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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - Free Energy Should be Free - Breaking Though a Century of Cabal Deception

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t seems that the road to Full Disclosure is just as eventful as the disclosure event itself is likely to be. We have been through numerous events and revelations, all of which have opened our eyes and our minds to new possibilities.

As we have observes, the Positive Earth Alliance has been strategically dismantling the cabal's control structure piece by piece. We find this Alliance taking one step after another toward awakening the masses to the existence and influence of this crime syndicate, disclosing cabal secrets left and right, and continually presenting better alternatives to their former draconian, anti-humanistic control.


Within the efforts of the positive Alliance, we see the disclosure of numerous revelations. Last week, we covered the cabal's international drug smuggling schemes, as well as their efforts at poisoning our food and water which, in tern, has created our perpetual need for their dangerous pharmaceutics.  In this article, we add to these disclosures a direct opposition to the cabal oil cartels, which have monopolized the energy market for over a century.
TV Show Archer - References to Mexican Drug Trade, Plus other Examples of 'Truth in Jest'

These numerous disclosures signify the dissolution of the cabal's control over the media, and the onset of a freer and more open media structure.  Much of the evidence of this progress comes to us through strategic hacks accomplished by the Alliance, and the revelation of some of the most sensitive secrets once hidden by the 'Powers that Were'.  It is here where we begin our discussion.

Another Hack to Remember

As discussed last week, the Alliance has gained miles of ground on the undoing of cabal influence.  One of the ways in which they have accomplished this has been by infiltrating various offices of the American government and gathering sensitive intelligence which will likely help to legally disempower the cabal permanently.

There was one particular data hack which left a significant dent in the image of the security of the United States government. This was a collection of sensitive data from the email of the president himself. This particular instance was actually mentioned in last week's article. (I guess I accidentally telegraphed that one.) However, during this discussion, Wilcock give greater detail on the impact of this particular seizure of data. Here is the New York Times from with the story.

WASHINGTON — Some of President Obama’s email correspondence was swept up by Russian hackers last year in a breach of the White House’s unclassified computer system that was far more intrusive and worrisome than has been publicly acknowledged, according to senior American officials briefed on the investigation.

The hackers, who also got deeply into the State Department’s unclassified system, do not appear to have penetrated closely guarded servers that control the message traffic from Mr. Obama’s BlackBerry, which he or an aide carries constantly.

But they obtained access to the email archives of people inside the White House, and perhaps some outside, with whom Mr. Obama regularly communicated. From those accounts, they reached emails that the president had sent and received, according to officials briefed on the investigation...

Others confirmed that the White House intrusion was viewed as so serious that officials met on a nearly daily basis for several weeks after it was discovered. “It’s the Russian angle to this that’s particularly worrisome,” another senior official said.

While Chinese hacking groups are known for sweeping up vast amounts of commercial and design information, the best Russian hackers tend to hide their tracks better and focus on specific, often political targets. And the hacking happened at a moment of renewed tension with Russia — over its annexation of Crimea, the presence of its forces in Ukraine and its renewed military patrols in Europe, reminiscent of the Cold War.

As David Wilcock explains, at this point the cabal is basically helpless at watching their secrets slip away into public view. However, this does not deter them from their cheap attempts to demonize their opponents, and to feign innocent victimhood. Wilcock points out that within this article, the NY Times is likely attempting to claim that Russia is the same boogeyman they were seen as during the Cold War.

Generally speaking, those behind the corporate (cabal) media are attempting to portray Russia as evil because they know that their own secrets are slipping away.  By selling this rhetoric, the cabal-controlled portion of the U.S. government reveals itself to be in a mode of damage control.  (Consequently, this is reflected in news reports.)  The ironic part is that in blaming the Russians for executing this hack, the article is most likely accurate, as Russia is a primary member of the Earth Alliance.
One point which Wilcock makes is that when the media uses the term “State Department” they are actually referring to the CIA which is a bit odd. By definition, the duty of the CIA is to work toward the interests of the United States in foreign countries. In contrast, it is the job of the FBI to deal with domestic issues. If the CIA is, in fact, overstepping its jurisdiction in this way, this may mean that the cabal-controlled portion of the U.S. government considers the American people to be foreigners and not actual citizens. If this is true, it would also explain the ridiculous spying campaign this paranoid and over-anxious, cabal-controlled government seems bent upon. As Wilcock states, the use of the term “State Department” is used so that people don't catch on to what is actually happening. By my observation, this reveals an overt, internal hostility which the acting United States governance holds toward the American citizenry.

Let's consider the coercive tactics of the corporate media for a moment. This media monopoly has attempted to demonize numerous reputable people whose only crime was in opposing the twisted antics of the cabal. Numerous whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Bradley/Chelsea Manning have been attemptedly demonized by the cabal-controlled media specifically because they chose to reveal the secrets of a textbook crime syndicate.

This media attempted to claim that these heroes were all nothing but “treasonous traitors”, and that they deserved the worst punishment possible. The media did this while deliberately ignoring the testimony of these men which involved the crimes against humanity which the establishment was habitually committing.   In fact, by my observation, the accusation of these men further proves that the acting U. S. government considers its own people to be enemies. By their accusing Edward Snowden of treason when all he did was give American documents to the American people, the acting U.S. government basically confessed to its own betrayal of the American people.  (See the legal definition of "treason" here...
The Free Dictionary – Legal Definition - Treason .)

We may note that even though the puppet media sang this tune of the "treasonous whistle-blowers", the public didn't buy any of it. As Wilcock points out, the media had to drop the narrative because they realized that their attempted manipulation wasn't working. By my observation, this reveals two things. These are the facts that there is only so much manipulation the people will accept, and that the cabal thoroughly over estimated itself on its ability to manipulate anyone.

This cabal considered itself to be all-powerful and supreme over all, and then through a few acts of the positive Earth Alliance, they realized they were only on borrowed time. Now, as we see this crime syndicate circling the drain, I believe this point has been further realized.

Free the Energy!

As David Wilcock states, one of the largest, most significant elements of full disclosure is the subject of free energy. This method of converting natural processes into renewable and useful energy has been discovered by numerous people using various methods. We have the Searl Effect Generator, or the SEG, the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator or RLG, and the Earth Electron Captor Generator. These have reportedly been proven in the lab to be sustainable, and to be verified overunity devices.  (Though there is much opposition online from Google, from the corporate media, and from religious skeptics to the idea of free energy in general, I consider such strong opposition to be a sign that there is something to these machines, as well as the overwhelming bias of those who blindly claim their supposed falsehood.)

To this list of alternative energy devices, we can now add one more which may be just as revolutionary as the rest. This finding comes to us from the auto company Audi. Here is The Daily Mail with the story.

Audi has created a so-called 'green' diesel fuel made using a combination of water and carbon dioxide.
The car manufacturer described its breakthrough as the 'fuel of the future' and claims it could provide a carbon neutral way of powering vehicles.

Experts used renewable energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into a form of crude oil known as 'blue crude', which was then refined into diesel.

Tests have shown it can be mixed with diesel from fossil fuels, or used as a fuel in its own right.
Audi has already begun using the new e-diesel to power the official car of German minister of education and research Dr Johanna Wanka.

Reiner Mangold, head of sustainable product development at Audi, said: 'In developing Audi e-diesel we are promoting another fuel based on carbon dioxide that will allow long distance mobility with virtually no impact on the climate.

'Using carbon dioxide as a raw material represents an opportunity not just for the automotive industry in Germany, but also to transfer the principle to other sectors and countries.'

The new fuel was developed by Audi along with Sunfire, a Dresden-based energy technology company.
To make the fuel, water is first heated to form steam, which is then broken down into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen using high-temperature electrolysis.

By performing this process at temperatures above 800°C (1,472°F), the water breaks down with greater efficiency than at room temperature.

The hydrogen is then pumped into a reactor with carbon dioxide at high pressure and high temperatures. 

This causes them to react to produce long-chained liquid hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons are the basic building block of all fossil fuels but the compounds produced in the reactor are known as 'blue crude'.

Audi claims the whole process can be powered using renewable energy and can be achieved with an efficiency of around 70 per cent.

The blue crude can then be refined in a similar way to standard crude oil to produce e-diesel.

