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[Eng]Adamu Speaks: 10. Action

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My dear friends, I thank you for inviting me into your consciousness and it is my great pleasure to offer you the third instalment of the six sacred steps.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, speaking to you now through Zingdad.
It is important for me to begin each of these conversations by advising all those who are hearing from me for the first time… and all those who do not have a clear memory of the previous parts of this conversation… to please stop here. Please view the whole Adamu Speaks video collection in sequence. Each most certainly does build on from the last and you will gain little to no value in simply picking it up from here.
You can find the entire Adamu Speaks video collection conveniently laid out in order together with their text transcripts on Zingdad’s website.
With those preliminaries behind us, we can begin our discussion on the third sacred step, Action.
Action is the heart of the six sacred steps. Perhaps, arguably, even the most important step. It is such an important step that it is sometimes even called “the law of action” because there is a universal truth tied up with action.
So let me begin by telling you about that. The law of action is as follows:
What you do to Life, will be done to you by Life.
Perhaps you have heard this expressed slightly differently? Perhaps you have heard it said:
What you do to others, will be done to you also.
I’m sure you must have heard this because the law of action is so pervasively true that it has found its way into every single religion and major philosophical system in the world today. It has been called “the golden rule” and “the law of reciprocity”. And today I can tell you, in case you didn’t know this, it is also the “law of karma”.
Most of those that believe in karma, actually misunderstand it. They seem to believe there is some kind of universal vengeance system. As if there is some deity that metes out punishment to the wicked. As if a life of hardship and torment is burdened upon you by some cruel being in retribution for past sins.
Well, beloved friend, allow me to tell there is no such thing. It is simply so that:
What you express into Life is multiplied by universal will and then returned to you.
Oh. Wait. Is that not the law of attraction as shared with you when we were discussing intention?
Of course it is. Because all of these things are the same thing. The law of action IS the law of karma, WHICH IS the law of attraction, WHICH IS the golden rule, WHICH IS the law of reciprocity. These are all the same thing!
But there are some components of these laws that are often poorly understood.
The first component is the action. The thing that you are doing.
The energy or INTENT behind your action is what fuels your action. If you genuinely desire to do a kind act for another being. And then you go out and do something… then it is kindness that you are enacting. It is kindness that you are putting out into the world. It doesn’t matter is the actual action is making a sandwich for a hungry stranger or if it is offering a friend a compassionate ear. What you are doing, then, is kindness. So that is the first component. The action carries out into the world around you the energy of the intention that is behind it.
And just as with kindness, an underhanded, sneaky uncaring intention can be carried out into the world by, for example, trying to enrich yourself at the expense of your neighbour. And I use this word, neighbour, in the spiritual sense. Those that are around you. Your neighbour is other people; it is also the planet, it’s also the animals, the plants, the oceans, the air and so forth.
Which brings me to the second component of the law of action. You might think you are being kind to this person right here to whom you are offering a sandwich. And it is true, you are. But when you act, you act upon the whole of life. A loving action done to any part of life, affects all of life. Because, All is One, remember.
And the reverse is true. A negative, destructive action perpetrated upon any part of life, affects all of life.
So, you really do need to think about what your intention is, before you act. You are impacting the Oneness… not just the person, the neighbour, upon whom you are acting.
Then there is the third component. This is, perhaps, the very least understood component. It is often not even mentioned when this law is discussed. It is the fact that your action is an energy that propagates out into Life. It is like a signal that you are broadcasting. And then life takes that signal up and then reverberates it back to you. But it doesn’t simply return it to you. It multiplies your signal with divine will before it hands it back to you. Do you understand?
Life is not just the sum of the parts: the people, animals, plants and things you see around you. Life is consciousness. And consciousness organises itself. It has its own intention and will. Which is another way of say that behind everything you see around you, there is a divine spirit moving. That things are as they are because this divine spirit wills it thus. From one perspective there are many, many gods all co-creating this reality. From another perspective all of these gods, of course, are One and these demi-gods together are part of the one great being… the one Great Spirit.
And the reason I delve now into this little theological discussion is that you need to be aware that life will not simply reflect your choices back to you like a dumb machine. Or like a lifeless mirror. No. The actions that express intentions that are in alignment with universal will, will be massively empowered by that universal will. A small action that aligns with universal will, will be multiplied and amplified and will yield a great result. By contrast, a massive action that runs directly contrary to universal will, will be dampened and attenuated and will return a very small result to you.
Now, please do not understand what I say in a simplistic fashion. Please do not take this to mean that you can enact evil and very little negativity will come back to you. That is not what this means. If you enact evil then it might very well be in accordance with universal will that you are taught to choose differently. That you learn to be a good citizen of the universe. That you receive a massive reverberation from life so that you might powerfully feel the effects of your choices.
Those that attain these understandings that I am now sharing and then try to get “clever” thinking they can manipulate these rules for the short term benefit of their own ego persona… and at the cost of the Life around them… always feel the sting of the law of karma.
Then they bemoan their fate. Then they complain about Karma. Then they say it is harsh and unfair.
My friends. There is a very, very good reason your dear old Adamu is teaching you the six sacred steps in the very sequence that I am teaching them to you. Begin with acceptance so that you are not choosing from a place of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy or greed or desire for enrichment of yourself over another. Or any of these kinds of negative motivations. Begin with acceptance. Then choose your intention very, very carefully. Be still. Listen to your heart. Align with the divine will within. And only then, when you have a great choice that you can really align yourself with, only then should you begin to empower it with an action. Only then do you begin to broadcast your intention out into the world by DOING.
I do hope you understand. Because this is powerful stuff. Children should not play with sharp knives and fire. Well, spiritual children should not play with the sacred steps.
Now. There is a fourth component to the law of action that I need to apprise you of. It is time. Do you know what time is? Science has no definition for it. But I will tell you what it is. It is the pause that occurs between cause and effect. So perhaps the law of action should be stated as follows:
“What you express into Life is, in time, multiplied by universal will and then returned to you.”
Do you understand? I am saying that the energy that you have put out will take some time to come back to you.
