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Секреты от Глубинного Государства -эпизод 3 10го сезона

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В связи с проблемами Уилкока и сайта Гайя даю расшифровку на английском 3го эпизода 10 сезона 
Секреты от Глубинного Государства -эпизод 3 10го сезона Космическое Раскрытие -
с Дэвидом Уилкоком, Эмери Смитом и Кори Гудом с англ.субтитрами


Welcome back to
Cosmic Disclosure.'
I'm your host, David
Wilcock, and I'm here
with Emery Smith
and Corey Goode.
In this episode, we're
going to be talking
about the battle between the
Cabal versus the Alliance
and the enigmatic mystery
of QAnon, a weird thing that
is appearing on 4chan.
Emery, welcome back to the show.

to be here, Dave.
Thank you.

DAVID: And Corey
thanks for being here.

COREY GOODE: Thank you

DAVID: The internet has
been extremely captivated
since late October 2017 with
a phenomenon called QAnon.
This is posts that are occurring
on the 4chan message board,
which is totally anonymous.
Corey why don't you
tell us a little bit
about what you know about
the QAnon phenomenon
based on your own most
cutting edge briefings?

GOODE: They know exactly
who this group is, and...

DAVID: Who's 'they', first?

GOODE: Well, the Alliance.


GOODE: The Alliance.
This is pretty much a
people don't like the
word 'propaganda"
but that's a military term
It's the information outlet,
mouthpiece, of the Alliance.
It's one of them.
And they're actually delivering
operational codes and messages
through this 4chan
or 8chan website.

DAVID: Operational
codes to various factions
of the Alliance, to themselves?

GOODE: Right, right.

DAVID: Really?

GOODE: And it's made up of
I'm not going to go into
detail, because I don't want
to compromise anyone,
but it's made up
of a lot of DoD types,
mostly retired, who
are part of the Alliance.
And t comes from people
from all sides of the aisle.

DAVID: So it's interesting,
because if you dig into the Q
stuff, t starts on October 28
And even just within
the first few days,
there's a very clear
blueprint of what
we've been prognosticating
for many years, which
is these mass arrests.
So Corey, could you
explain a little bit about,
how has the mass
arrest plan evolved?
And what s going on now'?

GOODE: We are
there's been a desire
for a mass arrest for decades.
But as I've stated, the
Cabal would basically
have to arrest itself
They had people in control of
the DoD all of the branches
that you could think
of   the government,
and other governments.
This is not just a US thing.
According to the latest
briefings that I've received,
we are finally in
a position to where
they're going to be able
to have mass arrests.
But they're debating on how
much of it will be public
and how much will be done
in secret court cases.

DAVID: Emery, are you familiar
with the Alliance and a plan
to create disclosure
by arresting
some of the key people that
are standing in its way?
I'm aware of many
actions of
the Alliance.
It's not just one group.
It's actually multiple,
I'll say, groups

GOODE: And it's a mess
trying to get all of them
to work together
SMITH: Right.
But they'll have, of course,
the very similar goal.
And it's to disclose
and get all this out
So just through what
I've heard recently
through contacts and
stuff is that they
are planning this mass Judicial
Court on all these people.
And I don't know when.
I've no idea about time
But it is the main focus on
their pyramid of things to do.

GOODE: And also
I believe QAnon
is going to be a part
of the data dumps
that we talked about
as far back as 2015.
In 2015, '16, we're talking
about data dumps occurring,
how they weren't going
to do t all at once.
They're going to
do it in pieces,
and then it was going
to turn into a data dump
war between the Cabal
because the Alliance, the
people involved in the Alliance
are not angels by any means.
So we're going to see a little
t t-for-tat document dump
war going on.

DAVID: So the excitement
factor on the internet about
this is huge, because
we a so have
some people have said up to
13 000 sealed indictments.
And so Corey, as those
indictments get unsealed,
what are we going to be seeing?
Who are these-- why would you
seal indictments, first of a I ?
And what happens as
they become unsealed?

GOODE: They will
seal an indictment
so that the details
of the indictment
do not get out to the
actors, co orts, or people
(that are helping them.
So the best way to wipe
out an organization
is to start indicting
them one by one
but keep the
indictments secret so
that the details don't get out

DAVID: Well, if
there's normally
only 1000 or 2000
of them a year,
and we're now looking at 13 000
searchable on public government
databases, this would imply
it's a very massive operation.


DAVID: And the thing that
I guess a lot of people
have been asking us-- and
we've gotten this question
so many times-- is, are we
going to see any of this?
Because people are worried
about that part that you've just
said, and they don't
want it to a be covert
So is there going to be some of
it at least, that is visible?

There is going to be a good
deal of it that's visible.
But the crimes
against humanity
the charges will
turn into corruption.
There's going to be a little
skewing of some of the things
to prevent people from being
extreme y upset and agitated
because there are some
horrible things that
are going to come out
But they want it
to come out slowly.
A lot of the human
trafficking and crimes
against humanity,
people are just
going to refuse to believe.
So they re going to have
to re ease information.
But they want to do it in
a slow, protracted way,
holding our hands like
we're little children.

DAVID: Right.

GOODE: But the
Earth Alliance has
been working in making
deals with the Cabal
helping them negotiate
their surrender, basically
And part of that is
that they don't think
that we can handle the truth.
Not a I at once, anyway.
We'll choke on the pill.

DAVID: Well, Corey
this is a great time
to bring up one of our
questions from you, the viewers
And that is, we did have a
quest on about the QAnon.
And the questioner
was asking, will we
get secret space
program disclosure
through this QAnon
process that's taking
place on the internet now?

GOODE: I think we
might get little bits
and pieces of information.
Like, recently, QAnon
mentioned the SpaceX mission
that was delivering
that was delivering
the payload was lost.
But a lot of times
that's what the...

SMITH: It was not lost.
That's what the programs do.
They'll send something
up, say t was lost,
whether it be a satellite
to Mars or a satellite
around the Earth
And then they'
put t into theater.
What I'm told this one was,
and it was alluded to by QAnon,
was that this was an EMP device
that not just does an EMP
but does a sustained EMP
from geostationary orb t.
And they were
planning on using that
in a North Korean
conflict, which is also
what has been described
the MIC has been
trying to figure out
how to disclose some
of their technology.
And some of them
have stated that this
would be a position of strength
to disclose this technology
a war on North Korea, that is.

DAVID: Well, now, let's
bring that up for a second,
because we have had a lot
of people on the internet
get a lot of these emails
and comments where they're
very upset about, basically
any military show of force
Like, they would just prefer
not to have anything happen.
And so they're
worried about the idea
that an attack on North
Korea is unprovoked.
And yet what I am
thinking of here
is they look pretty
darn provocative to me.
They're constantly saying
they want to nuke America.

GOODE: Yeah, within
the next month or two,
they'll have the ability to
deliver a nuclear warhead back
through the atmosphere, have
it survive the atmosphere.

DAVID: Well, some people
would say that's just propaganda
and they're just a
little backwoods country
and they couldn't ever do that.

GOODE: Well,
they couldn't ever
do that unless they had a I
the help from the Cabal.

SMITH: Right.
Thank you.

GOODE: A lot of material
and scientific support
has been provided to North
Korea not only through China,
but through the Cabal,
who has basically just
been giving them the plans
to a lot of our technology.
If you cut out the R&D process
of creating new technologies,
that's where most
of the cost s.
That's why China and some
of these other countries
that have gotten the blueprints
after we did a the work have
been able to spend a little
bit of t me and money
and make it even better,
make the technology better.

DAVID: Emery, what are you
aware of the relationship
being between a country
like North Korea
and what we're
calling the Cabal?

SMITH: They're funding it.
They're funding North Korea
And I've seen the satellite
mages that North Korea already
has two intercontinental
ballistic missiles carrying
huge nuclear payloads
that are operational.
But they're just still
telling the story
and playing the storyboard out.
And nothing
going to get sent up
anytime soon that I'm aware of.
But that could
change at any time
The Cabal is behind this and
are funding the entire country.

DAVID: Well, and Emery,
find it kind of interesting
that in the 1950s, we had
the Korean War, which is
North Korea versus South Korea.
And the way that was sold to
the American public at the time
was that you actually
have US versus USSR,
and it's a nuclear war.

SMITH: That's what it was.

DAVID: --that's taking
place in proxy at Korea.

SMITH: Right.

DAVID: So you're
kind of saying
that hasn't really changed.

SMITH: No, it has not
changed in all these years.
And what a horrific
war that was.

GOODE: The war's
never ended, officially.

That's why there's a
border there right now.
They're just taking a
little break with each other
unto someone needs to
utilize them to control
the world in a different way.

DAVID: Well, OK.
You and I grew up,
Emery, in the Cold War
threat of nuclear holocaust.
And we were taught the USSR
is this big bad nemesis.


DAVID: A lot of
insiders I've spoken
to have had a really different
view of what the USSR was.
And what would your
perspective be on that?

SMITH: Well, I think there's
a lot of communication confusion
and disinformation.
Yes, there was this
Cold War going on.
And then there was
other countries
that we had to start
worrying about.
And we weren't so bad after a
I mean, two countries,
America and USSR
Because other countries
started coming up
with these technologies that we
had to worry about and control,
OK, so let s just ho d off on
this Cold War for a little bit
while we o start all
these other little wars
and a so clean up
all these leaders
that may be a little
thinking abstract of taking
over the world.

