it's up to
them if they want to respond to you and
if they don't don't take it personally
right start to work on yourself believe
it there were times in the past where I
wasn't too much in a state of humility I
felt that I needed to get all this
information out it was so important it
dier and you know this information
needed be shared because we're going
through immense changes everybody should
know this right and I've certainly have
calmed down a lot the past couple of
years and just sharing this because this
is what I enjoy you know I'm not doing
this because this is something that
absolutely 100% I have to do or else
right it's the idea that I have come to
terms with everything that I'm sharing
and I do it because I love it and this
is this is part of who I am right that's
why I do it
so again if they connect with you you
will know that they connect with you
it's the best way that I can say they
certainly showed me when they connected
with me I'm sure with Cori Goods
interaction together with him he has a
very different way he actually goes up
and sees them quote unquote in the
physical I don't do that I've just I've
connected to them in the Dreamtime a
couple times and I've connected with the
meditation I'm connecting with them
tonight through empathic interfacing and
that's my relationship with them so it's
very different than what's a Cori good
does okay guys one more question and
we're going to wrap up here and we move
on to the next topic which I think
that's it oh here's one who would want
to be a human eating lizard which are by
the way in government media I don't know
I don't want to deal with that stuff
thank you so much for sharing
okay great guys so we're gonna go ahead
and switch gears now so I want to give
thanks and love and appreciation to Sun
all raw and to see our raw thank you so
much for your presence thank you so much
for joining us much love to you thank
you Bessie's
okay let's just take a moment now guys
we're just going to take a moment here
our next topic of conversation is going
to relate to that of a perspective of
disclosure now what many of us may be
realizing right now is that there has
been a lot of news reports about a
certain governmental piece of footage so
to speak about a certain spacecraft
there's also the the giant blunt in
space as I call it the giant joint in
space that's floating around in space
and there's getting a lot of media
attention this is all on purpose okay
it's not to say that this is some
mind-blowing information it's not you
know it's been around for such a long
time they basically have now reached the
point where there are certain veils that
have dropped and now they're basically
ushering in in a very pre-planned
pre boxed pre concept of partial
disclosure this is all part of the plan
right first they're going to start
talking about these different types of
spacecraft and there may be more
releasing of government files that
they'll start to talk about then they
may look into some of the exoplanets
they may talk about bacteria that
they're finding they may start to talk
about vegetation flora and fauna that
they might be finding on one of these
exoplanets or whatever it is and then it
eventually will move forward into oh
well there may be possibly that there
may have been an ancient civilization
that connected with human beings that
was not of human error not of earth
origin it's so predictable and so stale
who gives a right it's just it's
their partial disclosure agenda and it's
all by the book and basically again it's
great that it's coming out right because
it's it's just you know introducing
people more to the concept who with all
due respect to them if you don't really
understand that the other civilizations
are exist you're pretty dense no offense
of course but this is primarily the
partial disclosure project that's that's
taking place here again there is a
question previously of saying how do we
make this faux disclosure I don't know
I don't think we can on a collective
consciousness level it's basically that
the full disclosure aspect comes from
you there needs to be such a majority
from the populace to shift it into
another level so if there are much more
deeper aspects of disclosure that come
about maybe in next couple years or
whatever it is then there certainly may
be a very large push to that full
disclosure but let's just be honest as
it relates to a full disclosure right
now this is all just grassroot right
this is the very minut aspect of
percentage as it relates to people that
are being aware of this and again we
would love to have more people but again
this is not reaching CNN this is not
reaching Fox News this is not reaching
MSNBC or RT or anything that nature
right the the major lamestream media so
to speak and so we just have ourselves
we have the grassroots right so
basically what I say is that make
yourself the full disclosure right you
be the full disclosure you connect with
these energies you work with yourself
right don't worry about trying to quote
unquote save the entire world it's not
your responsibility just start to
connect with this in your own way and
now just spread your light right educate
and inform that's all I'm doing I've
talked to all kinds of different beings