And this, right here, is why you have probably not noticed the law of action. This is why you need to be told about it. If there was no gap at all, it would be as obvious to you as opening a faucet or switching on a light. You do not doubt that the action of opening a faucet causes water to flow, do you? You do not doubt that the action of turn on a switch on the wall causes a light bulb in the ceiling to glow, do you?
There is not confusion or doubt because it is immediate. But think for a moment: how would it be if you opened a tap right now and… nothing happened. Then, you turned on a switch and also… nothing happened. Then you did twenty other such things before, in a week’s time the water suddenly began to flow. Perhaps, you had opened and closed the tap three times already before it began to flow. And then, after another week or two the light bulb inexplicably began to glow. And to confuse matters further, between now and then a number of doors had opened and shut, you motor vehicle had started up, the lawn mower did a lap around your garden and your neighbour’s also dog bit you.
You would have to be a great deal more observant than the average human being is, to notice the causation between the first tap opening and the water flowing. There would, perhaps be some spiritual precept about taps and water that you may or may not even believe.
And to further complicate matters: do you know that time is not the same for everyone? Yes, certainly, everyone has the same number of seconds in a day. This is true. But that is the illusory external reality that you are co-creating. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the gap between the causes that you personally instigate in life and the effects that come back to you, into your awareness.
Do you know about the “densities of consciousness”? Have you heard that you can “raise you consciousness”? Well, a being called 8, for whom I have the utmost respect, a being who is directly involved with the holding of the law of karma, in this reality, has produced a clear and compelling description of the densities of consciousness that you can read and understand exactly what they are.
This is in a chapter of Book 2 of The Ascension Papers called “Densities”. You can find that here.
And the reason you really should read this is that it directly pertains to your experience of life. You see, the higher your density of consciousness, the shorter the gap between cause and effect for you. Eventually the gap is so short that it is nearly immediate. Then you are, what is called a magical being. Because your will is then, nearly instantly done. But you must be of very high consciousness for this to be so. 7th density, to be exact. But the vast majority of all those upon planet Earth at this time are of 3rd density. At this 3rd density level of awareness, you can enact a choice today that can even come back to you in your next lifetime. Or the one after that. Or the one after that! When you have utterly and completely forgotten that you instigated that action… that’s when it returns to you!
And this is not a mistake. Neither is it a cruelty. This very effect… this very large gap between cause and effect… is the only way you can forget your own true creator nature and reside, lifetime after lifetime in deep forgetting here in duality. It is the only way you can believe yourself to be a victim. It is the only way you can think fear to be a real and valid response to life. It is the only way you can co-create disastrous and painful outcomes for yourself. And beloved friend, I know many of you simply will not be able to hear this from me, but I tell you it is true: you actually WANTED to be here to experience this. You wanted this deepest level of forgetting because it is only from this place of utter forgetting that you can create yourself anew. That you can rise, triumphant and magnificent, into a whole new creation of self. Which is what happens to the awakened, ascended souls that arise from duality. When you are ready to return, you will return transformed! You will return with vastly more than that which you departed with. It is a journey that every single returnee reports to be very challenging but WORTH IT over and over again.
And when it is time… you will return.
But what I wish you to understand is that the process of raising your consciousness is the process of shortening the gap between your causative action and the effect of that action returning to you. And as this gap shortens, so you become a more and more powerful creator being. In great part this is because there is less chaos in your actions between the cause and the effect.
Let me explain it like this.
If you open and close the faucet ten times before the water flows, its flow might be very weak when it arrives in two weeks’ time. Because of all the opening and closing.
Because of all the confusion in intention: do you want it open… or do you want it closed?
You have not clearly and firmly offered life only one intent strengthened with one action. You have offered many intentions and many actions. Much chaos.
By contrast, if you firmly open the faucet today and do nothing else, the water will gush from the tap when it arrives perhaps, tomorrow, quite strongly.
As you raise your consciousness, so you reduce the gap. As you reduce the gap, so you empower the effect. As you reduce the gap and empower the effect, so you become far more powerfully aware that you are creating your reality. As you become conscious of your creator-nature so you become more mindful of your creations. As you become more mindful of yours creations, so you create in a more orderly, purposeful way. And as you do this, so you align yourself ever more with divine will. As you align yourself with divine will, so you raise your consciousness. As you raise your consciousness… so you reduce the gap between cause and effect.
Do you see?
A cycle begins! And that cycle leads you to be spiralling up into ever higher levels of consciousness… creating ever more powerfully.
Beloved friend, the law of action is the engine room of the sacred steps. It is what drives creation in this reality. While you are here in separation, your actions are paramount. They are “what you put out into the world”.
Yes. It is true; you can act without moving a muscle or saying a word. You can act in meditation. Or in imagination. This is possible.
But do you know how to do this?
There is perhaps a handful of people alive on the Earth today REALLY know how to do this. People who have spent vast energy and attention training their minds. Such beings can act upon the world while sitting still.
Are you one of these beings?
Then act using your hands, your body, your vocal chords, you pen, your computer keyboard. Act with action.
And this brings me to the final point of our conversation on the law of action: Now that you understand the importance of action… now you might ask, “Yes, but what should I then do?
The answer is to go back to your intention. What is the change that you wish to see in your world? You will recall when I spoke to you about intention; I said setting your intention is like putting a pin in the map. It is like saying “I am going there”. Well your actions should be are akin to getting up and talking a step in that direction.
So check with your intention that you have set. Now ask yourself, “What one thing can I do right now that takes me in the direction of the fulfilment of my intention?”
People often feel overwhelmed at this point. “How can I do something that takes me to my desired outcome?” they ask. Perhaps you are desperately ill and your intention is wellness. Or perhaps you are swamped in debt and your intention is abundance. Or perhaps you are all alone and your intention is to find your soul-mate. Or whatever the case. At this point perhaps it feels as if you are a thousand miles from your desired outcome. Perhaps you cannot imagine how you could in a hundred lifetimes get to your desired goal.
Well, that is perfectly okay. You don’t have to get yourself to your goal. You only have to take one single step in that direction right now.
So remind yourself of your intention. Repeat it to yourself until you feel it. Then check: what you can do right now towards that end?
And please, let’s not lie to ourselves here. If your intention is great physical well-being, you cannot say “I am going to eat a fudge sundae for my health”. You know what leads to good health and what detracts from it. You must do something that is directly about the manifestation of your intention. One small step in the right direction.