This process seems to be revolutionary, and yet surprisingly simple. In basic chemistry, we know that we can get hydrocarbons by combining hydrogen and carbon atoms at high temperature, but as we have seen, simple doesn't always come that easily.

As Wilcock explains, this blue crude is only the beginning. Sure, it may seem revolutionary to think that we could run our cars on a new, reproducible form of fuel (and it very much is), but as Wilcock explains, Audi has been doing much more than just creating blue crude. On that subject, here is Time Magazine.

An Audi research facility in Dresden, Germany, has managed to create the first batches of diesel fuel with a net-zero carbon footprint — made from carbon dioxide (CO2), water and renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power.

Germany’s government has welcomed the new technology, created in partnership with a greentech company called Sunfire. Johanna Wanka, Germany’s Federal Minister of Education and Research, even test drove the fuel and called it, “a crucial contribution to climate protection and the efficient use of resources,” according to an Audi press release.

Think for a moment about the significance of a cabal-controlled media platform such as Time Magazine printing an article such as this. This flies in the face of everything the cabal has built within the petrol-chemical industry.

[url=https://books.google.com/books?id=e3glCQAAQBAJ&pg=PT481&lpg=PT481&dq=cabal+oil+companies&source=bl&ots=96OWiCDah2&sig=gUhyuTWv2sTmz4NYS3Zv3eN68-o&hl=en&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjg9ZWQvd3NAhVl34MKHVsjDO4Q6AEIKDAB#v=onepage&q=cabal oil]Book - The Transparent Cabal - The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel[/url]
Oil is one of the cabal's most coveted natural resources to the point that they are largely unable to survive without it. Throughout the 20th century, they have spent immeasurable amounts of energy meticulously building and manicuring the oil and energy infrastructures just to get to this present point.  In doing so, their corporations have either ignored or dismissed every other alternative as secondary to this finite, dirty means of energy production and transportation (as any Google search for alternative energy will prove).

There have been numerous superior, alternative sources of electrical generation (both in performance and in environmental preservation), and yet none of these have been admitted by the establishment to be as beneficial as they truly are.  This is what makes the disclosure of Audi's development so significant.

So we have Audi not only producing alternative fuel in a clean and renewal way, we see them doing away with hydrocarbon emissions altogether. In the above article, we see that Audi has produced a fuel which gives off nothing more than steam (and possibly the amount of CO2 that was in the fuel to begin with). This is unheard of, and means that it is presently possible to get off of fossil fuels permanently.

David Wilcock describes the possible impact of every car on the planet being converting to this water and CO2-based fuel. We would no longer have to breath toxic fumes constantly and then wonder why we and so exhausted and sick (aside from consuming toxic food and drugs). We would no longer have to dirty our skies with brown clouds of gaseous waste while pretending not to see the fact. We would also be able to drive from one end of the country to the other on a cheap and easily reproducible fuel. There is seemingly no downside to implementing this technology, other than a change in the infrastructure required to produce it.

"Audi claims to have created the fuel of the future - diesel (shown above) made from water and carbon dioxide. Experts used renewable energy to convert the carbon dioxide and water into a form of crude oil known as 'blue crude', which was then refined into diesel"
We could have this alternative fuel now. However, the impact of cabal influence is still something we need to shake off. This is the very reason the Alliance has been pushing forward with these disclosures. As Wilcock states, it is they who are making these progressive changes, and allowing the public to be aware of the truth behind the curtain of secrecy. This is because before any change can take place, we must first have knowledge of the present state of things, and then consciously choose a better alternative.


(This principle of consent is typically why we see various announcements of monumental disclosures, but then later, we wind up waiting for the actual disclosure.  It is understandable that some might be frustrated in these cases.  However, it should be understood why this happens.

We know that in order for the cabal to do anything at all, they need the consent of the people beforehand.  Otherwise they are unable to accomplish any of their schemes.  This principle works in a positive sense as well, in that Alliance must openly tell us what they plan to do and then wait for us to consent.

Until we consent, they are unable to act.  It should be known though that the Alliance actually cares about the Law of Free Will and does not attempt to trick us into consenting like the cabal does.  This is why they openly tell us what they plan to do.  This can be frustrating for some of us, as people may believe that a particular change is coming immediately.  However, the proper time must be given in order for consensus to be reached.  This is commonly why we see announcements of monumental disclosures without the immediate disclosure itself.  However, even within such cases, there are a number of ways to speed progress along.  The simplest of these is to spread the word.)

The story of this energy alternative is extremely significant. To add to it, there is an aspect of the story which has quite a connection with David Wilcock himself. A few years back, Wilcock was invited to a meeting in the country of Italy where he and a number of engineers were to be given a presentation of this technology first hand. They would then learn the details of a simple, automotive-conversion system which could be applied to any car, and would actually allow cars to run from the fuel which these devices continually generated without any other fuel source needed. However, as he explained, to go to such a meeting would be a death sentence (to use his words), as the cabal has typically sabotaged such opportunities.  (This sabotage has often come in the form of plane-crashes and assassinations.)
Personally, I would have loved to see this technology first hand, though I can understand the apprehension. The world is at the point now where cabal influence is nothing but a dwindling hope of a few wealthy narcissists. This influence has come near the point of complete extinction, and I am anxious to see technologies like this new Audi system come into the light of day for the benefit of all of humanity.

Within the discussion, David Wilcock mentions the fact that a good portion of Germany is sided with the Alliance, and that this disclosure was initiated by the Alliance within the German government for the purpose of dismantling the cabal's industry of dirty energy. Another interesting fact which he mentions is relative to the significance of the city of Dresden.

Wikipedia - Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Near the end of the second World War, the cabal--in their funding both sides of the war--decided to bomb Dresden, Germany not for the sake of typical strategic advantage, but as an attack on the morale of the Nazi soldiers. The city of Dresden was reportedly not involved in the war, as all of the residence were artists and creatives in German society. The Allies would claim that it was a significant, military target in order to justify their killing of thousands of civilians. However, the cabal-controlled Allies made the same claim about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and these were also attacks found to be completely unjustified. These were attacks on innocent people perpetrated for the purpose of killing the morale of the Axis soldiers.

Dresden - The Worst War Crime Of WWII - 600,000 Dead

So when we see the Alliance using this location of Dresden to mount their attack at the heart of the cabal's financial infrastructure (oil), there is likely significance and deliberate communication by the Alliance from this choice of location, according to Wilcock.
There is quite a bit of history behind the secrecy in Western society, which the Alliance is now uncovering.  On the subject of both past and current technological breakthroughs, and the secrecy that has hindered them, I doubt there are many who are more familiar with this secrecy than Dr. Steven Greer. Below, I have included a lecture by Dr. Greer for those interested in learning more of the tactics of secrecy, as well as how this secrecy is being dismantled.

Free Energy - Dr. Steven Greer 2014 - Part 1

Progression and Revelation in the World of Health

There are many subjects in life which we may consider to be important. However, there are few things more important to us than our own health. Naturally, when it comes to the possible ways in which that health may be jeopardized, it is key for us to avoid these and to pursue more healthy alternatives. We know that for a long while now, the cabal has attempted to limit our health and wellness through various means. One of these has involved the weaponization of our food and water.
In the last article (and episode), the topic of fast food was discussed as being used as a means of degrading the health of the people for the purpose of social control, as well as a catalyst to foster chemical dependency on pharmaceutics. There are several methods by which this has been accomplished—one of which is the mass production of fast food. The second of these is through harmful vaccinations which can be laced with toxic preservatives, and additives which very few people in their right mind would voluntarily put into their body. The third of these methods includes our subject of interest in this discussion.  This method is the fluoridation in our water supply.
Perhaps one of the most significant and most immediate-visible accomplishments of the Alliance was the reduction of fluoride in the American water supply. As many of us have learned, there are numerous health issues which can arise from fluoride intake.  We will discuss these in a moment.  Right now, let's take a look at this reduction of fluoridation in the American water supply. Here is NPR with the story.

Federal health officials Monday changed the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water for the first time since 1962, cutting by almost half the maximum amount of fluoride that should be added to drinking supplies.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommended 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water instead of the long-standing range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams.

"The change is recommended because now Americans have access to more sources of fluoride, such as toothpaste and mouth rinses, than they did when fluoridation was first introduced in the United States," Dr. Boris Lushniak, the deputy surgeon general, told reporters during a conference call.