GOODE. I think
most of it seen
a show, because for
we I over 50 years,
the Russians and Americans
have been cooperating in space
and working together and
building these space stations
and locations off
planet together.

SMITH: Yeah no, he
said, that was just
a little disinformation.
A lot of things
were going on back
then that we
couldn't know about.
And it shows today and in the
future, like you just said.
We e all working
together, and we
see there's more threats
out there than them
And this is what's going on.

DAVID: I want to bring
this up for both of you.
And that s, there's
very compelling research
about the idea that Wall
Street financed the Bolshevik
Revolution of 1917.
Wall Street financed communism.
Wall Street financed Lenin.
Wall Street financed Trotsky.
Wall Street financed Stalin.
This is a...

SMITH: Come on
The Rockefellers were
selling gas to the Germans
and us at the exact same time.
And we didn't get a discount.

GOODE: Well, us
having this conversation
shows how much it's
in the consciousness,
now, of the public.
I mean, if we're talking
about this openly,
mean, that gives
us a good idea
of why the last about nine or
10 months, the Cabal groups
have been rushing to all
their underground bases,
moving all of their
family and supplies.
One of the most advanced
ones is in Brazil,
and it s a super
advanced base that
has all the amenities
that the elite would want.
And they've been
pouring into that thing
like ants for a most a year.

SMITH: That's a good
place to have it for them.
Anything goes.

DAVID: I'd hear
from Pete Peterson
that there's a whole area
of Brazil that is basically
like an undeclared nation
owned by the Cabal.

GOODE: Africa, as well.
South Africa, parts of
have been handed over
to an off word group.
They don't even belong to
us anymore, officially.

DAVID: Emery we have
seen a show recent y
on History Channel
called "Hunting Hitler."
And it described an
extensive German presence
in South America where
these investigators were
going there and finding
corridors underground
in South America and
Argentina, Brazil
that had swastikas on
them and a whole resort
that's got a swastika pool
like this giant swastika
in the middle of a
big swimming pool.
Did you ever come into contact
with that sort of information?

SMITH: Yes, yes.
They were very busy beavers
back then, the Germans.
And they were setting
up these places
all around the world,
not just there, either
But it doesn't surprise me,
exactly what you just said.
And people are stumbling upon
these small and large bases
that the Germans built a
long time ago and just dumped
lots of lots of money and
many, many personnel for this
to happen and hiring locals
in these third world regions
to help do it and
then killing them.
So a lot of bad things are
happening, karmatically
with those bases being built or
these underground cities that
have been abandoned.

DAVID: When you
were in the programs,
did you get any
specific information
about the relationship
between Germany
and the secret space program
or advanced technology,
extraterrestrials, et cetera?

SMITH: Not while
on the program, no.

DAVID: So that
was not something
that they ever shared with you.


DAVID. Interesting.

SMITH: No, I learned
all about that after.

DAVID: But you have
mentioned, however,
a very enigmatic
experience that you
had that confirmed
something I d heard,
and that is some crashed
underground UFOs
So one of them is n this
area of South America.
In light of these
different crashes,
could you talk specifically
about the Ecuador and Costa
And I want to hear
what Corey has
to say as you bring that up.

SMITH: I recently
was at two sites t at
had a crashed
extraterrestrial craft that
went through the
crust of the Earth
or was trans-dimensionally
going through the Earth
and got stuck and crashed
in a large cavern.
And there's two
of them, actually
There's one in Costa Rica
and there's one in Ecuador.
And upon getting to this area
and getting down into this ho e
and walking a few
hundred feet is
this craft, completely intact
and operational , to an extent.

DAVID: What did it look like,
if you can-- what did you see?

SMITH: t was a disc
type, and more oval,
more egg shaped, but a disk.
So smash an egg, and
that's what you have.
And it has all this beautiful
flora and fauna growing
around it, all bioluminescent.
Even the ground is different.
Feels like you're
walking on memory foam.

DAVID: In the cave.

SMITH In the cave where
there's no light at all.
And all of this
stuff is emanating
a very interesting glow but not
like a beam of light at all.

GOODE: Right
A bioluminescent glow
Yeah, that barely lights.

SMITH: Barely.
But that much you could
actual y see some things.
And even the animals down
there were a little different.
mean. I remember
seeing these naked mole,
shrews-type beings that
were just scurrying around.
And they were glowing.

GOODE: They'd
been eating the...

SMITH: Right.

GOODE: Right.


SMITH: They were
genetically changing.

GOODE: From consuming the...

SMITH: The plants and
being around the c aft.
And they kept this
a very clean area,
which I was very proud of
them, for a very long time.
And what else can I tell you?

DAVID. Wei, if
you could tell us,
what would you see
on the surface?
How do you get n?
Is there an outpost?
Is there a little building?

SMITH: Well, it's actually
very deep in the jungle.
And you have to take just a
regular four-by-four there.
Nothing special.
There's no cool
jets or spacecraft
taking you there
or maglev tubes
That's for sure.
It's in a very
inhospitable area.
And once you get there,
it's about maybe 20 miles
from the nearest, let's
say, village or city.
So it's not inhabited
in this area.
It's actually a protected area.
So the government there
has set up a very nice,
effective, amazing perimeter
It's very unlikely
anything alive
could get through the perimeter.
And they have two
satellites just
for that area that monitor it.
And they have, of course,
the Costa Rican military
in conjunction with the
United States military there.
But the United States does
not have any ownership
or is allowed to really be
there to take the craft, which
is, I found, very interesting.
think the reason the
US government offered
the military security
there is just so they
could keep an eye on things.

DAVID: Well, now, you
said Costa Rican military.
Does the Costa Rican military
handle both Ecuador and Costa
Rica in this case?


DAVID Or does the Ecuadorian
military handle Ecuador?

SMITH: No. it's
completely separate.
And the one in Ecuador actually,
I think, is controlled by
it could be controlled
by the Cabal.
But it looks like a
civilian corporation
which pays the military
presence there to operate.

DAVID:˜ So you go
through the jungle
You drive all these miles.

SMITH: Right.
Then you hike about a mile.
And then they have a small
station set up there-- near t,
not at the entrance
And it looks like a
hole in the ground
about 25 feet in
diameter and full of just
plants and everything.
GOODE: Like a cenote,
kind of a cenote-looking.

SMITH: Yes, yes.

GOODE --sunken down area?

SMITH Right, sunken down
like a sinkhole in the ground.
And there's so much flora
and fauna around this
that it's never been
cleared, because they re
letting it grow.
And if you go down in it
and you get past the

DAVID: You walk in,
or you drive in, or...

SMITH: Well, you walk.
Actually, it's on a 45-degree
angle for about 25 feet.
And then there's a
small ladder-type thing
that goes down half way
to another little a ea.
But most y, everyone-- they
have these big conveyors
with these pallets.
It's very generic,
but it's very strong.
That's going to happen.
That lowers you
and raises you up,
and it could fit four
people on there with gear.
So they lower you down.
And then it's very
close to the surface


SMITH: And then once you
get past the area where
the light starts to diminish,
maybe 100 feet or so, then
you notice that the
ground looks different.
And its glistening.
And then it gets real y moist.
The humidity is even
more what t is,
which is 100%
humidity at the top.
So you get down there.
So you do have this
glowing mist, fog,
that's all over the p ace.
But it's not spooky
like you see in Halloween
and in the "Thriller' video.
It's just a small
you can see through the mist
is what I'm saying, the cloud.
And it stays about within
a foot of the ground
And once you get up
in there, then you
might see some animals.
You might see some bats.
And you might see
some other creatures
that we have on Earth.
But they are   look
very different .
They are different color.
They're iridescent,
and they glow.
And they're actually friendly.

DAVID: What was the
size of the craft compared
to the overall size of the cave?

SMITH: The cave
was not too large.
It was maybe 75, 80 feet
at its largest width
down to the smallest
width is around 35 feet.
And then the entrance
is around 20, 25 feet
So t varies in a
type of cone shape,
where it gets larger and
smaller, larger and smaller.

DAVID: If there
are caves like this
that would have these weird
animals and plants n them
and you could just walk into
it, then why haven't they
appeared other
places that people
have found and documented
in scientific journals?

SMITH: Right.
This is the interesting thing.
This craft is somehow emanating
some sort of atmosphere
ins de the cave where
these beings do not
want to leave past a certain
sphere of energy, which they
measure to be about 120 feet.
So it's just putting
that energy right up
to almost the entrance of this
cavern, within 50 to 80 feet.


SMITH: So what is going on is
because of this field of energy
that they're measuring
that is up regulating
all the cells of all the plants
and all the animals in a very
they're all very healthy, too.
And they're growing.
The plants that are there are
native to the actual cave.
But the plants are out of
that energetic field are
a lot smaller and they don't
have the same nutrient factor
at all.
And even the animals there are
showing now, through testing
which just recently found out
that I couldn't share earlier,
was that they are
very healthy, too.
And they have even longer
nails and longer hair,
and they're a little bit
larger than the normal species
of animals that
are usually located
in this part of
the cave, including
the insects and the worms and
the amphibians that make it
down there.
So it's a very dynamic
ecosystem that this craft
has created because of
the energy that it emits.