Perhaps you choose to research good and healthy eating habits. And then perhaps you choose to make something good and healthy to eat. There. You have taken a small step. You are on the path.
Now, equally importantly, you must also cease taking steps in the opposite direction. It doesn’t help to take a step forward and to promptly turn around and run three steps backwards!
So be clear about what you are doing. Keep choosing actions that take you forwards, towards your desired outcome. Keep letting go of choices that take you backwards, away from your desired outcome.
This is not rocket science.
And if you cannot think of a single thing that you could possible do to move yourself in the right direction then the first thing for you to do is to set some time aside to meditate, to listen to your heart.
Zingdad says: If you need help, I have guided meditations on offer that can assist you with this!
And if that doesn’t work, then you need input. Find a trusted person whose input you would value. Talk things over with them.
Zingdad says: And I also offer coaching if you need that.
Find something constructive, positive and specific that you can do that takes you towards your desired goal. Then do it.
It is good if you can do something like this regularly. If it works out that you can do something like this daily then that is good. But make sure you are taking concrete steps forward. And make sure you are declining to take counter-productive steps backwards.
Do this iteratively and repetitively. Get into the habit of taking positive actions and you will find yourself “walking” towards your desired outcome… step by step.
Do this and the magic will begin to flow. You will be enacting the law of action. You will be bringing the desired outcome towards yourself. Stay the course and you will see it happening. A journey of a thousand miles will magically foreshorten as universal will assists you and gives you wings. You will find yourself actually walking the energetic equivalent of, perhaps, a hundred miles if you act weakly. And if you act powerfully and purposefully and you raise your consciousness you will need to walk perhaps a handful of miles only and you will find yourself magically arriving at your destination.
Friends, when the universe conspires to bring your desires to you, you may truly expect the miraculous.
And so, now you know how.
And with that you are already ready to do magic in your life. But it is possible to add to the magic. It is possible to empower it further. And these further empowerments, that further reduce what you need to do to do magic are what constitutes the remaining sacred steps. I look forward to sharing these with you in the next few editions of this Adamu Speaks series.
Until then, I wish for you that you love what you do and that you do what you love.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, and I have been speaking to you through Zingdad.

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Adamu Speaks:
9.1 Intention - Supplemental by Zingdad
Following the release of Adamu's video on Intention I did quite a lot of work on finding and setting my own intention. As a result of this, Adamu asked me to share my process with you as means to possibly assist you with your intention setting.
In this video I will share with you my own process of finding my own divinely inspired intention, how I got to it and what it means for me. You will understand the crucial role of Acceptance (the first sacred step) and how this is pivotal in finding your own divinely inspired intention. You will also understand what the difference is between and intention set from your ego-mind and one set from your heart. Please do watch this video as a part of your process through the sacred steps!
The full transcript of this video is available below.
Zingdad: Hello Friends
As a quick supplemental to the Adamu Speaks series of videos, I have been asked to contribute my present perspective on intention setting. So here goes:
After carefully listening to Adamu's message in the previous video in this series, I decided it was time to begin to work some cosmic magic in my own life. I decided to set an intention. I will be taking that intention through the remaining sacred steps too. But, before setting the intention, I decided to take a step back and find myself in a state of true acceptance. Remember, acceptance is the first of the six sacred steps.
So acceptance.
This is a word that has gained such profound meaning and significance in my life the last few years. Where I am at now is that true acceptance means, for me, that absolutely everything in my entire reality is exactly as it is meant to be. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is broken. Nothing must be fixed or changed. Each creator being is creating their reality from their perspective and getting what they are creating.
Now this obviously doesn’t mean that everyone likes what they are getting! Quite far from it. It is apparently so that those that are unaware that they are creating their reality and those that don’t know how to use their creative powers wisely are very likely to create all kinds of things that they outright hate. Which, I suppose, is the majority of the human population on the planet right now. But hating your creations is not the same thing as not creating them. And we MUST all get what we are creating so we can learn to create better. You know, like a small child MUST learn not to do things like touch hot pots or pet aggressive dogs or walk out in the traffic… because these things will lead to painful outcomes. In just that same way, all of us junior creator beings much learn to control our thoughts, words actions and emotions so that we can come to create the things that we DO like. Because that is the only way we will ever move beyond the belief that we are victims. That we are not creating our reality. That we are not getting back from life that which we have created.
So…. If you follow my reasoning… what I am saying is the world is exactly as it is meant to be. As cruel, sad, painful, frightening and confusing as it can sometimes seem to be. Each soul is, across the span of their incarnations, getting what they are creating.
Now you might not think this is true. You might have all kinds of objections to this notion. You might say to me “Yeah, what about abused children? They are innocent and did not create that abuse” Or “What about abused animals” or “What about people getting dread diseases”. On and on and on there are a gajillion possible objections to my position of total acceptance. But I am not here to convince you of anything. Your beliefs are 100% utterly your own responsibility. But if you are willing to see how I shifted my perspective from exactly those kinds of beliefs that kept me in a state of fearful victimhood then I invite you to read Book 1 of The Ascension Papers. The ebook version is a free download from my website. Or if you prefer to hold a read book in your hands there is a paperback version too. Check it out. You’ll find it to be life-changing if you are ready to release your beliefs in your own victimhood. I am sure.
The point I am making here is that I accept 100%, not just conceptually… but to the very core of my being… as a fundamental truth of my existence… that every mote of consciousness from God, down through the angels and monadic entities right down to the smallest fragment of consciousness here on earth… absolutely everyone is creating their reality from their perspective. Yes. This is a co-created reality. Which means the way we create is to invite others to play roles and do stuff in our reality. But if a being is not directly creating an experience they are having, they have invited and agreed to it being created for them.
I am sure of this.
I also know the vast majority on earth right now won’t agree with me. I know why this is. And I accept that too. It is not my job to change minds and convince them. I accept that all others are exactly where they need to be.
And since this is so, I actually find my way to accepting the otherwise unacceptable. I accept the crooked self-serving politicians that keep getting elected to serve the same corporate interest. I accept the pollution of the planet. I accept the crime that wracks pretty much every society everywhere. I accept all the painful contracts that souls have signed with each other that result in murder, rape and abuse. I accept the painful contracts that souls have signed with their bodies that lead to… well… the litany of woes that lie there. I accept all of that. I will not try to change any of that. I am in total acceptance of this reality and my place in it.