This fluoride reduction is huge, as Wilcock describes. He goes on to mention that when the article says the “Feds” (referring to the title), the term is not entirely accurate. It is actually the Alliance side of the U.S. government that initiated this reduction, but why is this change so significant?

The presence of fluoride within the human body can have a number of effects from heart disease, to cognitive deficiency, brain damage, as well as cumulative build-up of this poison within the body. This toxin is commonly used in rat and cockroach poisons, hypnotics and psychiatric drugs, and anesthetics. With this in mind, one may begin to wonder what this poison is doing in our water supply in such excessive amounts.  The answer seems fairly clear.
The main point which David Wilcock makes is that fluoride actually clogs the pineal gland. For those unfamiliar with this organ, the pineal gland is a small, pea-sized gland located in the center of the brain.  It connected to the visual cortex of the brain, and has a surprising large amount of blood-flow for an organ its size, which may signify its importance. For various reasons, scientists believe it may be part of the mechanism which allows us to dream.  There are numerous interesting and anomalous characteristics about this organ, but instead of simply naming them all, here is a video of a lecture which David Wilcock gives on the subject.

David Wilcock - Source Field Investigations The Pineal Gland

So we can see that this organ is linked with many physiological processes, and is the focus of many major religions and mythologies from around the world. We also know of the likelihood that fluoride has a detrimental effect on this vital organ within the brain.

(To share a thought...  It seems very strange to me how many times the mantra of the "positive effects of fluoride" are parroted by the scientific establishment.  This is an establishment which claims to be centered around reason and evidence as the proof of the principles they stand by.  Yet this mantra of, "Fluoride is good for the teeth", has never been proven according to all of the research I have done.  We can see the mantra parroted over and over, and we may also see studies including the consumption of fluoride in drinking water.  However none of these studies even begin to present evidence of the original claim, and it is my belief that this gospel of fluoride never had any basis in fact to begin with.

[url=http://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/Member Center/FIles/fluoridation_facts.ashx]Fluoridation Facts[/url]

The above report shows recommendations, water consumption, estimated fluoride intake, but offers not one shred of proof that fluoride prevents cavities. If these people actually know how to be successful scientists and they completely miss the key aspect of the proof in question, where does this leave us? It leaves us with lots claims which are based upon nothing more than half-baked, officially-promoted rumors.)

Wilcock describes the contents of the pineal gland as containing water and DMT crystals (dimethyltryptamine), a chemical known as a halide. This is a hallucinogen which has been used by many ancient cultures, but is also this crystal suspension found within our brains. As Wilcock describes, this chemical is electroluminescent and electrochromic. (In other words, it gives off multi-colored light when exposed to an electric current or field.) These qualities enable this chemical to illuminate and give off multi-colored displays within the brain during dream-time as well as within deep mediation. As amazing as this may be, it is important to keep in mind that to take care of this organ, we must avoid the consumption of fluoride.

As Wilcock states, sodium fluoride actually calcifies the pineal gland and can cause it to malfunction  He describes how sodium fluoride has a tendency to bind with DMT crystals and block their ability to produce the images they are designed to. This can significantly hinder a person's ability to dream and to have psychic visions.  These and multiple other health concerns were the reason why the Alliance made the move to reduce fluoride within the water supply by nearly 50%. The reason they may not have reduced it completely is that America does not yet have the infrastructure needed for alternative water purification methods, according to Wilcock.
One suggestion given within the discussion was the installation of ultra-violet water purification systems as alternatives. This could be accomplished cheaply and efficiently, if done properly. This type of system is applied to smaller purification systems, and if the proper measures were taken, this method may be successfully applied on a larger scale

A number of other subjects were addressed during this discussion. These included numerous other toxins which are included in a number of products that most people may not have been aware of. Additives such as refined sugar, modified starches, and chemically altered wheat were mentioned as significantly hazardous to our health (though these are more commonly known). Not only these, but other additives to food, drugs, and cosmetics which we may not have known about included MSG, citric acid, and a substance called "urea". This urea is not so pleasant to discuss, but I believe it requires our attention.

As Wilcock explains, urea is exactly what it sound like. It is a chemical derived from human urine. Though I have read a number of articles from pharmaceutical companies on the notion that urea is somehow artificial, I did not find anything convincing of the notion, but only the usual, whitewashed, corporate, pharmaceutical sale-speak. David Wilcock mentions the concept of the no-flush toilets in some men's restrooms, and that the reason behind these toilets is that they are a means of collecting urine for later use. As he describes, this urea is used in the manufacturing of tobacco products, and according to the CDC, he is correct.

As he goes on, he tells of how most cigarettes don't actually have tobacco in them. What they have instead is a tobacco substitute made from dozens upon dozens of toxic chemicals, one of which is urea, and other waste products. The reason for selling this toxic cocktail to the people is that it creates more customers for the pharmaceutical companies. Just like the fast food industry is designed to diminish health and increase dependency upon the corporate drug machine, cigarette companies exist for the same reason. This goes to show that many American corporations are not at all the friendly companies they are advertised to be.

We have discussed numerous ways in which disclosure is tangibly happening before our eyes.  We may take courage in the fact that by examining each of these disclosures, every one of us is benefiting the collective consciousness of humanity and bringing the planet leaps and bounds closer to our full disclosure event.  On this subject, let's discuss the concept of timing.

The Right Timing

In previous articles, we have discussed the efforts of the Alliance, and their pace of disclosure. We know that in order to deliver the complete data dump, they must wait for the authorization of our collective free will, as well as the elimination of cabal control over the internet.  Once this point is reached, the truth is likely to poor forward with such force that no one will be able to stop it.  With this in mind, some may wonder how we as a collective might prepare ourselves for this full disclosure.

On the subject of our own readiness for change, it is important to remember that timing is a key factor.  In their continuing disclosure of vital information, the Alliance must give us these various data as soon as we become ready for them.  On this subject, we may know of the phrase, "too little too late", but how many of us are familiar with its opposite, "too much too soon"?

It may be easy for us to imagine a situation in which we need to have vital information as soon as it becomes available.  We know that during emergencies, quick action is necessary in order for a positive outcome to be achieve.  However, when it comes to our own natural pace of spiritual development, many of us have little understanding of how to go about it.  Let's discuss.

We have been kept asleep for the majority of our lives.  Consequently, we know very little of how to achieve greater maturity and independence than that which we have experienced while sleeping.  Up until a certain point, we are unfamiliar with healthy habits and lifestyle.  Until this point, all we know is malhealth, limited energy, limited self and societal awareness, limited confidence, and low-vibrational states.  Up to our point of awakening, we only know ignorance, conformity, and a common social script that we are expected to repeat upon request, and when we awaken.  Even when we do awaken, this does not automatically change.

It may be that as we awaken, we become more aware of the world around us, but we still do not understand our path, or our purpose.  Nothing is spell out for us as before. When we were asleep, someone else made our decisions, determined our thoughts, our opinions, our emotions, and determined our observations for us.  Consequently, as we awaken, we first have to stumble through darkness, doing our best to discern the healthy from the unhealthy (though some still fail to do this).  Among the issues of which we are unaware upon awakening is that of the specific pace at which we naturally develop that is most healthy for us.

Initially, upon awakening, we don't even realize what is happening to us.  Nor do we have the ability to decipher a healthy pace from one which is too fast or too slow.  However, the fact is that just as a plant needs a certain amount of nourishment in order to grow and to flourish, we ourselves need a certain amount of spiritual and informational nourishment in order to continue growing.

Water much?

If we receive too much information too soon, we can become dependent upon the source of that information instead of being dependent upon our own guidance and perspective.  Instead of following our inner voice and trusting our own soul to lead us to what is best for our growth, we fall back into our sheep-like habit of following the loudest voice.  We can wind up accepting and unconsciously parroting everything this source says, and completely forgetting about our own independent search.  Keep in mind that at his stage, we have no idea what truth is, and instead of letting our own guidance tell us, we become seduced by the nearest pied piper telling lies and half-truths, and without us even realizing it, they lure us into their own cabal-like belief system.

This is a commonly occurring example of what can happen when we receive too much information too soon.  (This can commonly be seen on Youtube in lectures which offer little fact, but many unfamiliar and unfounded beliefs.)  Instead of honoring the guidance of our own soul to a fully awake and aware state, we unknowingly join a cult and fall back asleep.