DAVID: What is the difference,
then, between the Ecuador site
and the Costa Rica site?
s it the same kind of
squashed egg-shaped craft?

SMITH: Yes, it's very similar.
The craft is a
little bit different.
But for the sake
of explaining it,
it really has the same effect
on the animals and the mammals
and amphibians that are in
there and the plant life
And it looks like two.
think they took some
sort of way to-- they
were measuring how
long it's been there.
And one of them is actually
a little bit more recent
than the other.
So these craft have definitely
recently crashed there
in the last 30 to 40 years.

DAVID: Oh, wow.

SMITH: And maybe
even more recent.
And archaeologists
are finding all
through South America
and Central Aimer ca
all the way down to Peru.
They're starting to go
through these caves systems,
now, looking for crafts


SMITH: --and looking
for different species.
Because it's getting
out in the village
and the local populate on down
there that these things exist.
And now, you have the birth
of these treasure hunters
and pirates and these
people that are smuggling
a lot of this stuff out.
So I was just
informed down in Peru
that this is
happening, that they re
pillaging some of this stuff.
They're getting in
past the security
And the security is
actually part of this group
of pirates and these people.
The government hasn't
taken over that one yet.

DAVID: That is
really interesting,
because this other
insider that I've
called Bruce had said that
there was a lot of amazement
about the similarities between
what is in the Antarctica
and what was in Ecuador.

SMITH: Right.
And that s why they are in
control of this site, too

DAVID: Really?

interested to see
number one, physically
see and record
and bring something
back to the public
of what's going on there.
We even have
satellites that we're
chartering for this
mission and everything
so they can follow
us and people will
be able to follow us and kind of
make it pub c what we're doing
and see us.
So that's another aspect
to this is safety.
And the safety thing s putting
us on hold for a little bit.

DAVID: What's the
safety concern, exactly?

SMITH. Well, anytime you
bring n an outside group
and of course, they
know we're filming
it's going to be limited to
what we can see if just
went down there with a team.

DAVID: Right.

SMITH. So as
listener, I would rather
have some photographic
evidence or some video
rather than listen to someone
just tell a story about it.
Because it's nice to have
some tangible things.
And I'm also working with
the Ecuador an, Costa Rican
scientific team into maybe
possibly getting something out
of that cave to bring back,
which is very difficult to do
because of customs
and everything else.
It's not like we're in
the projects anymore,
where you're in charge of
billion dollar equipment
and transportation and can
do pretty much anything
you want to sign off on,
get the boss to sign off on.

DAVID: Corey if we're seeing,
like on "Hunting Hitler,"
these Germans making pretty
elaborate underground
and above ground stations
in South America,
do you think they might
found something   there
that was interesting for them?

GOODE: Absolutely.
They've found craft, like
he's discussed, that
I mean, there are a
large number of craft
that are fairly ancient
that have crashed on Earth
and are under the ground.
So they've discovered
those types of things.
They've discovered
ancient pre-Adamite bases
or deep underground
facilities that
have been long since abandoned
And they found how to travel
through the rift system that
goes from North America all the
way down to Antarctica that's
very deep.
It's a rift system that is
filled with water that they
travel up and down in
electromagnetic propulsed
submarines that are huge.
They're the size of
a container ship.
They carry containers
inside of them.
I saw them unloading from
one of these submarines.

DAVID: Does that
sound familiar to you?

SMITH: Yes, yes.
know about-- because it
goes under Nazca, Peru, there,
and they stumbled
upon that accidentally
using some sort of
radar or something.
And there are these
large [LAUGHS]
submarines using this aquifer
rift highway, I'll say.

GOODE: It's huge.

SMITH: And it does.
It goes all the way down
south to Antarctica.

DAVID: Well, Emery, in
light of what Corey was saying
with crashed UFOs
being found there
what information do
you have specifically
about such crashed craft?

SMITH: Well, there's a
couple of different places
on the planet that I'm aware
of like Costa Rica, Ecuador,
Antarctica, and now I
was just informed of,
in Peru, one that I'm
scheduled to investigate
in a couple of months.
GOODE: Yeah I've
heard about that for
I've heard about it for a while.

SMITH: Right.

GOODE: Yeah.

SMITH: There's a
little war going on
of who's going to own that,
the three tunnels that actually
go to it.
But what they
didn't realize, it's
huge tunneling system
that goes all the way
to South America through the
rock, though, not the aquifer.
And that s a whole other thing.
That's part of a more
older ancient way
of travel these
giant lava tubes that
go all over the place from
that pass through
Nazca, Peru, where
the g ant craft s underground.
And people are conning out of
the walls in suspended animation
and many, many, many artifacts.

GOODE: Yeah.
And in Antarctica, they have a
spaceport that was originally
built by the Nazis.
But then it was
handed over to the ICC
later on as a part of some
of the deals that they made.
And it's one of the main
MIC, SSP ports right now.
There's also one that 1
was told was in Brazil
but I haven't heard any
details other than that.

DAVID: Interesting.
Well, Corey, why do you
think right now that there's
this mass exodus of
Cabal people going
to these various underground
and off-planet facilities?

GOODE: Well we' re on a
different timeline than the one
that they had been hoping for.
We are in a
timeline, now, of all
of this stuff being revealed.
All of the horrible
things that they've done,
the crimes against humanity,
are going to be revealed.
And they're on the run.
They know that the
FEMA camps they built
are now where they're
going to reside.
So they think that they can
go underground, close the id,
and live out their lives
until things go chaotic
on the surface and then
come back and take over.

DAVID: Some people would
feel like we shouldn't allow
them to, quote
unquote, "run away,
that if they leave or
go to these places,
we'll never see them again.
We'll never be able to get them.

Some people think they're
paying for their own prison.
But the technology that we have,
there is nowhere on the earth
that they can hide

DAVID: What about
the solar system?
GOODE: The solar system
there's nowhere they can hide.
f these people found a way to
get into restricted areas that
are now co trolled by the
Alliance that gave them access
to the portal system,
they may make it
through the portal system.
But they're going to be on the
run for the rest of the lives.
They have the ability to track
portal travel by the energy
resistance output
from the portal.
They can tell how
far you traveled
And they've got
it all worked out.

SMITH They basically,
just so you know,
also are not only
running from us.
But the extraterrestrials
beyond the system
also are aware of them.
And let's just say there's a big
reward for bringing them back
to US
So they can go nowhere
and not be found.
mean, they are honestly
not that advanced compared
to what we have, as
well, and what we
are sharing with
other civilizations.
So we have this upper hand.
It's just we're not using it
yet until  we get all the facts
and have everything
put in the right place
But looks like we're right
there because now they're
running, which is a great thing.

We have a few more
battles ahead of us
but it is very apparent
that we've won the war.

SMITH: Absolutely.

GOODE: Won our freedom

DAVID: Well, in the
Hero's Journey sense,
the dragon that the hero
has to slay is sitting
on this gigantic mound of go d
What is the mound of gold?

SMITH: Well, it's just
abundance is what they're
trying to, I think, show.
Maybe there'
something else to that.

DAVID: What would we
get once they re defeated?

SMITH: Well we
have abundance.
We have free water food,
clothing for everyone
around the world.
know that's something normal.
We all just dress
up here n the US
But we are looking
worldwide here,
and planet wide, where
everything changes.

GOODE: And no more hunger.

SMITH: No more hunger.
And just like here
on Earth, it affects
all the other dimensions
and all the other worlds.

DAVID: Wait a minute.
You're genocidal.
You're trying to set
population bomb.
People are going
to breed like rats.
This is what they say,
right, in these programs.
They're going to breed
and breed, and how
dare you let that happen?
GOODE: We I, then we
start moving off world.

SMITH: Well, with
this technology,
and Corey knows this
very well, we will.
We'll be in space.
We'll finally be able
to be in space for free.

DAVID: That's what
drives me crazy.

GOODE: And we can sustain
as many people on the planet
as we wanted.

SMITH: Right.
It wouldn't take
very long, either.
There's a lot of
these p aces, too
like on the other
planets and the moon.
There's already installations
and things set up.
And to bring people to
space once this is disclosed
and all the technology
comes out and is controlled
in a safe manner, it's
going to be unlimited
of what you want to do
and where you want to go.
Because you're not
going to be worried
about working to pay that
electric bill tomorrow.

DAVID: I would
a so just point out
that any t me you allow
a country to develop,
they quickly reach zero
population growth or even
negative population
growth, because they
don t need to have
lots of children
n order to survive anymore.
So you have worriers
who are skilled,
who might not be as interested
in building families
anymore, because they're out
doing their jobs and stuff.
SMITH: Yeah.
They chase their passions now.
Everything changes in
yourself when you get
to do something that you love.

DAVID: And another point
is the whole discussion
of overpopulation
that the Cabal uses
as an excuse is a completely
manufactured reality, right?

SMITH: Right.

DAVID: Corey, do
you feel that's true7
I mean what do you think
about the space facilities?
Do we have enough
room for a population?

GOODE: We don't need,
really, more room.
It has to do with
sustaining the planet
and not using up all
the natural resources.
And we have the
technology to not
have to use the natural
resources hardly at all.

SMITH: Right.

GOODE: --and have an
effect on the biosphere.
So we could have twice the
people on the planet we do now
and have a tenth of
the carbon footprint.