Now that I have acceptance… now I can choose.
Remember Adamu taught us that if we are not in acceptance then we are in victim. Then we cannot choose. Well, my dear friends, I can tell you it has taken me a whole lifetime to find my way to this level of acceptance. And as I arrive here I can FEEL that it changes everything for me. The feeling is of the very deepest peace. And if you don’t know peace, I can tell you what it really means if the possibility of a truly quiet mind. All the chattering, fearful, angry nonsense that used rage incessantly through my mind is gone. Yes, it is true, I had to deal with my Shadow to get here. But I am here now. And if you’re in the mood to believe me, I ask you to believe that finding this state of acceptance and the peace that it brings is worth every bit of effort that it takes to get here. Over and over again.
And since I am in acceptance, I can begin to choose and create.
Something else that happens when you are in a state of peace is that you suddenly find you can listen to your heart.
Let me tell you about that quickly.
When your mind is chattering then all you have is noise. When you find peace and your mind is still then you find you can hear your heart. And when you can hear your heart you suddenly realise that it is the portal to your soul. Your Inner-Divine speaks to you through this portal. Not in the same kinds of noisy words that your mind uses. No, your Inner-Divine moves through your heart and allows you to simply KNOW things. At least this is my experience of it. Perhaps if you attain true peace you will get visions. Or feelings. Or perhaps you will hear things from your Inner-Divine. I don’t know. But you will be inspired with what is the very deepest, rightest truth for you.
Which brings me, finally, to be able to talk about Intention.
You see, before I had this peace and before I was able to listen to my own heart, I would have set my intentions from the noisy, fearful chattering mind.
I would have set intentions that the world must change. I would have set intentions that people must be better. That crime must lessen. That politicians must be better. That pollution must stop. That’s what I would have decided on if I was feeling altruistic. If I was feeling more self-centred I would probably have set an intention that I should earn more money. Or that some health issue must be magically cleared up.
But can you see it? Each one of these intentions hides a hidden statement that I am a victim. That I can not be happy until others change. Which is what Adamu calls a drama.
Now, when I find peace and I listen to my heart and intention bubbles up. It arrives in my mind all luminous and joyful and bright. And I just KNOW this is what I intend for myself. I know that this intention is right for me. Ricght from the heart of the Oneness all the way down through all the layers of divine inner-self right down to this little soul fragment wrapped in it’s persona that is called Arn Zingdad Allingham. This is RIGHT FOR ME. And here is what it is:
It is my intention to find my way to giving my gift as fearlessly as possible, to every part of Life that wishes it.
I want to tell you why this is my intention and then I want to tell you how I condensed that into a tight, powerful succinct statement of intent.
You see, if I think about it, I am not motivated by money. I am not about “what’s in it for me”. What really, really makes my tail wag is to give my gift. And what sends me into a joy overdrive is to feel and know that my gift is making a difference. That it is helping and healing and serving. I love to know that there is more joy and positivity in the world for the fact that I have been here. I love that idea. So I just want to give all my stuff away at the highest rate, frequency and vibration that I can.
But I am also a mortal little human being right now. And my poor little human ego has all the same fears yours does. I fear I won’t have enough. I fear I will run out of what I need. I fear I will get stuck, get lost, be poor. I fear, I fear, I fear.
I mean these fears are what drive us to do jobs we hate. They are what cause us to have insurance policies and retirement annuities. They are what cause us to vote for social security programs and so on and so on. I’m not saying any of that is bad. I don’t have any of that myself. But I am not saying it is bad for anyone else that is choosing those things. What I am saying is that it is obvious that everyone has these fears. I mean why do billionaires not just stop. Why do they not say “I have such obscene wealth that I am silly to accumulate more?”
I’ll tell you. Greed arises out of these exact same fears. The wealthier you are the more you fear to lose what you have. No amount of money will ever make you stop fearing that you do not have enough.
So I accept that too. I accept that this body of mine needs to be looked after and that there are some fears that come part and parcel with incarnating into a human life. It’s okay. I just choose not to be motivated by those fears.
You see? It’s okay to fear. You will never be able to switch the fears off utterly. They are built into this kind of life that we have here. But you can choose to cease having the fears rule your life.
Do you know what courage is? It is not having no fear. Courage is feeling the fear and doing the right thing anyway. But you know that. Don’t you?
So I have these fears just like you do. And I am deciding to the best of my ability to do what is right for me, despite my fears. I am choosing to give my gift as fearlessly as possible. I am choosing not to limit myself, block myself, sabotage myself or in any other way restrict myself from giving my gift to every part of life that needs what I have to give.
The best part of this is that this will bring me the very greatest joy. This is the best way, for me, to have the most optimally delightfully blissful experience of life.
And then there is the other best part. Which is that I know how life works. I know that what you put out is what you get back. So, as I find my way to being able to do this, so life will feed back an abundance of gifts to me. If I give like that, I better be ready to receive like that! And I am! I used to be unable to receive. But I have in the last few years done a lot of unblocking in that department too.
But the point is that this intention arrived for me, and immediately I could see the beauty of it. That this is what is right for me. I want to focus on giving my gift and let Life take care of everything else.
So that is my intent. I have framed it like this:
I am giving my gift every more fearlessly and abundantly to every part of life that wishes it.
How do you like that?
I hope my process has added value to yours. I hope you are working out your intention. I really hope you are framing an intention that truly will serve you. And not by teaching you how not to frame an intention! J But by bringing you ever unfolding joy, love, expansion and abundance.
Now, as Adamu has cautioned, I know well that this statement of intention is only one of the steps. But now, at least, I have taken this step and I am ready to begin empowering this intention with the remaining sacred steps. Next I will be handing proceedings back to Adamu to learn about the third sacred step called Action.
Until next time,

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The 8th video in the "Adamu Speaks" series. In this presentation Adamu carries on from where he left off telling us HOW we might attain Unity Consciousness. He shares with us the first of the Six Sacred Steps, called Acceptance.