A Call to All Progressive Souls

As I understand the concept, the Law of Free Will exists so that we can develop and grow in the most natural and healthy way possible as souls.  Just as plants--if left alone within their natural environment--have the best chance of growing to be big and strong contributors to their respective ecosystems, we must be allowed the same freedom of growth and uninterrupted development.  It is this development which both the Alliance and the positive side of the Secret Space Program are being careful to allow us to experience on a collective scale (along with all of the benevolent E.T.'s out there).  Too much information given too soon could set us back significantly, and would also invoke negative karma on those who gave it, but following the collective free will of the planet is the key to our unlimited growth.

Many of us may have noticed the ever-quickening pace of this growth and awakening.  The rate at which these numerous revelations seems to have gone from steady to ridiculously fast, and then to 'good-god-what's-happening'.  The upheaval and readiness for change in many countries is reaching a climax, and this is occurring on a global scale.  Yet, as I have said in previous articles, this is only the beginning.

The events of modern times may leave us feeling that the world is only "getting worse".  However, I believe it is important for us to remember that things only appear to be worse.  There are many extremely positive events taking place, even as you read these words, though these events may not be immediately apparent.  Our new world is being birthed at this very moment, but before we can enjoy it, we must deal with the final issues of this one.  Let's resolve and wave goodbye to the difficult, and yet priceless lessons of our former life struggles, and as we become accustomed to envisioning our greatest desires, we will gradually be birthed into something more amazing than we even thought possible.

It's coming.  So get ready.


Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - “The Cabal’s Downward Spiral” - Assessing the Final Days of a Crumbling Cabal, and a Prelude to Breakthrough часть 1

The Wisdom Teachings series has covered quite a variety of topics over time, and all of them have their high-points about them. Some focus on informing the audience on the vast infrastructure which has been built off planet, while others focus on the history of the human race here on the surface. Some episodes focus on the battle between the negative “Powers-that-Were” and the positive Earth Alliance, and at the same time, give insight into the role each of us plays in our planetary liberation. (Though, if you've been watching the series, you're already aware of this.)  This episode, The Cabal’s Downward Spiral, was unique, I feel, as it marks a new state of affairs on planet Earth.

The reason I appreciated this episode was that it brings attention to the concrete evidence which proves that the enormous, monumental change which has been unfolding in the background of society is now finally coming to the forefront of world consciousness. During the discussion, David Wilcock lists the numerous signs which indicate this enormous change, and reveals the different aspects of planetary progress that we have experienced in the months and days past.

To add, I have included my own commentary on these events, and have also included many more current events from the past few weeks which spell out in an even clearer way that our planet is positively progressing by leaps and bounds.

There's a lot to discuss. Let's get into it.

The Extinction of Cabal Control

They used to be so secretive. The inner workings of the vast and intricate infrastructure of the cabal used to be functional. They used to be successful at manipulating, exploiting, and stifling the prosperity of the world's population, and their secrets were once held with great effectiveness. There wasn't a soul that would dare defy their tyrannical orders of secrecy. These cabalists could clandestinely exploit the entire planet without the least bit of opposition from the public. However, all of that has changed.

Were The Twin Towers Blown Up By Bombs On 9/11? Researchers At The University Of Alaska Are About To Find Out

Presently, the cabal is being opposed from every angle. People from all walks of life, from multiple backgrounds, whether from official organization, or retired government employees, the once abused and helpless masses are rising up against their once powerful oppressors. Even ordinary individuals and are able to get their licks in when it comes to rejecting the former control of this malevolent, anti-humanitarian crime syndicate.

This once dominant gang did as they pleased, but presently, in the year 2016, that trend is all changing at light speed. Here's how.

NASA's Reluctant Revelations

We have seen for months now, the numerous haphazard disclosures from NASA, which likely indicate a fear of the cabal's inevitable loss of any hope of control.  There have been multiple disclosures on the presence of water on numerous planetary bodies within our solar system, as well as around the galaxy.

Consider for a moment how thoroughly silent and ridiculing NASA has been in past decades on the subject of off-world life. This cabal-controlled organization has been boasted as the most reliable organizations in the world in the science of astronomy, and their long-standing doctrine of human solitude in the universe has been adopted and parroted for just as long. However, in 2015, this trend seemed to turn on a dime.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 1

We have seen NASA do a complete turn-around, where before, they shamed and ridiculed anyone who even considered the possibility of exoplanetary life (at least publicly). Then, come 2015, they couldn't stop talking about it. Finally, they make the bold claim that they will definitely find evidence of life within 20 years.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - NASA's Quiet Disclosure Part 2

We have seen proof of an effort from NASA to disclosure on multiple subjects in rapid succession. Aside from these official organizations, we have seen proof that even single individuals who hold secrets are now unafraid to come forward. In general, we have seen that the secrets and crimes of the cabal (both past and present) are coming to the forefront of our conscious awareness, and this is only the beginning.

The Cabal's Financial Downfall

We have seen irrefutable evidence that our financial system is wrought with corruption, theft, and chicanery. Not only this, we have come to the realization that this financial ponzi scheme is based upon nothing more than blind faith in worthless paper, and has been created for the purpose of establishing an illusion of superiority for a few wealthy elitists.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Disclosure Checkmate Part 1 and 2

Video - G Edward Griffin Creature From Jekyll Island Second Look at the Federal Reserve

With the amount of funding which big banks steal from the world's population, and contribute to pointless war, these institution have proven to be more hazardous than the terrorists/CIA agents we are presented with by the complicit and compromised media. However, with all of these issues, the truth of the matter is in full view within reliable, alternative media.  (We will cover this topic of financial corruption more in depth in a moment.)

Italian Banks Collapse, Short Sales Banned As Loan Loss Fears Mount

25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve: “Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History”

(David Wilcock mentions the fact that in order to completely take cabal influence out of the equation, we must have a controlled, financial collapse.  During such a collapse, the cabal would loose all of their assets, and be unable to survive as an organization.  The common people need this collapse so that we can wave goodbye once and for all to cabal influence, and there is no need to be afraid of such a change, as Wilcock states.)

Hacks of the Century

We have learned of the numerous actions of the positive Earth Alliance (lead by Russia and Vladimir Putin) at taking the cabal out of commission, and the year 2015 was key in this effort. Throughout this year, we may remember hearing of numerous hacking attacks which inflicted widespread damage to the cabal's infrastructure, though we may not have known that many of these were accomplished by the positive Earth Alliance.

Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months

The following excerpt comes from the website, Tech Insider, and details numerous strategic hacks which likely originated from Alliance sources.

The controversial cybersecurity group Hacking Team got hacked, revealing that it was providing tools to repressive governments to spy on their own citizens.

The Italy-based Hacking Team had to tell all its customers to stop using its software in July after a hacker breached its systems and Twitter account, dumping 400 gigabytes of data.

The breach appeared to get "everything" on the company's servers, according to Motherboard, which revealed business dealings with the FBI, Spain, Russia, along with other countries with poor track records on human rights, such as Sudan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

The company, which says it provides solutions for law enforcement and intelligence purposes, denied reports that it sold technology to any countries in violation of export bans...

Hackers gained access to unclassified White House systems in 2014, but the nature of the hack got way worse as new details emerged this year.

A breach of the White House's unclassified network in October 2014 caused "temporary disruption to some services," but it was downplayed at the time.

Months later it was revealed to be the work of Russian hackers, which accessed the President's schedule and emails that revealed personnel moves and policy debates, among other unclassified but still-sensitive communications.

“This has been one of the most sophisticated actors we’ve seen,” one senior American official briefed on the investigation told The New York Times. The intrusion was believed to be linked to the Russian government.

Those same attackers are also believed to have gained access to the State Department's email systems, according to CNN...

CIA Director John Brennan had his personal email hacked, which had sensitive personal documents in it.

A hacker claiming to be an American high school student said he "socially engineered" his way into the CIA Director's AOL email account, which had sensitive attachments within.

The hacker posted John Brennan's purported contact list and call logs. But the biggest leak was the 47-page SF-86 security questionnaire for his security clearance, which had Brennan's and others social security numbers, names, addresses, and other sensitive background information.

The hacker told Wired how he gained access through a series of clever tricks, first posing as a Verizon employee to get info on Brennan, which he then used to unlock the email by lying to AOL customer service.