SMITH: Right, or the imprint.

DAVID: Well, I had
one insider tell me
that we could have
20 billion people
live n the Amazon
River Basin alone
with the resources
the planet has.
A planet like Earth
could potentially
sustain far more people
than we have comfortably.
Do you agree with that?

GOODE: Absolutely.

SMITH: And don't forget,
too, the technologies
that come along with all
this free energy and water
and whatnot.
Also, we get to
clean up the oceans,
all this trash out there in
the Pacific floating around
and the oil spills and whatnot.
That could be done in two
days with this technology.

GOODE: Absolutely.

DAVID: Well, this
is really hopeful.
And I want to thank both
of you for being here.
This is Cosmic Disclosure,"
and we thank you for watching.
Coming this season
on "Cosmic Disclosure,
where people share their
clandestine involvement with
government agencies
the military
and secret space programs.
One of the most interesting
things we retrieved was
a reptilian-like arm on
a 10-foot piece of meta
which we later figured
out this was a weapon.
Not here, for sure.
Part of the training involves
using a neutrally operated
convertible hang glider.
People are standing
up to the Cabal.
Corporations are breaking away.
Like, 160 countries
have stood up to them.
I mean, it's the most
beautiful thing ever.

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расшифровка на английском, прилагается файл субтитров и сам текст
видео с субтитрами на ютубе


to "Cosmic Disclosure."
I'm your host George Noory,
and I'm  with Emery smith
Disinformation-- it's used
daily with the public,
but also within secret programs
Emery, welcome back.

for having me. George.

GEORGE: I mean, these
disinformation programs
specifically, what are they?
disinformation program
is run constantly all the
time through the military,
in the public's eye, and also
in compartmentalized projects,
especially when it has
to do with intelligence,
and things that are trying to
hide from other compartments.
So one of the first
times I was ever
introduced to disinformation
it was actually
told to me that all
of the beings that I worked on
about 3% of them will be fake.
And that I will not know
what s and what isn't.
And I'm not allowed to ask that
either, if this is a fake one.
And that's just
thrown in there to see
if you re going to be
keeping your mouth shut
and to monitor other people
that are in the projects to see.
You might come and look
at a craft, let's say.
And they might put
something on the craft that
doesn't fit in just right,
just to see how you're going
to react to it with everyone.
Even though you're not part
of that exact piece of craft,
just to see the response, to
listen to you at the cafeteria,
to listen to you on your phone
calls and things like this.
So disinformation is
actually part of the contract
that you sign when
you're down in there,
that you're not
getting disinformation,
but you will be exposed to it.

GEORGE: Do they ever
try to correct it?

SMITH: Well not
so much correct it
They don't ever tell
you what they did
A good example of this is -- this
happens a lot and I've heard it
not only through myself, but
many of my colleagues working
in this under round facility,
where you II see a being maybe
10 meters away or a little bit
more where it's just out of it.

GEORGE: Just far enough
SMITH: Just far enough.

GEORGE: --away, right?

SMITH: Like two
security guards
walking a reptilian-looking
creature through the hallway
and making it very obvious.

GEORGE. It could be somebody
in a costume to trick you?

SMITH. Right.
And this s just in case.
f you do defect
when you get out,
or you do things like
this that people
aren't going to believe you.
They want you to
seem a little kooky.
They want to see if you re
going to take this route,
and make a book about it,
and explain what you saw,
and if you're going to
share that information
with other countries, and
agencies and things like this.
Because you're
always followed when
you get out of these projects
for about 25, 30 years.
And you do get visits
every now and then,
just to let you know
that they are watching,
and that you haven't
messed up too much.
And never say anything that's
going to endanger the public,
or myself, or you, for
instance, or the organizations
that I work with right now.
A lot of the stuff that I
talk about, believe it or not,
it's kind of old school, old
knowledge from the late '80s
and early '90s
So they're more upset
about me talking about ways
to cure yourself or ways
to create free energy,
than me talking about
extraterrestrials whatsoever.

GEORGE: Are these
disinformation programs
also aimed at the public?

SMITH: Absolutely.
A lot of the things
like for instance,
the Roswell crash.
The Roswell crash was a
great example of that.
First, you had the honest
to God truth come out
about a I the documentation
and then following up,
oh, weather balloon.
All these things are there
to mislead the public.
GEORGE: They're
dummies right?

SMITH: Yeah.
And that s what it's  --  there's
people actual y hired on these
specific, compartmentalized
projects to write things up
and to leave files around to see
if you're going to go open it,
and look at it, or look
it up on the computer,
and read something that's
actually completely fake.

GEORGE: Why do they have
these disinformation programs?
Is it primarily to distort
the fact from the truth?

SMITH: Not necessarily
Most of the time it's for
intelligence and security
of the people, all the
employees, and everyone
working for them.

don t trust anyone.

SMITH. They don't
no one trusts no one.
So they do that as far as
keeping everyone in check.
And at the same time,
a lot of these stories
actually leak out to the media
or to the public by choice.
They allow this
stuff to slip out
They allow this person
to have this file
And then this person
five years later
releases t to someone else.
And then they make it
into a world known,
because it has the seal of
the United States Army on it.

Of course.

SMITH: And hate to say that
But there's a lot of
paperwork out there
that I know my colleagues
have had in the past
may or may not be real.
It's really hard to decipher
what's and what isn't.
Because it might be a real
document with a seal on it,
but it might not
be the real letter.
It might be a staged event.

GEORGE: Gosh, they
go to all this extreme?


GEORGE: Who comes up
with these programs?
Who develops these?

SMITH: Wei, they have
actually organizations
that are specifically
hired and contracted out
to write storylines
and think way ahead
into the future, George.
Not just like, oh, well,
we want this message
to go out next month.
I'm talking 5, 10. 15,
20 years, that they
have just an amazing
amount of disinformation
ready to be distributed, not
only amongst the military
itself, amongst
their commanders,
but to the general
public as well.

GEORGE: Is it propaganda?

SMITH: Well, it is
propaganda in a way,
because a lot of
these things- maybe
the need to fight an unknown
terrorist to make money
for a lot of these
Or maybe they need to
go to war for something.
Or maybe they need to p an
on a fake space nvasion,
or an asteroid may be coming.
So we need money to
go up there and build
these special satellites with
missiles on them, let's say,
when we a ready have
all that stuff up there.
It's just a way to shift the
general public's attention,
because there's really
something really serious
going on down here
And we don't want no
one to know about that.

GEORGE: Would you call
that today's fake news
this disinformation?

SMITH: Yeah.
I mean this is definitely
the fake news of the planet.
It's not just here.
It's all over.
I mean, look what happened
with The Disclosure Project.
And a few months later,
they take the towers down.
So it's a shift
of, whoa, we can't
have the astronauts
on this world press,
the world's largest watch
press movement talking
about this stuff,
because now we're going
to have to answer to this.
So let's get the timeline
up on this other project
and get everyone shifted
into being Americans
and saving the world
against terrorists.
So it's a I this shifting of
your attention to something
that's really, really important.
The world's biggest
story is going on,
but we don't want you to
know about that just yet.

GEORGE: It's like the
sleight of hand, isn't it?

SMITH: Absolutely.
GEORGE: Have you been used in
these kinds of disinformation

SMITH: I've never been used.
My stories that I tell you
are exactly how I see them.
Exactly how was involved
with these corporations
and the government
No one has ever approached me
to say this, that, or the other.
I mean, I am a solo renegade

GEORGE: But you've been
 --in these programs?
SMITH: Not the
disinformation programs.
I worked in programs where
they had disinformants
there to make sure

GEORGE: And you knew that?

Yes, I definite y knew that
They even came forward on a
couple contracts and said,
you will have disinformed
information for security
and intelligence reasons.

GEORGE: How did
you feel about that?

SMITH: It was fine
Because even though
I've operated
on beings and maybe 3%
of them were definitely
not what they supposedly
were, the rest of the 97%
is pretty amazing.

GEORGE: Was there somebody
specifically involved
with these people that they
planted for disinformationЧі?
One would call them
handlers, for example?

SMITH: Not that I'm aware of.
I never was assigned a
person to watch over me.
I have, right now,
scientific advisors,
and military advisors,
and instructors
that I worked with a long time
ago that are still my friends.
And I just have the
utmost respect for them.
And they kind of say,
hey, Emery, maybe you
shouldn't talk about this,
or that, or the other
But they're all looking out
for my best interest and also
my safety.

GEORGE: Is disinformation
healthy and important?

SMITH: don't see a positive
thing about this information,
unless it has to do with
keeping the intelligence
of some sort of item that
could be used against us.
think that would be the
only beneficial thing
Because it's better to be
truthful about --  to the public,
especial y, about what's
really going on out there.
But f you're using it for your
own benefit and to dumb down
the public, then think it's
like the most horrible thing
you could do to a civilization,
by suppressing them and holding
them up.
I mean, look at Tesla
and Stubblefield
since 1899 and how they were
attacked and suppressed.
By now, we should already
have our flying cars,
anti-gravitic devices,
and our zero-point energy
devices for everyone.