Greetings my friends
We continue now with the discussion of the six sacred steps. Please make sure you have already followed the previous presentations of this series called Adamu Speaks as this presentation is a continuation that builds upon that material.
The first of the six sacred steps is called “Acceptance”. But, while acceptance is the first of the six sacred steps, it is so much more than just a step. Acceptance is both the portal and the path.
You see Acceptance is that which takes you from duality consciousness on this side to unity consciousness on the other side. Between victim-consciousness on this side and creator-consciousness on the other side. And this is why I say it is a portal. But because you will have to learn to LIVE in acceptance rather than just choosing it sometimes) it is much more than just  the doorway. It is also the path. It is crucially important, if you would rise above victim consciousness, rise above the dramas, and attain Unity Consciousness… that you fully discover acceptance within yourself and that you learn to live the way of acceptance.
Acceptance is an unbelievably powerful thing.
If you have not had lifetimes to master acceptance then it is going to take a good deal of practice and effort on your part to master acceptance now. Sometimes you will flounder and get it wrong. Accept that.  Accept that you are not “there” yet. Accept that you are on a journey. And accept too that you most certainly will get there if you stay the course. Which, of course, you must. Because there really is nowhere else to go but Home to the Oneness. And acceptance, as I have said, is the portal and the path that takes you Home.
The best way for us to learn about something is with our own experiences. So I will teach you about acceptance using your own experience as a vehicle. Please, therefore, play along with the following process.
To begin with, I will ask you now to pick a major drama in your life.
Complete the sentence:
“I will only be happy when…”
Think now of some major thing in your life that you believe needs to change before you can find fulfilment.
Pause this presentation and take a moment to come up with one such issue. When you have identified one such an issue and completed the sentence for yourself, you can continue with the presentation.
<pause now>
Good. So you have identified a drama in your own life.
Now we will walk a short road together. Let me tell you that the circumstance of your drama is EXACTLY what will happen to you when you hold the beliefs about yourself that you do.
If a particle of consciousness enters into life and has the experiences you have had and comes to the beliefs you have come to… then it will experience EXACTLY this drama. 
It can be no other way.
This is because your deepest beliefs govern all the choices you will make. Right from the circumstances of your birth, who your parents will be, how you will grow up… all of those formative experiences… right the way through to the things you think you are good at, the things you think you cannot do, the people you associate with… everything and I mean everything you have chosen and will continue to choose is filtered through your beliefs. And what you believe and choose… is where your life-energy goes. And where your energy goes is where you go. In short, my friends, life will always feed back to you the effects of your own deepest beliefs.
And when you have had a number of lifetimes in duality then it is an absolutely guaranteed fact that you will have built up many layers of beliefs that are about separation. You will have fear, pain, anger and loss built right into your belief system. And so life will feed that back to you. You will see multiple layers of dramas in your life right from the global to the national to the societal to the familial to the personal. All these will be playing out in your life constantly.
Now, you can engage with the dramas… you can keep wishing things were different from what they are… you can keep trying to make them different… but the dramas themselves will keep repeating itself on you until you come to change the underlying belief you are holding about yourself that is actually inviting the drama.
My friends, it is crucial that you understand this! Your drama is not a random thing that is happening to you by some accident of bad luck. You are creating it and inviting it and bringing it to yourself. And the means of the attraction is an element of what you believe about yourself.
And so THIS is what we are actually going to do here. The six sacred steps are actually a means of healing your belief. We begin by identifying the beliefs that you hold somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind that are causing you harm, and then we go to work healing that belief by replacing it with something that is infinitely more loving and empowering. And in this process you discover just how profoundly true it is that YOU are the creator of your whole reality. Because you will SEE first hand and in your own life-experience that, as you heal your belief so you whole world changes for you. Where, your whole life you have struggled, fought and failed to change things for the better because you have been wrestling with the drama… now suddenly you will find that the drama changes by itself as you change. Life around you heals itself as you heal your belief.
So that is what we are doing. But we cannot go to work on the problem while you are attached to a mis-identification of the problem.
Allow me to illustrate. If you looked in the mirror and the mirror showed you that your hair was all awry you wouldn’t try to change the mirror, would you?  Paint a neat hairstyle on the glass. Well the drama is like your mirror reflection. It is simply showing you with absolute clarity something that is going on inside your own psyche that you are not aware of. So there is no more point in trying to change the drama… the external circumstances… than there is trying to fix the hair of your mirror reflection.
What you want to do is to USE the mirror reflection to fix your own hair. And then as if by magic you will notice that the mirror reflection’s hair is fixed. So in exactly the same way you want to USE the drama to understand what is going on within yourself… then to change your own inner-landscape… and then, as if by magic you WILL see the drama change. Or fall away completely.
This is the principal.  So now you will understand that there is no point in getting upset about a mirror reflection. It is JUST a reflection. There is no point resisting it and insisting it must be anything other than what it is. The mirror reflection simply IS. That is what is in the mirror when you are as you are.
Your drama, in a similar manner, simply IS. And there is no point in getting angry, sad or resentful about it.  And so the first step, the liberating step, the step that opens the door and allows us to move on to actually doing some good and bringing about some real change…
Is to accept the drama.  Accept that this is as things are when you are as you are.
So now you are going to take a step that will seem strange and perhaps uncomfortable at first. To continue the mirror metaphor this will be akin to you simply standing still and LOOKING into the mirror. Taking a moment to just observe. You will be saying the equivalent of “THIS is how my hair looks right now”. Without judgement, without criticism. Just a simple appraisal. I am talking about ACCEPTING what is in the mirror.
So now please bring your drama back to your mind. But this time you are going to change the statement. This time you are going to insert your drama into the statement:
“I choose to accept that (whatever your drama is) is going on in my life right now as this is an accurate reflection of my beliefs”
Again, please take the time to pause the presentation to formulate your statement so that it correctly reflects your situation. Please do this. And please, this is important, say the statement out loud to yourself. Do that now.