from all over the cosmos from different
dimensions I've connected with a lot of
this type of universal information and
expanding myself in regards to how other
civilizations exist and everything but
I'm not on CNN I'm not in Fox News in
order to I want to be okay I just am
happy to receive all this information
and just pass it on to people that want
to hear it
and seeing if maybe that's something
that works for them
and if they want to take that to the
next level and become the full
disclosure themselves then they can it's
not just so much the idea of feeling
that we need to force this aspect of
full disclosure because when a society
is not ready for it I don't care what
you do I don't care how good of a good
speaker you are right if there's no
official statements or any official
momentum that is carrying that forward
into the mainstream it's not going to be
right it's the whole idea that there
needs to be this particular pre-plan and
when this pre-planned disclosure comes
about there again may be something that
will just shock and awe a lot of people
and that may trigger something that can
therefore you know leap forward in that
ticular way so we can always encourage
people we can always inspire we can
always educate and we can always inform
and negotiate but that's all we can do
right we're not here on the stage of the
entire planet we're at the top of the
mountain and we're with a megaphone
we're saying hey everybody
extraterrestrials exist
there's spacecraft we've had a thousands
and thousands and thousands and millions
of reports since the 1900s etc right
they go okay yeah that's fine you have
fun with that right it's it's all just
part of a silly popularity game right
it's basically a quote unquote you need
to give it to people with influence like
a President of the United States like a
UN Council like world leaders like
celebrities etc that it actually starts
to go somewhere right now maybe the next
couple years maybe that does happen
right now though they're still playing
out the partial disclosure agenda a base
of a telling the population of the
planet oh by the way there's a partial
disclosure agenda people won't even know
what the hell you're talking about
right they what the hell you mean by
partial disclosure what's that oh about
ETS what do you mean buddy T's what are
you talking about and now you have to go
back to square one
right you're talking to all these people
and they have to catch up so basically
the whole idea is just continue to
educate continue to inform continue to
inspire and educate people right and as
we do this one person at a time through
all of ourselves now that starts to get
a lot of leeway right but again it will
take time for that to happen it's just I
mean look how long it's taken for us to
basically go into a deep state of
awakening when it comes to the aspect of
the government spying on us or looking
into Peto gates and all that stuff look
how long that took right it's the whole
idea is that people get this very strong
truth bomb that blows up right and now
they react to it because again these
official channels come out and start
sharing this information and because
people are so heavily programmed as it
relates to a system that is monitored
and filtered with so much knowledge
that's how they start to react is when
these official channels come out so
again don't feel like you're pushing it
on the entire world and saying I got to
get this out to the entire world no man
just you know go with your own flow
bring about your information
and share to what you feel you can share
educate to what you feel you can educate
it's not about the idea that you have to
force yourself to go into this area and
and connect to all these people and say
that you have to change them you can't
change anybody as I've said before right
I continue to do what I do and you know
I got on a TV show
I've got no radio shows and stuff like
that that was never my intention it's
just something that came about and say
sure this will reach out more people
unhappy to do it right and that's
basically the whole idea is that when
you're basically in a state of humility
when you're very much mellow about this
and you're just sharing for the love of
sharing now if the universe really wants
to share your message together through
the collective consciousness decision
it'll start presenting windows of
opportunity for you or you can manifest
them together yourselves the whole idea
here is just share to what you feel you
can share and you can inform you can
educate because again this is gonna be
very you know ABC and one two three with
people who have been within the
extraterrestrial disclosure field for a
long time exopolitical field UFO
researcher field etc
it's just the basic of the bear oh my
goodness Hey look at this there's an
unknown craft but we can't say if it's
an extraterrestrial we can only say it's
a UFO one it's like looking at
kindergartens trying to spell out the
letter A on a whiteboard it's brutal
except the children are much more
smarter so just listening to these very
very stale news reporters you know it
just makes you want to puke but again
it's great that your that we're
receiving this this is again the partial