GEORGE: Well, it's almost
like we have companies
within the programs to develop
these kinds of disinformation

SMITH: Well, it's about
money, and it's about ego,
and it's about control.
They want to protect their
intellectual properties.
They want to protect
the r secret devices,
whether it's aircraft, or a
healing device, or whatnot.
So these corporations are also
like you said, within them
they have disinformation just
for the employees, just so
no one steps out of line.
And it's sad.
Because sometimes
these employees
will get this
information, report it
to the public which they
didn't really want to happen
They didn't know that
was going to happen.
And then t sets off a trigger
This s like the
ticking time bomb
And then that information
gets over to another country
And now, people
are hiring people
to kill people to get
this information


SMITH: --when the
information doesn't even exist
or the device.

GEORGE: Take this
with ail due respect
but how do we know you're
not a disinformation guy'?
How do we know that?

SMITH: Well, the only way
I can say is to 00k at me,
check all my credentials.
I'm the only person that
came up here with credentials
from the colonels and captains.
and I have my DD Form 214.
I'm probably one of
the only insiders that
actually came
forward with hundreds
of papers, which Gaia has--
which Gaia has--
of papers, which Gaia has
I've been checked out recently.
Michael Salla just did a
huge background check on me,
which I was really nervous.

GEORGE: And he's
very thorough.

SMITH: He was
very thorough on me.
He flew in from
Hawaii-- did this
he took me out to dinner.
was really nervous.
And I brought a I my paperwork.
And he wasn't even
prepared for that.
And he's taking pictures of
every certificate I have.
And he went beyond that.
And once he left, he actually
went to Stanford University
and went to Harvard University
contacted the physicians there
that I had helped develop a lot
of my patents with and stuff
And these people all
spoke very highly of me.
They said, yeah, this
s the real Emery Smith
He did develop these devices
was part of ail these
medical testings of curing
these things and those things
And then he was
also investigated
at Kirtland Air Force Base and
other military installations.
And all my commanders have
given me the highest regards.
And so he wrote a big
paper on that, which that
helps the public understand.

GEORGE: Absolutely.
That makes them comfortable.

SMITH: I'm going
to tell the public.
As I'm talking to
you, you really
can't believe
anything anyone says
You can't believe
anything you read.
You can't believe
anything you see
And I know this because I
know the satellites that
can project something
right here with a shadow
and reflect light.
And you will honest to
God think that's real,
because we use our senses.

You have in the past said that
there was information that you
were author zed to disclose
Who gave you that permission?

SMITH: Well, I'm still...

GEORGE: Can you tell us?

SMITH: I was under NDAs with
corporations, not the military
The military--1 just knew
what I could and could not
say for an amount of time.
So no one actually called.
I just waited a good 20
years for this to go by.
And I know what I
can and cannot say.
And in time there's going to
be more and more information
I'm still here talking
you guys every week,
trying to get this
information out,
trying to educate the
public that there's
a lot РґРѕ РїРґ on that can help the
word and clean up t e planet.
And that's my main goal.
I'm not here for anything
else, but actually
to clean up the planet, and
^try to get the beat on ail
these diseases around the
world, and stop the hunger,
and stop all the killing.
Because we're not
going to get anywhere.
And the planet's getting
really upset with us.
So my main goal is not
about telling the world,
oh well, there's these
secret bases and ETs exist.
Yeah, that's true.
think everyone
already knows that.

GEORGE: That's out there

SMITH: But that has to do
with the technologies they
are suppressing that we
need to he p each other
and help the world.
Because if we had all
these technologies,
we wouldn't need
gas, coal, and 01.
We wouldn't be
fighting each other.
We'd be more as a
conscious collective trying
to help the planet
and help each other
And that's where I'm trying to
shift this, just in education

GEORGE: But who authorized
you to disclose this?

SMITH: There is no
authorization for me.

individual from above?

SMITH: No individual
ever came to me
I just knew what I could and
could not say since day one
and I'm doing it.
There was never a phone call
from a corporation that says,
oh, well, you can do this.
I never had a call from my
ex-commander saying da, da, da,
da, da.

GEORGE: But what if
you said the wrong thing7
Who would come down on you?

SMITH I would not know.
But you guys would know,
because I'd be dead.

GEORGE: It could
be that serious?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely.

GEORGE: If you
said the wrong thing?

SMITH: Well if I
said the wrong thing
and maybe slipped
up a couple times,
ГП get a slap on the hand.
And who's slapping
me on the hand?
Well, they might take
a family member's life,
my best friend's life maybe my
dog, just as a little message.
And I was working
on some things.
And maybe I was
saying some things
shouldn't have been,
not on TV, by the way.
Just on the phone
with other colleagues.
And they sure did
come down on me.

GEORGE: Do you know
who they might be?

SMITH: It's definitely a
clandestine, major corporation
that has intellectual
property I might be affecting.

GEORGE: It sounds like
you know who they are
and for obvious reasons,
you can t disclose.

SMITH: They're a
very large entity,
and it's made up of major
corporations all over.
I don't know specifically
who they are.
But just know that
they're out there
because have been warned.
I have had text messages
and phone calls.

GEORGE: They mean business.

SMITH: And things were
they're calling me up.
I mean one t me they drove
by my house in a white van.
The two guys in tactical outfits
got out, waved their MP5s at me
and just pointed at me.
And then I knew I might
have did something,
or said something to
someone I shouldn't have.

GEORGE: Were they wearing
masks or anything like that?

SMITH: Oh, yes.

GEORGE: Oh they were?


wanted you to know
that if you stepped
outside of the boundaries,
they know where you live.

SMITH: Oh, they do.
There's no hiding
from any of these.
You cannot hide
from these things.

GEORGE: Emery, on previous
Cosmic Disclosure ' shows,
you've talked a lot about ETs
and what's happening there.
Are they trying to
give us disinformation
about the
extraterrestrial presence?
Are they trying to hide that?

SMITH: They're not trying
to give disinformation so much
as not giving the information
of their existence
All the countries have released
all their documents for UFOs,
but no one talks about it.
Only in the United
States of America
have not yet
released everything.
wonder why.

GEORGE: Because there's too
many good things to release,

SMITH: Well, that's
why we need everyone
to go out and find
out for themselves.
Don't believe n
what I'm saying.
I'm not here to convince
anybody of all the stuff I've
been through.
I'm here to expose
a couple of things,
so we can work together
in a scientific community,
to develop these things
without the government
and get it out to the world
to help heal the world.

GEORGE: What about
false flag programs tied
into ETs and things like that?
Have they set us up with
different kinds of false flags?

SMITH: Well, I
think by looking
online at a lot of
certain other countries.
Or it could be our
country writing a paper
writing a letter
in Bolivia saying
or showing a video of an
extraterrestrial tied up
and being interviewed.
These are disinformation
They would not really
allow that to happen.
Or it would be taken off
within the first hour
of it being downloaded.
GEORGE: And they're
great campaigns.
They are successful
doing what they're doing.

SMITH: Sure.
I mean, it's exciting news
to see something like that.
It's intriguing.
And it affects the
general population
into what they believe in.
The best way to do it
is in broad daylight
by just making
movie and giving you
that idea these things
got 10 tentacles.
And they're going to come lay
an egg in your sinus cavity.
So that's been going
on since day one,
and that's the
easiest, best way.
It's right in front of
you-- the disinformation.
All the stuff that they're
doing to try to control us
is right in front of you.
And they do it
through the media.
They do it through movies.
They do it through TV shows.
But the good thing is a
lot of people know that.
And a lot of people
it actually opens you
up a little bit more,
too, in accepting different
races and different people
from around the un verse if
something were to come out.
But the bad thing
is to say that this
is going to be a very
evil agenda they know.
GEORGE: How does the
public know the difference
between the real thing
and the false thing,
where it looks authentic
or maybe it's not?
How do we know this?

SMITH That is the most
diff cult thing to decipher.
Usually when a really
authentic video comes out
and they didn't
catch it in time,
it'll be chased by a
bunch of other fake videos
that they'd disinform
the public about
or showing a similarity
to this specific video.
And that's what
throws everyone off.
Because then you're saying,
oh, well, these five
are already proven fake.
So this one must be fake.
It's so similar.

GEORGE: But it's the
real one, probably.

SMITH: And it's the
real thing going on.
And this happens a lot
all around the world,
usually in other
countries, because they
can get it uploaded faster
than we can here in the US
without it being taken off.

GEORGE: What has technology
done to disinformation?
Because now. you can
do incredible things
with video editing,
with audio editing,
with computer graphics.
You can do all kinds of
things to distort people.

SMITH: Exactly
How can you trust
any video where
I could take a picture
with a friend of mine
and make t look like you?
Or have a video
shot where it looks
like you and I were
having dinner somewhere
and talking and
verbalizing secrets.

GEORGE: And even putting
words into our mouth.

SMITH: Exactly.
So it's gone to a whole
linear effect of negativity,
because you can't
trust anything anymore.
It's really hard to do that.
And the best thing
is getting people
behind it - witnesses
that can come public
and say yes, this
is what happened.
I took this video
Here's all the people around me.
For instance, on one
of my CE-5s there
was a light being in front
of me-- a very small being.
One of the most world-famous
civilian pictures that I took.
And luckily, there
was people there.
So when took everyone's
name down, just
to make sure we have the proper
authorization to show something
like this and say, hey. it's
not me shooting a video,
or a picture saying,
oh, well, I saw it.