<pause now>
Now how did that feel?  Strange?  Did it feel as if you were lying to yourself? Did it feel as if you were saying the words but not feeling them? Or did it feel oddly liberating and empowering
Friends, however it felt is really okay. You are on a journey with me. And we don’t need to arrive at the destination with the very first step. So please do not concern yourself overly with how you feel about that stament. Notice it. Accept it. Because all you need at this point is the statement that you have just made that you accept this drama. You see the degree to which you DON’T accept your drama is the degree to which it resides outside of you. Anything that is outside of you is outside of your control. You cannot create that which is outside of your control. You are a victim to it. So this is what we are doing now. We are accepting this situation. Doing so brings the situation home. The drama and its cause moves to inside of you. When you accept it, it becomes yours. When it is yours and inside of you then you can know that you have created it. Then you can create it differently. 
So do you see now how the first step, the most crucial step is acceptance?
There are five more steps and in those five steps we look at the process of actually brushing the hair in the mirror. But first YOU must completely accept.  And so this is the work you must do between now and when you watch the next presentation in the series. Please, I urge you, take your time. Take a few days or longer. Take the time to really sit with the drama. Say aloud to yourself that you accept the drama. Think it. Feel it. Allow the drama to show itself to you in its facets so that you can accept every single part of it. When you KNOW that you accept it as it is then you are ready to move on.
Moving on with the material before you are ready will simply not work. If you are not in acceptance then you are not creating. Then you are just reacting as you always have… as a victim who is just trying to avoid the outcomes of your own choices. Then this process will simply not work and you will get to the end of it and say “but nothing changed!” You will think the process flawed. All because you didn’t stay with the process of acceptance until you really got it.
So that, my friends if your homework. Please write down your statement of acceptance of your drama. Then keep repeating that statement of acceptance to yourself and see how the drama keeps presenting itself to you differently as you slowly move towards acceptance.
Notice how the drama feels as if it is moving from “outside” of you to eventually find itself “inside” of you. Notice how you feel differently about it. Notice that, even though the drama doesn’t necessarily change, how the way you feel about it does. How you become more peaceful and centred and calm.
This is the process of acceptance.
Acceptance occurs when you do not resist the drama. You do not require that it must be different.
Acceptance occurs when you do not judge the drama, nor yourself nor the other players in it. No one is wrong or broken. It’s just a drama.
Acceptance occurs when you release your attachment to life being different than what it is. This IS the way life is when you are the way you are. Life IS.
Acceptance occurs when you have moved beyond forgiveness to the point of realisation that, indeed, there is nothing to forgive.
You have chosen to take one small step in the direction of acceptance by choosing to accept one of your dramas. I salute you. This is the first step and you are now on the path.
Now, my friends, if I could host you all on a mountain-top spiritual retreat we could work with just the concept of acceptance for many years before the subject was even nearly exhausted. And you could, as I have indicated, spend many lifetimes in incarnated experience mastering acceptance. So today, in this presentation what I have offered you is but the briefest indication of what acceptance is and how it might be to live in acceptance.
Now it is YOURS to live this principal. To take this seed called acceptance and nurture it that it might grow and flower in your souls. Your goal is to learn to accept not just this drama, but all your dramas. Not just all your dramas but the very principal of drama itself. And not just drama… but all of Life. My dear friends – you will in due course get there. You will all come to perfectly and completely and wholly accept all of Life. And when you do, you will be magnificent. You will be a pure, bright-light being of infinite capacity and creative power. And that is what lies ahead of you on the path of acceptance.
Now before I leave you there are some things that I would strongly advise you to do at this juncture of the journey:
The first is that you must set some time aside each day for your spiritual growth. Some time to be in the NOW moment. To meditate. If you do not know how then there is help. You can be taught how and you can be guided. But take some time each day to centre and to listen to your soul.
The second is that you regularly take some time to take ownership of your life. This is time spent, either alone or with some trusted beloved other or others in which you talk or think about where you are going with your life. Your goals and aspirations. This is the time in which you learn about yourself and your dramas. When you set objectives for your healing and your growth. When you look back upon the path you have walked and assess how it went and learn for yourself which choices work and which do not.
It is most beneficial if you can join in groups of like minded souls for meeting and discussion. Find people that are on a similar wavelength to engage with that you might teach and learn together.
And with that my dear friends, I must now leave you for the present. Next I will address the second of the six sacred steps.  Intention. 
I love you with the heart of Oneness.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation

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Adamu Speaks:
9. Intention
Finally, the much awaited update from Adamu! And what an awesome update!
In this video Adamu introduces the second of the six sacred steps: Intention.
He teaches us HOW to hold an intention such that it will become manifest.
He shares with us how those who teach “the law of attraction” often get it wrong.
Adamu contextualises intention setting… and how it forms a part of steps we can all take to change our lives, our experiences and our reality.
Learn about Universal Will… and its vital place in bringing your intentions to fruition. Learn how aligning your will with Universal Will can protect you from creating negative, painful, unintended consequences. Learn how to correctly frame a statement of intent such that is gains an almost “magical” energy.
When you understand Intention setting, you will be ready to empower your intentions to bring them to fruition. The remaining four of the six sacred steps will teach exactly that...
The full transcript of this video is available below.

Adamu: My dear friends, it is my profoundest pleasure to greet you again to bring to you the next instalment of the six sacred steps.
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, speaking to you now in channelled conversation through my dear young friend, Zingdad.
If this is the first time you are hearing from me I would advise you to stop here and view the whole Adamu Speaks video collection in sequence. Each most certainly does build on from the last. You can find these conveniently ordered and grouped on Zingdad’s website
If, on the other hand, you have been following along with this series since its inception then you might have noticed the long pause between this recording and the one previous. From your perspective it will have been a number of years since I have last spoken to you through Zingdad. I will, at the end of this conversation tell you
why it was necessary to pause, as we have, as this will lead on to some crucial information that I wish to share.
But right now, I’d like to get directly into the second of the six sacred steps. Intention.
Intention setting is actually a relatively simple thing to do. But as simple as it is, it is often done incorrectly with anything from no result to a totally disastrously self-destructive outcome.
If we are going to achieve life-positive, joyful outcomes we need to learn to set our intentions correctly.
And that is what I will be sharing with you today.
There are really four basic points that you need to be aware of when setting your intentions.
The first is that intention is just one part of the magic.
The purpose of the six sacred steps is to transform some part of your life or your experience of your life. It is about the recreation of your reality. There are, unfortunately, many who teach, quite erroneously, that holding an intention is itself enough to bring about change in your life. That by focusing on a positive thought you magnetize or gravitate that which you are focussing on, in your thoughts, towards yourself.