disclosure movement that's taking effect
so again vales have had the drop and
basically now there's even people
admitting so yes kind of sort of maybe
up in some way possibly possible that
they're made somewhat how I'm what
somewhere in some way particularly in
that way be another life beyond our
planet took him like five minutes to say
that it's it's hilarious it really is
just hilarious laughing at it and
looking at this right so we know we know
a lot of stuff right and so being able
to really just educate and inform other
people and again that's the best thing
that we can all ask for all right so
that's my perspective
the partial disclosure okay I'm gonna
move down to see if there's any other
questions here okay just give me a sec
guys I'm just checking some of the
questions here just got some comments
down here pretty much so far
hi Brad hello Angela thank you for being
just when Jerry Jerry says disclosure is
coming out because people are seeing
through the lies and deceptions those
who are hiding stuff won't be able to
when more and more people develop their
telepathic abilities the external
exposure disclosure is less important
than the internal discovery and
embodiment you got it
and Jerry well put right that's it we're
becoming the disclosure factory
ourselves right as when millions of
people start sharing themselves with
other people now you're creating a
critical mass here right when everybody
just starts to take out their their
their knowledge caps and put them on and
you start to share your information and
everything that you're getting from
within is your true news source that's
your that's your wisdom source right
there right and that's what's going to
tilt the scales when everybody just
stops burning above one's the government
gonna say this who gives a crap about
the government when have they ever done
really anything great right it's just
all part of machine it's an artificial
tea stop waiting for them right take
what you know and share it educate be a
teacher be a mentor and continue to be a
student as you continue to develop
yourself from within that's what's the
most important thing here okay
simple as that oh okay I'm going to
ignore the round or flat earth question
for god sakes k'day-bra a-bra says haha
just being woke up in europe wrote my
dream down and being felt the czech
dream person photo okay all right guys
if there are any other questions just
feel free to put it up in the chat it
looks like everybody's just kind of
having some nice conversations which is
great but we're basically running short
on time anyways right now so again this
will be the last webcast for 2017
again I've really enjoyed the year of
connection and I've basically called it
the year of connection adronis is also
part of the year of connection and some
people can find out why that's why or
fine if I want to find out exactly why
it was named that and really when we're
looking into our darkness when we're
looking into our shadows when we've seen
exactly how we've been disconnected
because 2017 has thrown a lot of hefty
curveballs our way and it's when we
realize that we have received this
curveball that it's all part of us going
into the extremes of our darkness to
realize we're able to now start doing a
lot of inner work and we start doing a
lot of inner work we work with our
traumas we work with our emotions we
work with these situations that are
coming about now we're actually starting
to become reconnected right so the year
of connection is basically going into
the depths of darkness and realizing
exactly what has been happening in your
life so that you can now take those two
tethers and tie them together right to
bring connection further it comes from
the depths of exploring your own
darkness that will then propel you into
the light right as I stated all
primordial knowledge comes from darkness
and aspects of everything that
represents wisdom is the aspect of the
light because it's refined knowledge
this is why I say knowledge is not the
most important thing here it's a wisdom
it's you being able to apply and
discipline and refine the knowledge that
came from darkness to realize this is
what I don't want it's like looking at a
big gigantic block of clay and you're
stripping away all the unnecessary x'
until the true form that you want to
create is revealed right that's the
whole idea of going through darkness
you're taking that knife and you're
cutting out all those unnecessary bits
but you're thanking that block of clay
because without it you could not refine
yourself and that's the nature of
darkness thanking the darkness for
showing me all these extremes about
myself that no longer suit me so that I
can now refine myself into the true form
that I see within the clay right that is
the understanding okay so we're going to
wrap up for now guys I'm going to thank
you all for tuning in to this broadcast
this evening and again I will speak to
you again through the new earth
teachings webcast in the New Year 2018
a year of renewal thank you everybody I
hope you have a wonderful holidays
wonderful solstice and take care
wherever you are in the world much love
to you all namaste and see you in 2018
take care
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