GEORGE: Exactly.

SMITH: Well, I wasn't
the only one who saw t.
There was other witnesses.
So when these massive
events happen around
the planet in Mexico
City, over Washington, DC,
and t gets filmed, and there's
a mass group of individuals
looking at this, I think that
really helps tell the public,
OK, well, even if 90% of
all these or 95   or 99%
of a I these videos on YouTube
are fakes, even if 1 /0 is real,
it's pretty amazing stuff.
So I think the
public really needs
to decipher that on
their own, and doing
their own investigations and
looking at these technologies,
because you can
fake anything now.
GEORGE: The late Roger
Leir was an expert in alien
or some kind of implant
removal from people.
He was convinced that
the imp ants were
of some extraterrestrial
measures put in people
for tracking and other reasons
Have you looked at the
alien implant phenomenon'?

SMITH: I don't get into
the alien implant phenomena.
have removed a lot
of debris and things.
A lot of people have
metal in their body.
I don't know how they really got
there which they do give off
energy and frequency.

GEORGE. So you're saying
those could be natural?

SMITH: I think they
are natural phenomena.
But I can't say that
I've done more than just
over a few hundred
of these procedures.
But I've never
seen anything that
would relate to it of someone
p acing it now into the body,
or another being, or t being
actually put into the body.

GEORGE: You don't think it
could be done by governments
to track people or...

SMITH: Absolutely.

GEORGE: --do something?
That's a possibility.

SMITH: That can
definitely be done.
They have a higher type of
technology for that, though.
Scars are different.
If you see very odd scars on
the body that don t make sense,
they've been inoculated.

GEORGE: And they're   kind
of welt looking, right?

SMITH Not that they have
a welt, but an actual scar,
or a bruise or
something that doesn't
look-Цѕ that's in a
specific shape let's say.
These people have
been inoculated.
mean, they can get
inoculated just walking.

GEORGE: Really?

SMITH Amazing things.

GEORGE: Do they have
to brush against you?

SMITH: They could
just brush against you.
You wouldn't even know it.

GEORGE: Like a bump?

SMITH There's just a bump.
And this has happened
to myself and my team
just this past six months.
And I was contaminated
at the airport in Denver.

GEORGE: Did you
get sick there?

SMITH: I didn't
get sick, but I
did have to take very
serious precautionary methods
through some special physicians
to help get this stuff out
of my body.

GEORGE: How did
they get it into you?

SMITH: They bumped into me.
Three guys in sweatshirts
bumped into me.

GEORGE: Three different bumps?

SMITH: Oh, yeah
three different bumps.
I don't think they got
me the first two times
But I didn't think about t,
because it was really crowded.

GEORGE: At the airport?

SMITH: Right.
And it wasn't till a couple
of my close friends when I was
in m T-shirt said, hey, what's
that weird circle with a dot
in the middle.

GEORGE: On your
arm or something?

SMITH: --and with
0 dots around it?
Yeah, I have pictures of it.
And it showed this inoculation
And I know what that was.
And I was like, oh, they got me.

GEORGE: Did you feel it?

SMITH: No, did not feel it.
It happened so fast that
and it's done with such
a very small device.
The imprint is about the
size of a dime with a...

GEORGE: And what
would the intent
be, Emery, of doing this to you?

SMITH: I believe it was just
for tracking, because I've
been going a lot off
the grid lately and not
carrying my phone with me.
And it gets them nervous.
I don't think they were
trying to kill me or anything,
but the existence of these
these nanomites were
proven and detected.
So I had to go
through a little bit
of a special detox-type
program that we have.
And it was all fixed
within about 48 hours.
GEORGE: They've
appeared at your doorstep.
They've appeared at
airports threatening you.
Why do they continue to
let you say what you say?

SMITH: I'm not saying anything
that someone else actually
may or may not have leaked out,
even though the public doesn't
know about it.
They are not really
worried about me
talking about extraterrestrials
talking about my experience
in underground facilities.
They are upset about me
moving forward, talking
about future technologies before
it's the right time, which
I can understand a little bit.
Because a lot of
these technologies
Could be used not for the
betterment of mankind,
so we have to be very safe.
But I still need to
educate people about that.
Yeah, we have these answers, OK?
And they're trying to
be slow on releasing.
They don't want the
iPhone 20 out right now.
They want t to slowly
release these cures
and release these devices
and the information
But since I've come
forward, there's
been 15. 20 different
devices that
have come out since
November, because I just
slipped a little bit about
the information about it.
And the corporations
now are all over the Ps
trying to get these things out.
So they're listening
to these shows.
And they're  listening
to what I m saying.
And they're kind
of sick of it, too,
because they have
someone over them,
making sure this doesn't happen.
But when someone like me
comes along and starts
talking about it, well, then
they have to do something.
And they are either going
to have to make money off it
or completely bury it.
And they rather make
some money off it
and release- say,
well, yeah, what
he said about this-  there's
a little bit of truth
behind it with science.
So they're upset.
The attacks are coming at
me because, really, it's
more about that than it
is with the ET stuff.
They don't care whether
people believe ETs exists
or not, because there s no
money in talking about ETs.

GEORGE. They're concerned
about planetary issues that
affect their pocketbook.

SMITH: Exactly.

GEORGE What keeps pushing
you, Emery, to tell the public
about disinformation?!

SMITH: Well, what
drives me is the fact
that I was involved
with technologies
that needed to come out.
And they're suppressing
with disinformation, saying
they can't ma e this technology
et, oh, we can't do this yet.
That's impossible.
It's what's he talking about?
Zero energy devices.
I mean, we're so far away
from that, but we're not.
We're so more
advanced than this.
And since I know
the truth, I want
to expose that truth
for these technologies
to get out and help
clean up the planet
and help c re the world
of disease and famine,
and get clean, potable
water to the world.
People are just waiting to
have fresh water for God sakes.
So its these things that drive
me to come here and s t next
to you and educate the world.
Because I'm not the
only scientist out there
that can do this.
There's hundreds of thousands
of amazing, bright people that
have come to me with the
most amazing inventions that
just blow my mind.
But at the same
time, they're so
they're scared to come
forward, which I understand.

GEORGE: You've got
the guts to do it.

SMITH: And I'll do it.
I'll speak for you.
I'll get up here.
Everyone knows
I'm coming out here.
And I'm going to
represent you guys.
And you don't have to do it
if you're not comfortable yet.
And I've recently--just have
a few scientists come forward
and some more insiders making
preparations for their families
to come forward and
talk to you and I.
So it 's affecting people
what we're doing here and
talking about it, because it
puts it out into the ether.
And it makes these
scientists fee
a little bit more comfortable.
And I'm still here.
And I'm still here.
So let's do this.
Let's do it together
and let's get it out.

GEORGE: I consider
you a patriot.

SMITH. Well, thank you.

GEORGE: I was at an
event a couple months ago
and a couple came up to me.
And they said, what do
you think of Emery Smith?
And I had already interviewed
you on ' Beyond Belief on Gaia
And I said, I think
he's the real deal.
He's got more guts
than most humans,
because he is putting
his neck on the line
At any moment, that neck
could be chopped off.
But there's nothing that
would stop you, is there?

SMITH: They've taken
everything from me, George.
I've been shot, stabbed,
tortured, kidnapped.
I mean, 'm not going anywhere.
They know it.
So I'm here
And I m going to keep
going as long as I can.
And thanks to viewers that
you have and that Gaia has
and other individuals
who stand by me.
It motivates me to keep going
And I have nothing
to lose anymore.
I don't have anything.
So I'm here to represent
those people that
do have the fear,
because I have no fear.
And I am not stopping.

GEORGE: As you know,
Emery, "Cosmic Disclosure"
is continuing with special
guest hosts and new insiders
as well as continuing to
tell your story, that very
important story.
As a regular to the show,
do you have more information
to tell the world?

SMITH: I have a lot
to tell the word,
so I'm glad to be here and be
able to express the things that
have happened to me
and the things that
are coming for the world.

GEORGE: Quite a
hero, my friend.
Quite a hero.

SMITH: Thank you.