My friends, there certainly is a law of attraction. But the law does not stipulate that your thoughts will magically become manifest. If that was so then people would have noticed that their every wish comes true. There would be deep folk wisdom and religion truths about this. But the opposite is true. There are sayings in every culture that indicate that “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”. Or, more bluntly, wishing doesn’t work.
So how then does the law of attraction really work? I’ll tell you. It works, as everything else does, upon the fundamental truth that all is one. Meaning that every other is another self. And so, what you do to others you do to yourself also. And the corollary to this truth is that anything you wish to attract to yourself in large quantities, you begin by expressing or giving to life, at least, in small quantities.
And now let’s see. If this is true then it would be reflected in cultural wisdom and in ancient religious truths. And is it? Well, yes, I’d certainly say it is. This is the basis of the golden rule that can be found encoded in every single religion in the world. The golden rule being, “Do to others as you would have done to yourself”. You’ve certainly heard that, haven’t you? And this basic truth also resounds through folk wisdom. Everyone knows at base that “What you put out comes back to you”. We all know this… even if we aren’t all living congruent with it.
And so THAT is the basis of the law of attraction.
The law of attract is as follows:
What you express into Life is multiplied by universal will and then returned to you.
That’s the law of attraction right there.
And there are two important facets to the law of attraction. That which you express. And universal will. We will talk more about universal will in a moment. For now I want to focus on the first bit. That which you express. You see, my friends, you cannot simply sit with intent in your mind. You must express your intention. You must energise them to get the magic flowing.
At the level of reality that you now find yourself, creation will not operate on thoughts alone. And this is very, very fortunate for you. Imagine if it did. Your every fear, anxiety and worry would begin to manifest in your life. And most people do a lot more worrying than they do positive intention setting. And this is why all those that reside at the level of consciousness you are now inhabiting, are actually protected from having your thoughts directly manifest. At this level of consciousness you need to empower your intentions for them to come to fruition. And I will, in due course be teaching you exactly how to do that. But right now, I want you to understand that intention alone has no magic.
Shall I prove it to you? When you wake up in your bed tomorrow morning, Id’ like to ask you to lie there without moving a muscle and focus on the intention to get up. Just lie there and intend with all of your might. See how long it will take before you actually find yourself out of your bed.
Do you see? Intention is not the magic. An intention is like putting a pin in the map. You are saying “I am going THERE”. But people make the fundamental error of thinking that the act of putting the pin in the map should translate to them already being at their destination. Or that someone else will magically begin carrying them there.
I say this again. You are right now being protected from that happening. You are not at a stage of your spiritual development where your mind is so totally disciplined and so totally under your control that you can think only those thoughts that serve you. You are prone to creating some very counter-productive and self-destructive thoughts. So it is not permitted for you that your thoughts should automatically begin to manifest. You MUST empower those thoughts before they can come to fruition.
But I do not wish you to think, therefore, that setting an intent is not a very, very important thing to do.
If you lie in bed and have no intention of getting up at all… you will actually have to be forced out of bed by someone else.
I am saying that intention setting is a vital part of a greater process. It is the second of six sacred steps. It is not the whole of the magic. But without it there is no magic.
And by magic I mean unexpectedly powerful alterations in your experiences. Just that.
The next point I wish to make is that there is a power multiplier called universal will. If your intention is in alignment with universal will then the whole universe will conspire to assist your intention to come to fruition. If your intention runs contrary to universal will then it’s really you against the universe. Nothing will happen. And of course there is a whole ocean of grey area between the two extremes. But obviously the close your intention is aligned with universal will the less effort you, yourself, will have to put in to bring it to fruition.
I’ll offer you an example. Imagine you are again lying in your bed and it is your intent to roll out of your bed and fall to the floor. It is apparent that gravity is a part of the universal will for your body while you are incarnated. So the tiniest little push of your arms will have you rolling over and... BAM… your intention comes to fruition with a thump.
If, by contrast, your intention was to roll out of your bed and fall to the ceiling… well… then you’d find it would take some profound effort on your part to sufficiently empower that intent. Perhaps you could discipline your mind through decades of mediation and learn to levitate. Or perhaps you could build a jet-pack. Or come up with some other such a massive expenditure of effort to achieve your desired outcome.
My example is perhaps a little silly. But only because it is obvious that gravity pulls in the downward direction. Universal will is in many cases a little less obvious. How would you know if it is in alignment of universal will for you to get that job you are hoping to land? Or that promotion? Or to meet that person of your dreams? How would you know what universal will is as regards the improvement of your health? Your relationship with others? Your relationship with yourself? And so on…
If you do know any of these things it is because you are connection to your inner-self. Usually via the portal of your heart. And since your Inner-Self is a being that knows that it is one with the oneness, your inner-self is connected to universal will.
If you don’t know HOW to do this… how to connect with your Inner-self then I have some rather exciting information that I will be sharing with you at the end of this presentation. That has to do with the long pause between this recording and the previous one. So please do listen out for that.
So aligning with the will of the One… or universal will as I have been calling it… is about the best way to ensure that your intention comes to fruition.
But there is another equally important reason to align with universal will. And this is the third point.
When you align with the will of the One, you align with the greatest good. Universal will offers you protection, healing, love and joy.
I shall explain about the way in which universal will protects you. Imagine for a moment that someone really angered you. Imagine you responded by wishing all manner of pain upon them. Halitosis, haemorrhoids and hangnails.
You would only do this out of the most junior kind of ignorance. Because even slightly advanced beings all know: what you do to another you do to yourself also. So creating pain and suffering for another will lead directly to pain and suffering for yourself.
The good thing is that it is never in alignment with universal will to cause anyone an iota more pain and suffering than is necessary for the greater good. What I mean is universal will, will permit you to hurt yourself if getting hurt is the best way for you to learn something important to your own growth. If you really, really want to hurt someone else, you might be permitted to hurt yourself so that you can learn not to do that again.
Universal will always lead to the greatest good of the all. And it will always tend towards healing, love and joy.