The US government agency in charge of background checks was breached, exposing information on virtually every federal employee since the year 2000.

Archuleta rubs her eyes as she testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing on the data breach of OPM computers, on Capitol Hill in WashingtonThomson Reuters

In June, it was learned that hackers gained access to the databases of the Office of Personnel Management and grabbed data on about 4.2 million federal workers. But the number affected later rose to more than 22 million who had undergone a federal security screening.

The breach, which some believe to be the work of the Chinese government, enabled access to sensitive SF-86 questionnaires, which military, intelligence officers, and others fill out to get secret and top secret clearances.

They disclosed names, addresses, health information, financial history, social security numbers, family members, and even the opinions of your next-door neighbors. The hack even exposed more than 1 million fingerprints, which biometrics experts believe could result in even more data thefts.

OPM Director Katherine Archuleta resigned amid bipartisan criticism just one month after the breach was made public.


Each of these hacks held extreme significance, as all of them displayed strategic planning, superior technical capability, and the ability to infiltrate government systems from foreign countries. The key detail which reveals these as those which most likely came from the Alliance was the fact that many of these hacks were proven to originate from either Russia or China (major BRICS nations).

Stillness in the Storm - Benjamin Fulford - Benjamin Fulford - May 11th 2015: Engineered collapse of Western financial system looms

Federal Reserve under attack by hacker spies

Let's consider for a moment the significance of each of these hacks.  Each of them originates from a sophisticated and seemingly professional source, and and each one is targeted at some of the most sensitive systems within the Military Industrial Complex.  The hackers are pursuing criminal backgrounds, presidential schedules, highly sensitive intelligence, as well as the personal e-mails of the CIA director.  This is no typical source.  It seems these hackers have the specific purpose of collecting evidence.

The Outing of Sony and RAND

The hacking attack on Sony Music Company was also of extreme significance in the outing of the formerly-hidden manipulation within corporate entertainment, and revealed the power structure of the cabal to be crumbling.  Within this attack, we see direct connection between the Rand Corporation and one of the largest media companies on the planet.

Newly Declassified Govt Docs Reveal Operation Mockingbird is Alive and Well

As David Wilcock mentions, this collusion between the MIC and Sony serves as evidence that the infamous Operation Mockingbird is in full swing, despite the supposition that it ended when government sources claimed.

This hack and subsequent Wikileaks disclosure had multiple implications. The first is that corporate entertainment and CIA interests are virtually the same entity. As discussed in the previous article (and episode) the RAND Corporation is basically a global think tank which has a hand in multiple projects of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and is financed by the U.S. government. This company basically maps out the self-advantageous actions of the the MIC on a global scale.

Wikipedia - Operation Mockingbird

When we find out that Sony is in bed with them (and likely numerous others), this is a concerning revelation. This is why Wikileaks made their findings publicly available to all. The way I see it, Sony has done everything they can to prevent public oversight of their attempts at manipulated the minds of their consumers, and fortunately, this revelation gives them little choice.

WikiLeaks publishes 30,000 leaked Sony documents

As discussed last week, the Sony hack was disclosed by the Alliance, as it is the Alliance who is running Wikileaks, according to insider intelligence. This is one of many instances where the vital secrets of the cabal and the MIC are being undermined on a global scale. Whereas before, they had absolutely no problem robbing, killing and manipulated the planet in secret.  However, now, because of their long-standing deceptive and malevolent tactics, their secrecy is being forcibly removed.

(Wilcock makes the point that many excuses might be given as to why mass mind control is necessary.  They may say that it is necessary to maintain public approval, or that national security is at stake if people are unhappy.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they actually try to sell this excuse.  However, I would remind us that approving of a system that spies on its own people and launches domestic terror campaigns against them is not in the best interests of national security.  No sane governance spies on or attacks their allies.  These acts are committed against one's enemies, and no sane population would ever bother approving of self-defined, terrorist governance.)

The LIBOR Scandal

One of the most revealing, and the most damning revelations on the cabal crime syndicate was the revelation that their financial game was completely rigged from the top down. The 2014 LIBOR scandal revealed to the world that each of the largest banks, instead of competing for value based upon accurate credit scores, they were actually colluding and conspiring to manipulate their own credit scores so that they (the banks) could come out on top, and everyone else would be left out to dry. So instead of exercising legitimate, capitalist competition, they were cheating the entire planet for their own gain. As David Wilcock points out, this is not at all capitalism, but is instead, a textbook oligarchy.

Timeline: LIBOR- fixing scandal

The Rothschild Bloodline - Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults

Within capitalism, fair and reputable competition is the basis for commerce. Everyone is supposed to have an equal ability to succeed in the long run. However, the cabal's financial arm was caught rigging the system so that only they (the cabal) won out in the end. This was found to be occurring for ages before it was ever discovered. Here is a short excerpt from The Economist on the subject.

THE most memorable incidents in earth-changing events are sometimes the most banal. In the rapidly spreading scandal of LIBOR (the London inter-bank offered rate) it is the very everydayness with which bank traders set about manipulating the most important figure in finance. They joked, or offered small favours. “Coffees will be coming your way,” promised one trader in exchange for a fiddled number. “Dude. I owe you big time!… I'm opening a bottle of Bollinger,” wrote another. One trader posted diary notes to himself so that he wouldn't forget to fiddle the numbers the next week. “Ask for High 6M Fix,” he entered in his calendar, as he might have put “Buy milk”...

Over the past week damning evidence has emerged, in documents detailing a settlement between Barclays and regulators in America and Britain, that employees at the bank and at several other unnamed banks tried to rig the number time and again over a period of at least five years. And worse is likely to emerge. Investigations by regulators in several countries, including Canada, America, Japan, the EU, Switzerland and Britain, are looking into allegations that LIBOR and similar rates were rigged by large numbers of banks. Corporations and lawyers, too, are examining whether they can sue Barclays or other banks for harm they have suffered. That could cost the banking industry tens of billions of dollars. “This is the banking industry's tobacco moment,” says the chief executive of a multinational bank, referring to the lawsuits and settlements that cost America's tobacco industry more than $200 billion in 1998. “It's that big,” he says.


This scandal revealed to the world (or at least those who were paying attention) that the financial system which the corporate media claims to be fair and balanced was nothing more than a scam designed to steal and exploit hard-working people out of their already-meager wages. Needless to say, the people were not happy about this.

EU BACKLASH: Brexit ‘TSUNAMI’ expected as 34 referendums set to rock union

Wall Street gets slammed with $5.8billion in fines for rate rigging

(To add, David Wilcock makes the point that, as big and monumentally significant the breaking of the LIBOR scandal was, it should have been a major media ordeal.  Even still, virtually no American media companies bothered with it.)

Numerous Other Revelations

On the subject of further evidence revealing the downfall of this semi-influential cabal, let's consider how many false flag events we have seen in recent times.

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

Terror and the Patriot Act of 2001, Implemented in the Immediate Wake of 9/11

Think back to early on, just after the 911 attacks. We will remember the infamous signing of the Patriot Act, and that potential detriment that was foreseen as a result of this bill. We will also remember the anthrax scare, and how the media made this problem out to be more widespread than it actually was.  In fact, according to investigation, the anthrax was deliberately sent to the specific senators who refused to sign the Patriot Act. David Wilcock brought this to attention for the sake of revealing the fact that we now know who is guilty of the crime, and that the anthrax came from Ft. Deitrick, MA.

Fort Detrick Scientist “Commits Suicide” as Anthrax investigation closes in

Another Anthrax Scare Before Another US Patriot Act Vote. How Curious!

To add to these revelations, in more recent times, the truth behind false-flag pseudo-terrorism seems to be coming forward in record time (only moments after they occur). We find that when we take a closer look at these acts, we see too many inconsistencies not to ask questions. The likelihood of the false flag has become so great in recent times, and the methods applied seem to be so overused that much of the alternative media has been able to root out these scams each time they happen.

Brussels Crisis Actor - This Guy Allegedly Survived His 'Third Terror Attack' After Paris and Boston

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Another False Flag?

We have instances such as Sandy Hook, the recent Orlando nightclub shooting, and the supposed bombing in an Istanbul airport which raise more questions than any mainstream media source cares enough to address. ( In no way do I mean to sound cold or insensitive, but I personally have reason to believe that in each of these cases, no one actually died. Though I can't present evidence as of yet. I simply offer the idea for consideration.) Though it would be extremely tragic if each of these were authentic terrorist acts, I do not completely believe they were.