GEORGE: We here at
Gaia are committed
to revealing the truth.
Please contact us
through our private email
Please contact us
through our private email
If you've been involved in
these types of secret programs
and are ready to tell the truth.
and are ready to tell the truth.
I'm George Noory and thank
you for watching this episode
of "Cosmic Disclosure.'
And stick around
Believe me, we are
just getting started.
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Новая - четвертая - серия 12 сезона Космического Раскрытия с Нури и Смитом, без Уилкока
Межпространственные световые существа

GEORGE NOORY: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, George Noory, and I'm here with Emery Smith. Interdimensional beings... are they ghosts? Are they extraterrestrial? What exactly are they? Emery Smith, welcome back.
EMERY SMITH: Thanks, George.
GEORGE: Emery, when we talk about interdimensional beings, what are we talking about?
SMITH: We're talking about a race of beings hundreds of millions of years ahead of us that have already been able to master how to change their form. They are allowed to switch their atoms and photons around to take almost any form they want and travel through time and space. It can go from a light body to a 3D body. It can change its frequency at will to go to another dimension. It can phase in, phase out, bleed in, bleed out of multiple dimensions. That makes it an interdimensional being.
GEORGE: At any time?
SMITH: At any time by its own will.
GEORGE: Are they physical, or are they somewhat ghostlike?
SMITH: Yeah, that's great question. I get that a lot, because a lot of these sightings and things people are referring to them as ghosts, or people report ghosts being seen when they're really these interdimensional beings. The interesting science behind this is that when an interdimensional being enters our dimension, he falls under the laws of our three-dimensional reality. So he has to take some sort of form. But don't forget, light is form, too. So that can be visualized by our five senses here on planet Earth, or through our solar system in this universe, in this dimension. in this universe, in this dimension. So as they come through, they might change from a light being into a form of their choice, or they also could stay in the light form. So many accounts that you've heard in history books and around the planet of these ghostlike sightings... now, some are ghosts. Which means if you were to pass away right now, your photons will still be in that chair for 30 days or more. And so this is what I'm getting at the photons of the genetic makeup of the DNA is always there. Even when we leave our seats right now and come back tomorrow morning, we're still going to have our resident energy's still going to be here.
GEORGE: How do these interdimensional beings, Emery, kind of come through to get here?
SMITH: Right, we hear about this bleeding through the dimensions. And how that is because they are allowed to change form their frequency, sound before form. By changing frequency... and everything's a frequency our DNA. Everything around us is a frequency of some sort that can be measured scientifically. So they can actually vibrate themselves and change their frequency and disappear right here, and not be seen but still be here in some form. It's kind of like an advanced leletransportation system. Think of it that way.
GEORGE: Are they coming through a gateway or a portal?
SMITH: Nope. They have mastered the ability to vibrate at a frequency for different dimensions. So there might be many dimensions right here right now around us, and because they can change their frequency, they can be in that dimension right now. Remember, there's no time or space. Everywhere in the present is right now, right here. So they're not traveling over millions of light years to get here. We're talking about the higher dimensional beings that are able to do this type of science.
GEORGE: There was an old classic "Twilight Zone" episode called Little Girl Lost," and it was about a little girl who somehow fell out of her bed into another dimension. Is that kind of like it is?
SMITH: Well, there are areas around the planet and areas that can open up where these energies of the different dimensions sometimes fall within the same frequency and they overlap. And when that happens, these little gateways these openings to other dimensions form. Like in the old saying around Halloween and October The worlds are at their thinnest." And it allows these ghostlike creatures to come through, and you can visit your family. And there's a lot to that being said with extraterrestrial technology with these interdimensional beings. And it also has to do with different parts of the planet have these openings there all the time. So things can form. They can open up a gateway especially ET craft
SMITH: interdimensional craft. And sometimes when they open up a small area, well, that could stay open for a while when a craft comes through it. It might stay there.
GEORGE: What if it closes? What if it closes?
SMITH: Right, what if it closes?
GEORGE: And you're in there?
SMITH: Well, your frequency probably will stay there.
GEORGE: Now, these interdimensional beings are they biological at all?
SMITH: Well, of course, absolutely. Don't forget... sound, light, and form. But when they come here, they can take a form if they choose to, or they can stay in the light form. It's up to them how they want to frequency vibrate here and how they want to show whoever they're communicating with. Maybe they want to only communicate through sound, and you hear tonalities. The study that we have that we've gone through with other extraterrestrial beings that it's more of a tonality, but they're there. You can't see them, but you can hear them.
GEORGE: A lot of times, Emery, we get stories and reports of these interdimensional beings, but they always seem to be alone. You never seem to hear stories of them coming in pairs, or 10 of them, or 20. Why not?
SMITH: Well, that's not my experience. I mean, a lot of these interdimensional beings have traveled through time and space and have been able to open up right in a fabric of time and space, and you might just see a small ping pong ball of light, and that could be a whole civilization.
GEORGE: Really?
SMITH: Because there is no size when it comes to these interdimensional beings. So you have to think about the physics and science behind that- of how to represent that when we're educating the public that there is no size to anything when you're talking about interdimensional beings because they are able to shift their atomic structure into light. This has been going on for millions of years on planet Earth, and the way they communicate is like I was just talking about earlier about tonalities and frequencies, and also taking the manifestation form of maybe a human being, and then helping us get more technologies and giving us ideas of how to improve ourselves.
GEORGE: Are we are interacting with them with technology, or is it more consciousness?
SMITH: Well, consciousness is the basis for all communication and for all the science behind interdimensional and multidimensional creatures. However, there are devices that they are working on to spot these people and the satellites that pick up subtle changes in light.
GEORGE: High technology?
SMITH: Very high technology Such as the neutrino light detectors and the satellites that pick up subtle changes in light. These things allow us to see these beings. and see their craft when they're cloaked.
GEORGE: Almost like night vision goggles?
SMITH: A lot better than that, but that's also reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial capture.
GEORGE: Exactly. Are interdimensional beings different from extraterrestrials?
SMITH: Interdimensional beings are extraterrestrials, kind of like we are extraterrestrials in our genetics. So the answer to that is they are one of the most advanced extraterrestrials in our dimension here in our society.
GEORGE: How evolved are they?
SMITH: They're the most evolved. They can change from
GEORGE: They're at the top of the pole, huh?
SMITH: physical to light... They can travel anywhere, any time, and any place. So they're very mature, and they're very conscious beings. People who see angels and things like this, I really believe these are the interdimensional beings. We've all been programmed since day one. Many of us growing up in religious families and reading the Bible and reading stories about fairies and angels and trolls and these things. So the best way for us to comprehend this is to when you don't believe in another race or extraterrestrial, well, when you see something like that, you're going to put it into your own words, and your mind's going to come up with its own vision and its own answer to that. So I think a lot of this is how else am I going to explain this beautiful light being that's in front of me? Well, of course, it's an angel. That's what I learned growing up. If we don't exist, I don't think they're going to exist. ? A lot of the genetics that we have tested on many beings have a direct relation \to our own human DNA. Now, why are beings 10,000, 100,000 years more advanced than us have our DNA in them? Even though they have mutated over millions of years, it's kind of like a hodgepodge,
GEORGE, of planet Earth. Look at all the races we have, and all the continents.
GEORGE: And the species of animals, and everything else.
SMITH: Yeah, and the species and all of us interacting as humans and flourishing around the Earth and having different types of races intermingle. Well, think of that on a universal scale. Think of
GEORGE: Oh, that could be just tremendous if you could harness it.
SMITH: And then animal species and the mammal species and the human species intermingling, and then we go amongst the stars in the next 1,000 years and intermingle with other human-like beings.
GEORGE: In the programs you have been in, have there ever been any ways where they've communicated with these interdimensional beings that you know of?
SMITH: Well, I've worked with some extraterrestrials that might have been interdimensional, but they had a form. And a lot of these beings were just communicating the way I communicate with you, but telepathically. And telepathy is a type of communication. It's a type of a language that you have to learn when you're working in these projects with these beings, because telepathy is based off a lot of your frequency and emotional state as a human being. So if I'm really upset and I walk into an operating room and I am assisting a physician and an extraterrestrial and I had a really bad day and I just say, Hello," it's more like, (GRUFF Y) "Hello They pick up on the emotion. So you have to really clear your mind and clear your spirit before entering into these projects when you're going to start your day to work, because they pick up on all the stuff. And they are kind of are in your mind, because they have the ability to know everything you already know. So there's no secrets with these beings.
GEORGE: Some people have said that these beings are not benevolent. What do you think about that? It's a possibility I only know one really evil race of beings, and that's the human race here on the planet Earth, because we kill each other. But I have not been subjected to an evil race of beings yet that I have worked with or I've seen or intermingled. Not to say that there aren't, because if we are, then there's got to be more
GEORGE: Yeah, some have to be evil
SMITH: ...more of us, yeah. There's always got to be some evil intention out there. But I do believe in a type of galactic federation that does not allow beings that are going to do bad things to go amongst the stars. We've been quarantined to our planet until we get a little bit more conscious and take care of the planet and each other. and then I think we'll be able to go amongst the stars in a conscious effort to work with other extraterrestrials and other societies.
GEORGE: They're told not to come here and annihilate us?
SMITH: Yeah. I think what's going on is they, too, George, were once us, and they had to go through this, too. They had to become more conscious and take care of the planet and take care of each other. As a parent, you would look on your children, and yeah, you're going to say you did bad, but at same time, you were there once too, so you know there is this learning and this maturity that you have to go through before you get there. Now, I think we were already supposed to be there 100 years ago, but because we have this control factor there's many planets out there that started around the same time we did, and they're a lot more advanced than we are because they didn't have this control factor of these corporations and people trying
GEORGE: Too much greed here.