Another way in which Universal Will protects you is that it helps you to avoid painful unintended consequences
You know, if one could give a random collection of Earth humans one wish perhaps 90 to 95% of them would all wish for money. Lots of it. Millions or Billions. Or an unending river of the stuff. This is because a great majority of Earth humans have fallen for the ego magic that has been perpetrated upon them. The belief that money is actually in and of itself a thing of value. The belief that everything you want and need can be obtained if you only have enough of it. And since they have taken this belief on board they are willing to exchange their precious time on Earth, their health, their peace, their joy… pretty much anything and everything else that they value and love… for money. So, it is probably understandable that people think the most valuable thing in the world is money. And it is probably understandable that their wishes would all be for more money.
But what this majority have exactly zero concept of is the vast set of painful unintended consequences that would arrive together with their wish coming true. If these people did just suddenly get millions and millions in cash… they would come to realise that it is more of a curse than a blessing. They would see how their entire social structure is destroyed by envy, jealousy and greed. How they would no longer be able to trust their friendship. How their family unit would be twisted and destroyed. How their life would lose purpose. And so on and so on. And the deepest reason for this is that a wish for a lot of money is not at root a wish for greater abundance. It is a wish for a greater disparity between the self and the other. For that is what monetary wealth is. It is disparity. If you wished for EVERYONE to get suddenly rich… you would see that this would not give you what you desire at all. If the whole world gets millions then the millions are worth nothing. Because the money is backed by nothing. It’s value lies only in its scarcity. Because money, as the elite of your world have created it, has no backing. It is created directly out of debt and debt alone.
I use money as an example because it is the most common such an error. People most commonly try to use their creative powers to create more money. And if they manage to get what they have wished for, they end up bitter and unhappy. But if you align your will with universal will you are protected from this. Because your inner self desires TRUE abundance for you. By which I mean: your Inner-Self desires for you that you should have everything you need to do as you need to do. And then also everything you want that will bring you greater joy without also causing you harm. Your inner-self desires the best for you. And your inner-self knows that you very often don’t know what is best for you. So it behoves you not to find yourself in disagreement with your inner-Self. It serves you best to align your will with that of your inner-self… and therefore with that of the One.
And so it is that in so many ways, aligning with universal will protects you from creating self-destructively. And, again, you align with universal will by learning to listen to your inner-self. And, again, I will share some information about this at the end of this conversation.
The fourth and final point that you should bear in mind with intention setting is that you need to be crystal clear on what your intention is. You must be able to state your intention to yourself in one sharp, clear sentence. And when you state your intention it must also evoke a positive, empowered feeling within your heart.
I’d like to offer you an example from my own story. As a manifestation of the Pleiadian monad, I am acutely aware that there are parts of my soul-group that are still incarnation. Many parts are alive right now as Pleiadian Starseeds walking amongst you on planet Earth. Some of those that listen this presentation are very likely to be such members of my soul family. Perhaps you, dear listener, are even one such. The point being, that I am very aware that these fragments of my own greater soul… these other-selves of mine… are quite often quite hurt. Some have become quite lost. And when I look to the light of the divine that shines from within myself, I feel a firm clear knowing that it is right for me to work to heal, re-integrate and return home these, my other selves.
This is right for me to do on the most fundamental level.
And that preceding paragraph is my intention.
But can you see that it is a clumsy statement. That it is neither crisp nor clear. That it would be quite difficult for me to align my very being behind that collection of sentences?
How much different would it be, if I framed my intent like this:
“I am an agent of reintegration for my spirit entity.”
Feel that?
Feel the power of it.
It is both true and unarguable. It is something to live by and act upon. Clear. Concise. Unambiguous. Stated in the first person, In the present tense.
There is no “I am going to this or that” or worse, “I want to so and so” or even worse “I hope to such and such”. No prevarication. Just the truth of it.
When you find an intention like that, my dear friend, it is like finding a magic spell. You can feel the words tingle with energy. They feel like they want to leap from your tongue and begin to take action in the world. And that is, of course, because you will have used all four of the points outlined today correctly.
You will have understood that while intention is not the whole of the magic… it is a vital part of it.
You would have aligned with universal will and the power multiplier will already be straining to assist you.
You would have aligned with universal will and you will know that you are protected from the harmful effects of a destructive intention. You will know that your intention leads to healing, love and joy. You will feel the truth of that.
And you will have stated your intention in a clear concise fashion that you can very easily empower with the whole of your being.
And that is what I am going to teach you to do next. I am going to teach you how to empower your intentions. To energise it and make it come true. We do this with action, the third sacred step, visualisation, the fourth, and emotion the fifth sacred step. And then finally, we use the sixth step, observation, to become present to the magic happening.
I look forward to sharing the specifics and details of these in the following editions of the Adamu Speaks series.
And now there is but one thing left to do before we bring this recording to a close.
I mentioned that I have some information to share with you as regards how you can align with your inner-self.. and in this way align with universal will.
There are two ways to do this. The first is to work your own path. To use disciplines like mediation, body-work, breath work and so forth to bring yourself to a state of deep, peaceful stillness. To practice profound self-love to open you r heart portal. And then to stand in the light of your own divine self and come to a clear knowing of what it is that your Inner-Self has intended for itself… why it has incarnated as you. When you know this.. and when you are aligned with your inner-self in this fashion… then you will be able to discern universal will for yourself quite easily.
And the nice thing is you will be able to teach others to do this too.
That’s the one way. The other way is to find someone that has worked such a path to teach and guide you. There are a few such beings on planet Earth at this time. Choose one carefully and you will be profoundly assisted.
And that brings me to the reason for the years that we have paused between this recording and that previous one. You see, my dear friend, we have not been idly sitting upon our hands. In this time, my friend and yours, the person channelling this very conversation has been engaged in exactly such a journey. He has found his way to communion with his inner self… and found a way to share and teach what he has learned. Now to be very clear: I am not saying walking the path with him is the only way to get into resonance with your Inner-Self. I am saying, if it is right for you to walk with him… you will find it to be a very clear and powerful expression of the path.
In a small departure from the norm, I am going to step back now and invite him to speak to you directly of his offering. So that you can check with your heart and see if this will serve you upon your path.
And with that I wish you a fond farewell. I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been channelled for you by my dear friend Zingdad.

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