As I understand it, it is much easier, and much cheaper to get a group discount on a overseas vacation than it is to get away with killing masses of people. It is easier to simply change the script of corporate news, and then schedule and film emergency drills than it is to pay the millions of dollars it costs to mentally manipulate and program an actual gunman or bomber.  Consequently, I question the validity of each of these supposed terrorist acts and offer the idea that events transpired much differently than reported.

Is the Istanbul Bombing a False Flag?

It seems clear that none of the games which the cabal plays are working anymore. Their attempted staging of a terrorist attack and preemptive blaming of their puppet, ISIL/Diesh didn't work in Orlando, and the game didn't work in Istanbul either.

To add to the list, let's not forget the numerous disclosures we have received on the crimes of the National/Cabal Security Agency (NSA) against the world's population and the American citizenry. This agency has lied for decades now, pretending to work for the American people when in reality, they considered the entire citizenry to be enemies (as no sane governance spies on their allies). This agency has revealed itself to be nothing more than an Illuminati security database, designed to root out and mark any resistance to this crumbling cabal, and this is one of the many secrets that have been dragged out into daily for all of the world to see.

Attorney: Spy chief had 'forgotten' about NSA program when he misled Congress

Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag?Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club, Did Not Act Alone?

The terrorist arm of the cabal has been all but completely severed. The cabal banks are going belly-up left and right (though they continue to print their monopoly money as though it were worth something), and their secrets are being exposed by the dozen. By my prediction, this rate of change will be exponential, and will be proven to be so in the coming days and months.

There is one important point that David Wilcock makes in his discussion. This is that, with regard to Full Disclosure, to world liberation, and to the solar event we are all waiting for, that free will is the deciding factor within all of these situations. If we want disclosure, we have to have enough collective desire to see the unbridled truth of the matter in its entirety. The world has to be so fed up with the current state of affairs, and demand the truth definitively. This choice will authorize the full-disclosure data-dump, and will prevent the cabal's 'internet kill-switch' from working.

James Clapper says he misspoke, didn't lie about NSA surveillance

Has James Clapper been indicted for perjury yet?

Up until this point, all parties involved within the progression of current events have contributed to secrecy. This secrecy has been authorized by our own free-will choice to remain in the dark, and to avoid knowledge about our world and the universe around us. On a collective level, we as a planet fear a certain amount of knowledge and change.  This fear and hesitancy has disallowed even the benevolent E.T. races out there from showing themselves to humanity. (As David Wilcock puts it, we are still able to deny the existence of anything more.)  However, this is changing as well.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock:Out with the Old and In with the Floating Cities - Further Disclosures, Plus an In-Depth Investigation into the Concept of 4thDensity

Change is coming in a big way, and there is little need to ask for proof of the fact, as this proof is coming forward all of the time.  Soon we will be seeing things which we may have, at one point, believed to be impossible. We will witness phenomenon which we have only read about up to this point. However, instead of reading about full disclosure, we will soon be watching it on TV.  Instead of imagining floating cities in the sky, we will likely be seeing them on a regular basis, and before we know it, we may be transformed and transported into such newness, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

Cultural assimilation - The process which is to follow first contact

We will get there a lot sooner than we think, I believe. If the intel we have heard thus far is accurate (and there is significant evidence that suggests it is), we only have a short while before we begin to see many of these things take place.

It should be further emphasized that our collective free will is guiding the progress of this planet as a whole. The moment we choose for the games to end, the antics of the cabal will be a faint memory. For now, we have a few issues to consider and different aspects of self to address.   As we keep this in mind, let's consider a few more disclosures on the time-line.

New Evidence to Consider

NASA's Bold Step

The talk continued to the subject of a recent NASA disclosure on their accelerated efforts toward finding life beyond the Earth's atmosphere. One article which Wilcock mentions was of particular interest due to its implications and directness of language. Here is the Huffington post with the article from April 23, 2015.

NASA is taking the hunt for life on other worlds to the next level.

The space agency has assembled a team of experts from across scientific fields at some of the nation’s leading universities and research institutes to see if any of the more than 1,000 planets discovered outside our solar system may be habitable.

The initiative is called Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS), and it brings together earth scientists, planetary scientists, heliophysicists and astrophysicists.

“This interdisciplinary endeavor connects top research teams and provides a synthesized approach in the search for planets with the greatest potential for signs of life,” Jim Green, NASA’s Director of Planetary Science, said in a news release. “The hunt for exoplanets is not only a priority for astronomers, it’s of keen interest to planetary and climate scientists as well.”

The move comes just weeks after NASA’s top scientist predicted that mankind will soon find indications of life outside of Earth.

I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said.


As it turns out, this NexSS project seems to be a product of the discovery of numerous inhabitable planets in our galaxy by Kepler telescope array. To restate past observations, I find it interesting to see such a turn-around in positive outlook on the prospect of exo-planetary life. Comparatively, this project is revolutionary.

(One observation which Wilcock mentions is how similar the graphic in the above article is to the other-worldly sky scene near the end of the movie, Contact, by Robert Zemeckis.)

Scene from the movie Contact (1997)

Kepler Space Telescope: Exoplanet Hunter

The launching of the Kepler space telescope in 2009 was a momentous day in the filed of mainstream astronomy. This was the first publicly known project of its kind which sought for habitable planets outside of our solar system. Yet even with the launching of this telescope, the same outdated script rolled on. “There's no one here but us.” Now, astronomers are 100% certain that we will find life within 20 years. (Some even say 10 years.)

Astronomers estimate 100 billion habitable Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, 50 sextillion in the universe

David Wilcock reiterates the fact that the various groups within the disclosure war are in a sort of disclosure-horse race, in which each group is attempting to sell their own disclosure story for their own individual reasons. This is why we see this process in mainstream media occurring so quickly compared to past years. He also stated how there are those within the various space programs who are anxious to deliver the full-disclosure data dump, but that our collective free will has not yet authorized the act. This authorization will include the world's population being so fed up with the current system that they demand to know the truth and will not take no for an answer. The moment this condition is met, Full Disclosure will occur, and nothing will be able to stop it (as we are in charge of our own destiny).


Deutsche Bank Pays Up

To add to NASA's big announcement, we see a monumental repercussions from the LIBOR scandal.  As it would turn out, Deutsche Bank would be forced to pay hefty fines for their financial crimes.  Here is Reuters with this story, also from April 23, 2015.

U.S. and British authorities fined Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) $2.5 billion, accused Germany's largest lender of obstructing regulators and ordered it to fire seven employees in the eighth global settlement of alleged benchmark interest rate rigging.

The penalty - the biggest in a seven-year investigation that has shredded the banking industry's reputation - takes the total fines imposed on some of the world's top financial institutions to around $8.5 billion. Twenty-one people face criminal charges.

Slamming Germany's largest lender for "cultural failings", regulators squarely blamed senior staff for misleading them, failing to be open and cooperative, and prolonging the investigation.

U.S. regulators fined Deutsche Bank $2.12 billion and UK watchdogs imposed a $340 million penalty for its role in a scam that ran from around 2003 to 2010 to fix rates such as the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) - used to price hundreds of trillions of dollars of loans and contracts worldwide.

As part of the settlement, Deutsche Bank's London-based subsidiary pleaded guilty to criminal wire fraud and the parent group entered into a deferred prosecution agreement to settle U.S. wire fraud and antitrust charges. U.S. authorities said independent monitors would be installed.

New York's banking regulator Benjamin Lawsky ordered the bank to take steps to fire six London-based employees, including a managing director, four directors and a vice president, plus a Frankfurt-based vice president.

Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said at least 29 Deutsche Bank employees including managers, traders and submitters were part of the scam based mainly in London but also in Frankfurt, Tokyo and New York.

It also accused senior bank employees of recklessness by wrongly claiming the bank's German regulator BaFin had prevented it from sharing a crucial report with the UK watchdog.

During the investigation, the German bank also destroyed 482 tapes of telephone calls by mistake - and provided inaccurate information about whether other records existed.

"This case stands out for the seriousness and duration of the breaches by Deutsche Bank – something reflected in the size of today's fine," said Georgina Philippou, the FCA's acting director of enforcement and market oversight.