SMITH: Yes, too much greed got in control of this planet. And we're working through that. And what we do here affects planets all over the place. So getting back to your question is they want us to evolve in a safe and effective way, but they also don't want us to blow up the planet or destroy each other.
GEORGE: Why would these interdimensional beings come here in the first place? because the planet is so diverse and dynamic, unlike other planets, (with the water and the air and all the species down to the bacteria and the phytoplankton and the oceans. So they come here to see this. You have to understand, the Earth has been visited forever and ever and ever.
SMITH: Many times.
GEORGE: Of course.
SMITH: So we have a history Earth ? that we have to uphold to. Which, we've been here millions of years, and so the visitations are still coming, they're just coming from a little bit further away, because it's not so safe to come here anymore because we'll blow them out of the sky. And they know this is happening, but they're hoping things are going to change.
GEORGE: Interdimensional beings and plasma beings are they the same thing?
SMITH: Well, plasma this is another form, like air and water and gas. Plasma is this fourth state. And it can form into that. It can be part of these beings plasma state. But to say that the being is all plasma - no.
GEORGE: That's not the case.
GEORGE: How do they interact with each other? Do they?
GEORGE: Do they have emotion? They have emotion. They're very comical. And just like I'm speaking to you they just do it through frequencies and tonalities and telepathy. So a lot of the beings that you might see in pop culture they have really small feet, and they only have a really small mouth. Some of these beings... they don't need a digestive system ? because they can form the nutrients just from thin air.
GEORGE: Do they procreate?
SMITH: Yes. Not only do you have little entities, these beings also have pets. They have many different species, like we do here on the Earth, that are used for companionship.
GEORGE: Do they have emotion?
SMITH: Yes, they do.
SMITH: Yes, they do. These beings- when you get around someone that's really loving and fun and bubbly, it rubs off on you. When you
GEORGE: Oh, you can feel it.
SMITH: Go out with your friends.
GEORGE: It's infectious.
SMITH: It's very infectious. They have the ability to make you feel like that instantly instantaneously if they wanted to.
GEORGE: Do they ever come through to is dimension where we are, and they look like us, and you would not know the difference?
SMITH: They're walking around the planet right now, and you would not know the difference. I get this question where people are like, well, What's the little quirks they have that you could figure this out?
GEORGE: Yeah, do they have elongated heads, or anything like that?
SMITH: And some of them, I have to admit, maybe their ears are just a little bit different, or maybe it's just something different that you notice that you don't usually see on normal human beings.
GEORGE: Eyes different? A little twinkle in the eye?
SMITH: Eyes might be a little bit different little bit bigger, little bit further away, little things like that. But it's really impossible just to unless you've been in these projects and have really studied the morphology of these beings to really know if... if they were sitting right next to you ? you wouldn't know. Or walking through New York streets, you wouldn't know. But working around them, you might catch on a little bit on physical characteristics and quirks like that, but you would have to be around them for a while to pick that up, I think.
GEORGE: Are governments and secret programs, corporations working with them for any specific reason? they're working with them in the projects to assist with technologies and engineering and geological things that they need help with. Some have been captured and have decided to stay with us. That being said, I think? it's a positive thing to show a species from another planet coming here to help just work with us by volunteering.
GEORGE: Now, when I hear the word interdimensional, Emery, I think of something multiverse. Is that conceivable? Is that what we're talking about?
SMITH: Right. Yeah, multi-dimensional just means there's different dimensions and interdimensiona is the actual going from one place to another.
GEORGE: To another.
SMITH: And the multiverses that you hear about on TV and science is that. It's the different dimensions that are overlying each other right here, right now. And the only way to get there is by changing your frequency.
GEORGE: And the gateways, again, fascinate me these portals that may be out there. bases on different ley lines around the planet, and they use these areas because the energy signatures have been shown that these are gateways to other places in the universe.
GEORGE: Places that we want to go, or places that we don't?
SMITH: Well, that’s not for me to say. ? AII's I know is there’s these portals that are around the planet... and in the oceans- that are protected that they're testing, and they are using these, and craft are coming in and out of these. Not to say there are craft, by the way. But they are monitoring these, and they're trying to reverse-engineer these and duplicate these. And there's lots of in the classified projects, lots of videos, documentation, and pictures and briefings on how these devices work, but it has to do with the energy of the planet is how they are operational. And also, there's some way to turn them on and off. Now, there are ancient structures here on the planet that are just always ongoing. What's not to say that we haven't explored definitely the oceans that much here that there's other areas that are maybe always on and active that maybe a craft flying over the Bermuda Triangle all of a sudden disappears? It's like
GEORGE: Who knows?
SMITH: ...what's going on, here? So there could be these rifts in time and space that, during certain astrological times of the universe, that these things open up and things go missing.
GEORGE: And close.
GEORGE: And Close. Now, let's tie this back into secret programs. Somewhere along the line, I think, governments are aware of the ability to travel in space through portals or time warps. They know about these entities- these beings. Something else is going on here, don't you think?
SMITH: I think it’s limited to a very few governmental agencies, militaries, or even presidents of many countries. I don't think it's a widely known thing. I know, just like we have our compartmentalized projects, military doesn't know what they're doing, but they might be investigating something themselves on a lower
GEORGE: Sure. usually the security for all these compartmentalized programs. When people are like, oh, Smith was claiming he worked at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs no, they didn't write my check. I was working underground in that facility where each floor is rented out by a different corporation.
SMITH: So I mean
GEORGE: How long were you down there?
SMITH: I was in the military for seven years, and I was only in the projects for about four.
GEORGE: Did you stay down there almost 24/7, or It was a 9:00 to 5:00 job at I would report to.
GEORGE: Oh, so you could come up to the surface and
SMITH: Yes, yes. There was only a few times that I got locked down there because they had incidents and things were going south for whatever security reasons, and you might have to spend the night there a couple nights until it gets cleared up.
GEORGE: If interdimensional beings are coming here, are we going there?
SMITH: Like I said, because the portal technology that I •was exposed to and the time travel stuff, we're definitely traveling somewhere. I don't know where exactly.
GEORGE: You haven't gone.
SMITH: Yeah. I don't know where we're going. Well, I've been through portals and time travel
GEORGE: But not other dimensions.
SMITH: But not other dimensions that I'm aware of.
GEORGE: Now, what do you mean by that?
SMITH: Well, sometimes you might go somewhere even just going to work on some of these maglev devices that you hear about in pop culture sometimes things happen and you end up in a place that doesn't look so natural compared to like it would on Earth.
GEORGE: Will we ever get help from these interdimensional beings?
SMITH: Yes, I really believe that. I believe that if more than half of the Earth's population's going to be compromised which, one nuclear warhead, it would be
GEORGE: Absolutely.
SMITH: if a major destruction of the planet because of earthquakes or other things were going to happen where, like I said, more than a third of the Earth would be destroyed, I do believe they would definitely intervene which they have done on and off in times where volcanoes and earthquakes were going off. see these ships People would always coming in out of the volcanoes when it's happening, because they're trying to neutralize the cataclysmic event. So I think they would definitely intervene if something like that was to happen, and we would definitely get our hands slapped for that.
GEORGE: What would you say to somebody who would say to you, Emery, I woke up last night, and in my room was this being that just appeared and disappeared. What would you tell them?
SMITH: Welcome to my world. I would ask them I mean, if they had this has happened to me, where friends and family and colleagues have called me and don't want to talk about it. Especially for a first-time person to see something like this you think you're ready for it, and a lot of our CE-5 expeditions, we bring a lot of, sometimes, media with us. And it's funny, because you think you're ready for it, but when you actually see it, it doesn't fit into your reality. But it's there, and you know it's there, and you feel it. I would tell that person, well, what happened? Did it try to communicate? Did you try to communicate? What was the events that happened the night before? Were you meditating, or did you have a close encounter of the fifth kind? What's been going on? So I'd be more interviewing them and trying to find out why this being chose this person to expose itself to, because there's a lot of risk for an ET to expose itself.
GEORGE: What is the fifth kind that you mentioned?
SMITH: A close encounter of the fifth kind is when you reach out and try to communicate with extraterrestrials. The government doesn't want you to do this, because there's actually an FBI file on me, unfortunately, because I'm contacting extraterrestrials and talking to them. And it's so sad, because what gives anyone the right? And I figured it out. It's a backup plan for the United States government to fake an alien invasion an extraterrestrial invasion
GEORGE: Which is Project Blue Beam?
SMITH: Well, I don't know what the pop culture terms are for this. I just know for a fact, 100 /o, because my FBI people told me this, my CIA people told me this to warn me... that they're making a file of people like you, and when this happens, you're going to be incarcerated, because the story is you brought them here. And this is going to be a fake invasion. You've probably heard this conspiracy theory before. But it's sad to know that after all I've done, my name is actually on there on an FBI file saying we got to watch this guy, make sure he's not talking too much with them, but also documenting it. So if they want to pull that card, they can. And no one was even going to know. All the people that are involved with these types of things are aware of this, that do CE-5's. But it's a sad thing to know that I'm a backup plan, I'm a terrorist. They label me as a terrorist because I'm
GEORGE: They treat you as such.
SMITH: Well, nothing's happened yet, but the fact that there's a big file on this it is worrisome. But it's ridiculous. It's another one of these let's have the support of the nation to fight this terrorist here who brought these evil aliens here to destroy us.
GEORGE: You've been through a lot of stuff.
GEORGE: If you were to write an autobiography about your life, how would that last chapter end?
SMITH: I would finish the book by giving my own opinion of what the future's going to look like for us. Our lives are getting easier. We're living longer. Very positive things are happening on the planet.
GEORGE: You're really upbeat.
SMITH: I love it! I'm so thankful to be here at this time and make a difference, because I just see the future, and it's so grandiose, if we could just get our act together. .And I believe the cities are going to improve, the pollution's going to go away. We're going to be able to clean up this place, and it's just going to be the most magnificent place in all •the universe.
GEORGE: Emery, thanks for being on "Cosmic Disclosure."

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