The bank's joint Chief Executives Juergen Fitschen and Anshu Jain said no current or former management board member had been found to have been involved in or aware of the misconduct. "We deeply regret this matter but are pleased to have resolved it," they said in a joint statement.


At first glance it might seem like a progressive things that these financial crimes are being dealt with.  It may be progressive in a sense, but considering the multinational operations of the cabal, this would only be a setback.

Western Banks, Terrorism and Isis:The Nihilism of Dark Finance Fueling Global Insecurity

The Big Bet to Hold Banks Liable for Terrorism

Wilcock points out the fact that even though numerous people were fired due to the issue, it was most likely the head management who was in charge of the entire money laundering scheme.  According to my observation, no head management of any mega-bank attains their position with broad-spectrum ignorance and butterfingers.  In other words, head management knows exactly what is happening with the assets of the institution they manage, as specially one as significant as Deutsche Bank.  So I would very much agree that the band-aid treatment the situation was given requires a second look.


Terrorism funding just one thing big banks are getting away with - whistleblower Everett Stern

(We should also note that according to numerous sources, it is these major financial institutions which are funding international terrorism and drug trafficking.)

The Iran-Contra Affair – 1986-1987

As David Wilcock points out, we can observe the exact same lack of lack of investigative cooperation within the management of Deutshce Bank as we can in past scandals such as that of Iran Contra back in1986.  During this controversy, President Regan refused to surrender evidence vital to that investigation as well, and was later found to be complicit in the entire affair, though he denied it fervently beforehand.

Scandals such as LIBOR and Iran-Contra reveal to us both in the past and present that governments and large corporations are often in the habit of conducting shady business behind the scenes, and then denying the fact and making excuses when they are caught.  The fact seems to be that these organizations commonly commit crimes in secret, and their exterior veneers is only skin deep.  This is the nature of the cabal, as we have observed in countless situations.

Business as Usual

In my opinion, one of the most interesting stories within this episode was one in which two CIA agents were caught smuggling drugs across the Mexican border. As Wilcock points out, this is on the heals of the LIBOR scandal, when the chicanery of Deutsche Bank was dragged out into the open for all to see. Here this major, European (cabal-controlled) financial institution is paying astronomical fines, they switch gears in order to profit on another front of their. This front just happened to be doing business with Mexican drug cartels.  The story comes to us originally from Info Wars (though this article no longer appears to exist on that particular site).  The below article comes from the World News Daily website (categorized as "satire", but given credit on multiple reliable sites before its apparent deletion therefrom.)

El Paso| A group of minutemen watching the Mexican Border for illegal migrants and drug traffickers, have proceeded to the citizen arrest of two men in an SUV, carrying 1300 pounds of cocaine. The volunteers were completely astonished when the two arrestees pulled out CIA ID cards and explained they were actually carrying the drug as part of their duties and that the cargo belonged to the Central Intelligence Agency.

The incident took place last night, in the Chihuahuan desert, near the Texan city of El Paso. A group of seven minutemen saw a large black SUV drive rapidly across the border. They chased the vehicle in their own trucks and achieved to immobilize it after a chase of more than 15 miles.

The vigilantes arrested the two men on board and called the border patrol, who proceeded to search the vehicle. They discovered dozens of packages of cocaine, totalling an incredible 618.4 kilograms (1363 pounds).

The search of the vehicle revealed 36 packages of cocaine, all marked with the symbol of the Sinaloa Cartel, representing a black scorpion.

The two men claim to be CIA operatives based in Mexico and explained that the drug was actually part of an operation of the agency. They presented identity cards that seem to validate their claim, but the CIA spokesperson, Dean Boyd, has officially denied any link between the organization and the two men.

“The CIA doesn’t take part in drug smuggling operations at the US-Mexican border” said M. Boyd. “I do not know, for now, if the men are actually affiliated to the agency in any way, but I can tell you the cocaine doesn’t belong to the CIA.”

Both the border patrol officers and minutemen seem unconvinced, however, and many of them seem to believe that the secret service agency is hiding something. The U.S. custom services have even announced a thorough investigation to try and verify the two men’s story.

“Both of them had valid accreditations and a receipt for their cargo” says Shawn Francis Miller, spokesman of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the El Paso sector. “What drug dealer in his right mind, demands a receipt for 1300 pounds of cocaine? There is really something strange about these guys, and we believe the CIA possibly knows more than what it is ready to admit.”

The two men remain under the custody of the custom services at the moment, and are still being interrogated in a facility near El Paso. They are facing charges of possessing, trafficking and importing illegal drugs, and could face other criminal charges once the investigation is over.

Both the FBI and the DEA have announced that they would collaborate with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on this case, which as already attracted a lot of attention in Southern Texas.


36 packages of cocaine marked with the symbol of the Sinaloa Cartel, the black scorpion
'El Chapo' Guzmán's Sinaloa cartel was melting down its profits to sneak them out of the US

Overwhelming Evidence That the CIA has been Smuggling Drugs for Decades

(It is understood that the World News Daily site is listed as "satire".  However, many sites such as this have likely been created by the same cabal interests who have produced much of the misleading material we see online.  Parties such as these create sites like this for the purpose of discrediting the disclosure of their own criminality.

To add, I find it very interesting that with all of the supposed "satire" on this site, none of it seems to be written for the purpose of actual humor.  Whether or not this particular story is 100% accurate, the connection between the CIA and drug trafficking has been well documented on numerous other sites.  Either way, I thought it helpful to include it, as it was a part of the episode.)

NY Times - The CIA Drug Connection is as Old as the Agency

Let's consider the situation described above.  We have two Caucasians speeding across the Mexican/American border carrying 1300 pounds of smack with the Sinaloa logo all over it.  When caught, they submit valid CIA identification, a receipt for their purchase, and even confessed that the CIA was participating in drug smuggling.

Key Figures In CIA-Crack Cocaine Scandal Begin To Come Forward

As Wilcock points out, it is pretty unlikely that two white guys walking into drug-central of a battle-hardened, Mexican cartel without any problems, and then walking out with 1300 pounds of cocaine with a Western-style receipt for their purchase.  This doesn't happen unless there are pre-arranged conditions which allow the situation to take place—such as a long-standing business relationship, for instance. This is evidence which suggests the exact same situation as those which many have disclosed in past.  This is the fact that the Mexican drug trade is owned and operated by the United States government.

CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

U.S. Role in Global Drug Trafficking

According to insider testimony, the CIA is in fact running the Mexican drug cartel. David Wilcock shared the details of the information he received from these insiders which revealed the method of tracking the drugs back to their origin of manufacturing. As he states, the manufacturers place specific chemical markers in the drug itself within every shipment they produce.  This is so that they can test and distinguish their own product from rogue producers. If the CIA branch of the drug cartel finds any drugs which don't contain their own chemical markers, they use their official and military might to take out the competition. Needless to say, this is a far cry from the family-friendly, and benevolent government we see on TV.

TV Show Archer - Season 5 - Soft Disclosure and Confession of Drug Smuggling by the CIA?

The CIA continues trafficking drugs from Afghanistan

(One point to note, the fact of this collusion between the CIA and the Mexican drug cartels was officially denied. However, if this denial was verifiable and honest, and the CIA thought that it was even believable, why was there a media blackout on the entire situation? Why was it made to be a thing of fantasy when we have seen from multiple, verifiable sources that situations such as this are in fact, taking place?)

History of the Opium Trade

As Wilcock points out, this twisted situation is nothing new. It is the exact same situation we find within history in 17th-century Britain. During this time, when the Chinese opium trade was gaining momentum, the British government learned of what extensive profits they could gain from the trade. So instead of stopping the the operation, the British government and their affiliates became some of the largest growers and dealers of opium.  (This was not at all a medical establishment, but rather a deliberate attempt to exploit the addictions of as many people as possible.)  So we can see that governmental participation in exploitation and destruction of human health is nothing new.

40 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

So we have what is likely a British-style drug trade being uncovered between the U.S. government and a Mexican drug cartel.  This discovery unfolds just weeks after the cabal lost billions in fines from their crimes uncovered during the LIBOR investigations, and as Wilcock points out, this large hall of cocaine may have been their attempt at making profits on another front.

The "Mark of the Beast" (Fast Food)

Perhaps one of the more bazaar disclosures within this episode was the fact that 700 McDonald’s locations were being shut down due to lack of profits. Many may wonder what significance this has to the downfall of the cabal, and we will get to that in a moment, but first, here is the article from The Anti-Media.

Fast food giant McDonald’s has recently seen business plummet. Factors such as consumer awareness and healthier alternatives led to a 2.3% decrease in sales and a 28% drop in operating profits during the first three months of 2015. Projected sales for April aren’t expected to be much better.

In an effort to restore sales, the world’s largest hamburger chain announced on Wednesday that 350 locations would be closing their doors this year. These newly publicized shutterings do not include the 350 chains that the corporation had previously slated to shut down in 2015. McDonald’s believes that ceasing operations in 700 of their poorest performing stores will help the company financially “trim the fat.”

Although the “Golden Arches” expected to see a drop in sales during the first quarter of the year, the actual numbers were worse than expected.

The company’s new CEO, Steve Easterbrook believes that he has a plan to restore the reputation of the restaurant, which he will unveil on May 4.

“I think there is a hunger and an interest in our business to embrace change,” Easterbrook said on Wednesday. “McDonald’s management team is keenly focused on acting more quickly to better address today’s consumer needs, expectations and the competitive marketplace.”

It should be noted that the GMO-free restaurant chain Chipotle saw a 10% sale increase over the same period.

As far as Ronald McDonald and his team of diabetes statistic-inflating miscreants go, only time will tell if they respond to the consumer’s call for less-lethal food options.


As David Wilcock explains, early on, he was given the intelligence that the American food supply (particularly fast food) was considered a weapons system. This genetically modified, over-processed, and toxin-laden diet of the Western population was actually designed to cause disease, to decrease I.Q., shorten lifespans, and to induce political passiveness and apathy within those who consumed it, according to Wilcock.

Eating To Break 100: Longevity Diet Tips From The Blue Zones

The discussion continued to the topic of one scientific study of the world's blue zones (geographic zones in which health and lifespans were greatly increased, and where fast food companies have not infiltrated). As Wilcock described, a study was conducted on school children who had never consumed fast food.  The kids were offered the fast food, but at first, had no interest in it. However, when they received a fecal matter transplant from someone who normally ate fast food, and were afterward, offered the same meal as before, they devoured it. This study showed that fast food can affect the ecology of the body so that the individual chemically craves this pseudo-food, as Wilcock explains. This was likely the goal from the start, and suggests some type of chemically addictive property to fast food, by my observation.

Weaponized Food and Medicine is Bad for Your Health (Opinion)

(A few other thoughts which Wilcock offers is how relieved he is to see that people are waking up to the fact that fast food is dangerous, and that they are turning to organics and healthy alternatives.

Wilcock also offers the observation from the movie, Kingsman:The Secret Service. Near the end of this movie, Samuel L. Jackson's character Richmond Valentine handles a tray of something as though it is a dangerous hazard. This tray turns out to have fast food inside. As Wilcock describes, this was likely a soft disclosure of the fact of the dangers of weaponized fast food.)

Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)

Catching the Bug of Synchronicity

By my observation, with as many disclosures as we see coming forward by the week, the pace is only increasing. At some point, the speed at which these disclosure come forward may begin to increase at a geometric rate. (By my observation, this has already started.) In a month's time, who knows where we will be? I don't in giving dates or times for our inevitable breakthrough, it seems obvious that the collective consciousness of the people is moving closer and closer to this point.

An Interesting Experience and Closing Remarks

As we have seen, the battle for disclosure is in full gear.  The cabal is on the run.  Their once-significant control structure is now a dilapidated condemnation.  Their once notable power is little more than a mist in the wind.  All it would take is a sneeze in the right direction from the right number of us to completely eliminate this minor annoyance entirely.

Considering all that we have read, and all of the former secrets we have seen come forward, it is important, I believe, to gain perspective on the situation.  The progress of this planet is in full swing, and the revelations are only coming with greater and greater speed.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock - The Thinning of the Veil

Above anything, I think it is vital to understand the fact that with all that is happening presently, we each have our tasks to complete so that we may to contribute to the ultimate goal of planetary liberation and ascension.  On this subject, one specific personal experience comes to mind.

There was one particular comment left by a person (who will remain nameless) which was significantly less-than-polite.  At first I felt sorry for the individual for holding such a negative perspective, but then I realized they were likely being paid to post such comments.  I realize that trolls exist, and don't really give much thought to what they say.  However, I believe that this particular comment presents a learning opportunity for each of us.

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: Giant Steps toward Disclosure

Without getting into specifics, the derogatory comment was basically an accusation that I somehow fabricated an O.B.E. vision I shared so that I could "be part of the narrative" we see unfolding within the various Gaia series. (This is actually one of the exact accusations which Corey Goode once received from a sociopathic personality who had defected from the cabal side of SSP. This is one of numerous instances of synchronicity I have received due to my coverage of these series.)

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anaïs Nin

The accusation that I shared my story because I “wanted to be part of something important” didn't really upset me in the way the individual may have expected, but rather made me think of how many people haven't yet realized that all of us already are part of something important. This is the message I try to communicate within each of the article I write (not to mention the entire contents of the Law of One texts).  This may be why we are so interested in the material which David Wilcock so diligently continues to divulge.  We are attracted to it because a good portion of it rings true for each of us.  I believe that our souls may be guiding us to numerous profound revelations within it so that we can better learn how to contribute to planetary progress.

The Road to Ascension - From Ancient Myth to Current Intel - Commentary on Recent Disclosures of our Planetary Situation

Every time I share a personal story, I make it a very important point to receive guidance beforehand. (I am having actual dejah vue as I am writing these words, by the way. I've been here before.) Whenever I intend to contribute personal information that may be seen as the slightest bit impressive, my goal is to make sure that ego is not my motive, and that there is no preventable detriment to publicizing my stories (to myself or to others). The reason I do this is because I have had very strong (and in the past, extremely fearful) incentive to remain positive in life, and I as specially apply this positivity to my effort in informing the people. (I learned the importance of positive karma from life experiences, as well as many people, including David Wilcock.)

Trolling only makes me type harder.” - Me

As many have already read, I have had some very less-than-fun experiences in life. There are things which many of us do not yet understand, or have been fortunate enough to avoid which I have faced on a regular basis. Though these experiences have been hellish for me in the past, they have given me the strength to be able to move beyond most fear, pain, and pretty much any obstacle I may face in the future. (One perk to receiving unwarranted negativity... If I never saw the comment, I would have never experienced the synchronistic confirmation while responding to it.)

Every one of us has an equal part to play in this game. Everyone has a role to fill, a talent to contribute, and a calling to put their positive ability toward the goal of freeing this world. The use of these talents requires courage, optimism, and a resolve to see the goal accomplished. It requires a freedom from fear, from egotism, and from self doubt, and it is my firm belief that all of us are 100% capable in this endeavor.

It is vital for each of us, if in fact we have chosen the positive path, to behave as such. On this path, there is no place for bullying or stone-throwing. I realize that there are those who are still learning, and haven't yet chosen which side of the fence they want to stand on. However, it should be known that the lack of choice is still a choice. I am going to encourage all of us to avoid being among those who lack the ability to chose. (I realize that there are those who choose darkness, and I don't at all look down on them for such a choice. However, I do feel sorry for these people, as I know generally what is in store for them.) Overall, I feel somewhat privileged to face negative opposition (though it is subtle compared to that which some face).

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.” - Shannon L. Alder

(For all of us who have chosen the path of light, of love, and of positive ascension, this last bit is for you.)

We Are The One.

You know your worth. You know the true value of your soul, and the infinitely divine being which resides beyond mere flesh (or if not, you are getting there). Otherwise you would not be here. If you have been paying attention, you also know that the pace of benevolent progress in this world is picking up speed, and may soon take off like a bullet train. The signs of this likelihood grow by the day. Consequently, each of us are preparing ourselves. We are raising our individual and collective vibrations. We are learning to forgive, to see ourselves in honesty, and to expect to see things more remarkable than we have ever experienced before. We know something big is coming, and that each of us play an equal part in this destiny of ours. It may even be that each of us has a tiny whisper inside of us that lets us know that we're almost there.

There is still progress to be made, but if each us contributes to seeing this change manifest, we may reach this breakthrough so fast, we will be left wondering what happened. Let's aim for this goal, and let's get it done.

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